Apparently, the singer of Can’t Get You Out Of My Head has done it again and has agreed to formalize her relationship with Paul Solomons, her boyfriend since 2018. This is not the first time that the 52-year-old diva has gotten engaged, so it remains to be seen if the artistic director of the British magazine GQ will be the one with whom she says yes at the altar.

Kylie and Paul Solomons have been in a relationship since 2018. Without hesitation, and shortly after they met, Kylie had introduced her new love to her parents Carol and Ron, and her brothers Brendan and Dannii, and did not hesitate to include him in their family celebrations that end of the year. That’s how serious dating has been for them ever since.

Shortly before that, the artist had confessed in an interview in her country that she had not yet given up on her dream of living her own fairy tale. And it is that her love history has not been the luckiest, despite having dated well-known leading men.

The French actor Olivier Martínez, the Spanish model Andrés Velencoso and even Josua Sasse, twenty years her junior, are just some of the men who have tried to win the heart of the blue-eyed blonde.“I was very fragile when I started working on it, but being able to express myself in the recording studio helped me regain a sense of myself,” she had told The Sun after her breakup with Sasse over infidelity. She had gotten engaged to him in 2016. Fortunately, her music has always helped her get ahead and regain her confidence in romance.

They have not always been painful separations. Of great importance was her relationship with Olivier, between 2002 and 2007, perhaps the hardest years of her life, since it was when she faced breast cancer. And despite the fact that the relationship did not prosper, Kylie always thanked the French for having accompanied her during that difficult stage. At that time they announced their separation, assuring that they would continue to be friends.

After so many comings and goings, it seems that luck has changed for Kylie. Rumors of the engagement began in the United Kingdom a couple of days ago, after singer Billie Pipela, a friend of the couple, wrote for Elle magazine, letting out a comment in which she referred to Solomons as the fiancé of Kylie. This aroused interest in the couple again.

Gloria Solomons, Paul’s stepmother, confirmed the engagement and in doing so did not hide her joy for the couple. “I love that they are engaged. It is very exciting, ”said the woman, who did not give further details in her response to the British press out of respect for her stepson and her beloved.While interest in knowing the details of the story grows, which jewel the artist received and where the wedding will be, her representatives have denied to the media that there is a commitment. “It isn’t true. They are happy as they are,” they told The Sun.

Perhaps because of her previous experiences, the Australian has been more cautious this time when it comes to sharing her private life, although in the time she has been with Paul she has not hesitated to talk about the Welshman, praising him and acknowledging the importance he has gained in her life.

“He is a great man, my best support… We have met at a perfect moment in our lives,” he assured. For her part, her 46-year-old boyfriend continually shows the love and admiration that he professes for her on social networks. Will this be the man who walks Minogue down the aisle?