The 2020 year has been one of the most atypical years in history due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There were several months of isolation where the public massively consumed streaming series and movies, but also a lot of music: digital platforms were strengthened and both national and international artists published new songs every week.

YouTube is the platform par excellence for playing video clips and the Latino presence was very strong in the global reproduction lists, highlighting figures such as: J Balvin, Maluma and BadBunny, but also the female presence had a great impact with stars like DuaLipa, Lady Gaga and the group Black Pink. Below is the count of the 10 most popular songs with the most views on this platform.

1.- “Life is good” by Future with Drake: On January 9, 2020, Future in collaboration with Drake uploaded the video clip “Life is good” to YouTube, which today exceeds 1,344 million views. Hip hop and rap continue to be the quintessential genres in the United States and various regions of the world.

2.- “How you like that” by Black Pink: The k-pop girl band, Black Pink, which has been a success on the global charts and whose popularity has made it collaborate with figures such as Lady Gaga, Cardi B and Selena Gomez, On June 26, he published the video clip “How you like that” which has more than 686 million views.

3.- “Dynamite” by BTS: The most popular k-pop boyband in the world is BTS, who has not only broken records in music, but also with their documentary “Break the Silence: The Movie” that generated thousands of messages on Twitter. On August 20, he posted the lineup on YouTube “Dynamite” and to date it has nearly 681 million views.

4.- “Yummy” by Justin Bieber: New year, new life. After overcoming health problems. Justin Bieber returned to the musical arena with the song “Yummy”, whose video he shared on January 4, 2020. To date, the clip is about to reach 546 million views.

5.- “Hawái” by Maluma: The Colombian star Maluma made a fortune out of spite, in “Hawái” he demands that the lady in question leave him for another, presuming a “fake” relationship on Instagram, it seems that the plot made him identify millions of people. The video clip premiered on July 29 and has more than 530 million views.

6.- “Agua” by J Balvi and Tainy: The main song on the soundtrack of the film “Sponge Bob: To the Rescue” was “Agua” by J Balvin and the music producer Tainy. The theme premiered on July 15, 2020 and is about to reach 494 million views on YouTube, it rarely happens that the theme of a movie causes so much furor.

7.- “Tattoo Remix” by Rauw Alejandro and Camilo: The Puerto Rican Rauw Alejandro and the Colombian Camilo scored a hit by turning the song “Tattoo” around and refreshing it with a more pop and Caribbean sound. The theme was published on YouTube on July 9 and exceeds 438 million views. Undoubtedly, unity is strength.

8.- Black Pink’s “Ice cream” with Selena Gomez: On August 27, the k-pop girl band Black Pink released the video clip “Ice cream” in collaboration with Selena Gomez, where pastel tones in honeyed sequences They conquered the audience. To date, the video exceeds more than 433 million views.

9.- “Yo perreo sola” by Bad Bunny: Breaking the rules of the genre, Bad Bunny dressed as a woman in his video clip “Yo perreo sola” to warn men who mess with girls when they only want to dance alone in the den The clip was published on March 27 and already exceeds 432 million views.

10.- “Rich Life” by Camilo: The love that Camilo feels for his wife Evaluna Montaner has paid off on a large scale. On September 21, he published his urban cumbia “Vida de rico” where his wife is the protagonist and the clip is about to reach 340 million views.