Until three months ago, I had no idea what this Temptation Island was about. The little she knew was the commotion that she raised on Twitter, some of the best known memes of him and that, for many people, was his greatest guilty pleasure. What was my surprise when I started to see this season 5 and 80% of the time it is pure boredom.

Ssalsa the just

When one starts to watch a reality show on Telecinco, the expectations are not that they are very high, precisely. The trend of the chain is well known, which had its heyday but now insists on clinging to obsolete formats, even if they fail miserably.

In the case of The Island of Temptations, it is one of the few that is still afloat, at least as far as audiences are concerned: it has managed to lead in audiences most of its broadcast nights but it has been the least watched season of its history by far. Without forgetting the debate in Cuatro, an irredeemable failure.

Already the premise (what supposedly attracts people) made me back but I was confident that it would be like watching a traffic accident: so horrible that you can’t stop looking. Although the first thing was fulfilled, I can’t say that it kept me hooked because most of the time I was concentrating so as not to fall flat.

Is it possible to make a reality show about infidelity boring? Of course. Starting with the duration: of its two and a half hours (which end up being three because of the ads), there is only 30-25% in which anything actually happens. The rest is to artificially inflate the program by inserting scenes that are useless.

It is true that ‘Survivors’ and ‘Nightmare in Paradise’ pass their premise through the triumphal arch, because in the end, survival is the least of it compared to seeing the contestants messing with each other, calling each other anything but handsome or stopping everything for people we don’t care about endless turns to pointless facts from the plate.

But it is that in LIDLT they do not even have a common thread: they are all parties where supposedly “very strong things happen” so that later their respective partners see loose shots in a context and cry out to the sky before “such betrayal”. The reality is that very little happens and you always have a constant feeling of deja vu because all the scenes look the same.

I thought it was a bullshit show but bullshit: normally, the “strong” thing happens at the beginning and then you have to survive everything in between to reach a denouement where, when it seems to start to animate, you are cut off. suddenly and ends in cliffhanger.

For a Telecinco program that is recorded (when will you understand that live galas no longer work?), it continues to be just as eternal. As much for the lack of content of each gala as for the endless commercial breaks that often make it end up to 40 minutes later… on a Thursday.

The very previews of each episode ending seem more interesting than they really are. They are always promising more than they give, with the constant threats that “their actions will have serious consequences”, promises that later remain on paper.

As a climax, the human fauna that they have as contestants is to make them look. If at least everything had a different tone, more playful, less serious, more self-aware… I’m sure it would be better to attend this circus but, obviously, it hasn’t been like that.

The only good thing about this has been to follow the gala through Twitter. The creativity of many users’ memes far exceeds that of the script of the program itself. As I understand it, other seasons have been more busy. Too bad this was a real torture.

Despite going to the ground with expectations, The Island of Temptations has been even worse than I imagined: endless galas in which nothing interesting happened, sauce in red numbers, galore advertisements and some contestants to feed them separately . With a season 6 already filmed, I have little hope that this will improve.