“Game of Thrones” returns in a few days, this time to say goodbye. Six chapters of which little or nothing is known, where the future of Westeros will be decided. By the way, we updated our ranking of the best episodes of the series.

“The Spoils of War” 

In its seven seasons, “Game of Thrones” perfected how to tell a story through battles, and “The Spoils of War” confirms this. Two factions that have been separated for years meet; characters with whom we empathize and who could die at any moment. Be Bronn, be Daenerys; who is in Jaime’s sights. It was the “Field of Fire” that Westeros legends speak of.

“The Lion and the Rose” 

“It may sound strange, but we all enjoy the agony of the sadistic king Joffrey Baratheon (Jack Gleeson) after being poisoned at his wedding. He deserved it. Not only for what he did in three seasons, but for his attitude in this episode: humiliate his Uncle Tyrion, Sansa… I could even say his own family”.

“The Mountain and the Viper” 

“We were convinced that Oberyn’s cause was just and we were flying his flag. But alas! The men of “Game of Thrones” have flaws (in Ned Stark’s case it was honor) and his desire for revenge brought him down. It was a beautiful fight with the monologue of the champion of Dorne challenging the Mountain at every turn (if anyone has seen the movie “The Princess Bride” they will find the resemblance to Inigo Montoya) But all men must die and that was the brutal end for Oberyn.”

“Watchers on the Wall” 

“The Watchers on the Wall” (season 4, episode 9) is, first of all, a demonstration of the production power that HBO invests in a series. “Game of Thrones” in itself demands a heavy investment and it has done so since the beginning, but this particular episode was the closest thing to cinema (in terms of spectacularity) that fiction has presented up to that point”.

“The Children” 

“Tywin Lannister, pants down, in his tower bathroom, finds himself confronted by Tyrion. Remember when Jaime couldn’t mince words and lost a hand as punishment? Tywin does the same and gets hit with a couple of arrows. Like this The true winner of the Game of Thrones fell.”

“The Laws of Gods and Men” 

“All men demonstrate their humility in this chapter, for they have something to beg for. Stannis for money from the almighty Bank of Braavos, Theon/Stink for his life, Daenerys sits on the throne of Meeren to listen to the petitions of her new people and Tyrion – chained in the courthouse – is ready to give up and confess… but he doesn’t.”


“The fight against the white walkers in “Hardhome” was a turning point for many of us. For the first time in the series, like Jon Snow and company, we see the real enemy. We realize that we have been wasting time haranguing for this or that king, that Stannis deserves to sit on the throne, that Daenerys crosses the sea once and for all with her dragons and kills the Lannisters… when a real zombie apocalypse comes to all of us from the other side of the wall”.

“The Winds of Winter”

“This season of “Game of Thrones” the plot of King’s Landing was not entirely interesting. It abounded in reflections, in characters that indicate what they want. Much ado about nothing, but it all ended in “The Winds of Winter” with Cersei declaring war on everyone. No matter what happens from now on, the queen’s days are numbered; which was already lived with Aerys II.”

“The Rains of Castamere” 

“The most painful thing in “The Rains of Castamere” is not that Robb, his wife Talisa, their unborn child, his mother Catelyn (Michelle Fairley) and even his wolf have been pierced by the Freys in conspiracy with the Lannister and Bolton houses , but that all of that is consistent with the decisions of the son of Ned Stark.”

“Battle of the Bastards” 

“In Westeros, bastards are considered the source of many evils. This description fits Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon), who since his appearance was built as a villain who had everything it takes to be hated, but without losing charisma. His opposite is Jon Snow (Kit Harington), another bastard, but an honorable one. The worst of one and the best of the other came in this episode.”