Tamara Falcó ‘s life is going at a frantic pace: her commitment to Íñigo Onieva lasted less than 48 hours and ended with a bang when the ‘socialité’ found out that she had cheated on him. That was at the end of September and the businessman’s repeated apologies were useless.

Three months later, it seems that the ‘influencer’ has recovered the illusion of the hand of Hugo Arévalo . The point is that both have known each other for years, since he is part of Onieva’s most intimate circle . Who is Hugo Arévalo, Tamara Falcó’s new special friend?

Onieva is very upset by this rapprochement that has transpired this week. The sparks have jumped, and not exactly those of love. Falcó’s ex has branded his close friend as a “dirty rat”. “His friends of his were shocked. Íñigo demanded the gesture in front of all his friends in a WhatsApp group, ” various information about the beginning of this story explains. But that Onieva does not approve the relationship matters rather little.

Partners of a company that sells plants

In addition to being friends, the Marquise de Griñón and Arévalo have been business partners since the beginning of this summer. Specifically, together with some friends they launched into a company that sells mini plants so that consumers have experience of caring for them and watching them grow.

Arévalo is a 40-year-old entrepreneur and current CEO of ThePowerMBA. In addition, he accumulates a long business experience and has a keen eye for business . He invested in Tuenti when he was only 24 years old, a company that Telefónica acquired in 2013 for 70 million euros.

After passing through that brand of low-cost telecommunications services, he moved to New York to work in an investment fund and when he returned to Spain he set up a consulting firm to attract public financing . Among other jobs, since 2006 he has been a partner at  Jobandtalent , since 2016 he has been a member of Deporvillage ‘s Board of Directors  and in 2018 he took charge of the Hawkers eyewear brand as president and in charge of launching the firm internationally. 

In addition to work, Arévalo plays tennis and paddle tennis several days a week. He loves chess and soccer and is a fan of Deportivo de La Coruña because of his Galician roots. In addition, he has a great religious faith, something that could have united him even more with Tamara Falcó, a devout Catholic, and he has carried out several experiences as a volunteer and has made a pilgrimage to see the Virgin of Lourdes.