You don’t know who I am (Netflix)

This BBC thriller (and premiered on Netflix) is worth it thanks to some remarkable performances and a mystery that will keep us guessing until the end. Based on the novel by Imran Mahmood, the story follows a young man who is accused of murder . Is he guilty or innocent? The evidence against him leaves no doubt as to his guilt, yet at trial this man has an extraordinary story to share with the world.

If you were one of those who got hooked on the documentary ‘The Staircase’, one of the best true crime documentaries on Netflix in recent years, you have to sink your teeth into this new HBO Max production, starring Colin Firth and Toni Collette . Created by Antonio Campos, the HBO Max series ‘The Staircase’ is a recreation of that controversial and mysterious case of writer Michael Peterson, who is accused of murdering his wife Kathleen after being found in a bloodbath on the stairs of his House.

The Luminous (Apple TV+)

This is not your usual true crime , but a daring mix of suspense, fantasy and horror based on the novel by Lauren Beukes and adapted by Silka Luisa for television . ‘The Luminous’ will surprise you: the story follows a Chicago newspaper archivist whose life changed overnight when she was brutally attacked by a mysterious man on the street, but now, years later, she will discover that it was much more than a random attack. Elisabeth Moss shines again alongside Wagner Moura (the Pablo Escobar of ‘Narcos’) and Jamie Bell (eternal ‘Billy Elliot’).

If you liked ‘Hierro’, Movistar+ has a new intriguing proposal with Javier Cámara that will hook you from start to finish . With Mónica López, Lucía Veiga and Eva Fernández completing the cast, and created by Fran Araújo and Jorge Coira, the story takes us to the Sierra de la Capelada, in Galicia. There we discover the “rapa das bestas”, a tradition that synthesizes the beauty and the wildness of a usually quiet territory, and which is now the scene of a crime.

This new series explores the lives of a group of college students who see their plans for the future in jeopardy when a tragic accident occurs. Two decades later, the past returns to haunt them and endanger everything they have built, although their lives are not as perfect as they seem. The first Spanish production for Apple TV+, it brings together a great cast led by Maribel Verdú , winner of two Goya awards and three Silver Frames. They are joined by Marina de Tavira (nominated for an Oscar for ‘Roma’), José María Yazpik, Soledad Villamil, Manolo Cardona (protagonist of ‘Who killed Sara?’ on Netflix), Jorge López (ex of ‘Elite’) and also Juana Acosta, among others.

Separation (Severance) (Apple TV+)

‘Separation’ is one of the best series of 2022 , and it’s on Apple TV +. Created by Dan Erickson and starring Adam Scott, this mixture of science fiction and intrigue thriller presents us with a morally complex situation: what if you could separate your mind and create two people: one who lives in the real world and another who only lives inside the office during working hours? This is only the starting point for an absolutely mysterious plot that gradually reveals all the implications it contains for its characters and for its reflection on capitalism and the work ethic.

Anatomy of a Scandal (Netflix)

Those who were hooked on HBO’s ‘The Undoing’ have a date on Netflix with this new work by David E. Kelley (‘Big Little Lies’), based on the bestselling novel by Sarah Vaughan. A sexual consent scandal breaks out among Britain’s privileged elite: an aide in parliament (Naomi Scott) accuses her boss, popular politician James Whitehouse (Rupert Friend), of raping her in an elevator . He denies it, alleging that the two had been having an affair for months behind his wife’s (Sienna Miller) back. As the case goes to trial, truths begin to surface, including those of the prosecution’s attorney, Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery).

Outer Range (Amazon Prime Video)

One of the best suspense series on Amazon Prime Video, ‘Outer Range’ is an absolutely fascinating hybrid that mixes western, fantasy and suspense thriller in the same Molotov cocktail. With Josh Brolin at the helm of the cast, the story centers on Royal Abbott, a rancher who fights for his land and his family in the face of mysteries that appear in a Wyoming wilderness . At first, the Abbott family deals with the disappearance of their daughter-in-law Rebecca, and then attacks from the Tillersons, the owners of the neighboring ranch, who want to seize their land. Losproblems of the families of the place are overshadowed by the arrival of a mysterious hole in the lands of the Abbott. The secrets of the past will be unearthed.

Gary Oldman, Olivia Cooke, Kristin Scott Thomas and Jack Lowden star in this brilliant espionage-terrorism-thriller series on Apple TV+ , which also takes the pulse of the far-right and neo-fascist movements that abound today. The story follows a group of renegades from MI5, the British secret service, who become involved in a plot that could put them all behind bars. The protagonist, a young agent who was punished after a failed training mission, will have a more important role than he thinks in this whole mysterious story.

Do you know who it is? (Netflix)

After starring in the wonderful ‘Believe me’, Toni Collette returns to Netflix for another suspense thriller that will keep us intrigued until the last episode . The story, created by Charlotte Stoudt and based on the novel by Karin Slaughter, has as its core an incident in a shopping center that ends in violence. But what is important about that moment is how a young woman (Bella Heathcote) discovers an unknown side of her mother (Collette) and begins a revelation of secrets that she would never have imagined.

An archivist and expert in repairing damaged VHS and cassettes is hired by a mysterious company to recover the videos of some tapes recovered from a fire that occurred in 1994. This is the starting point of a most disturbing thriller created by Rebecca Sonnenshine (and that has the support of Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead) and that is revealing some mysteries related to a woman, her video camera and a secret sect. Perfect to start with the best Netflix series in 2022.

Yellowjackets (Movistar+)

There are series that create expectation and have their best moment in their premiere, and others that are released unnoticed and are becoming true phenomena. Something like this is happening with ‘Yellowjackets’, created by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, and which has great actresses like Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis in its cast. The story follows a team of high school soccer players who become the survivors of a plane crash that crashes in the middle of nowhere in Ontario .

New Cherry Flavor (Netflix)

If you’re looking for series that break your mold, you should be watching ‘New cherry flavor’, the most WTF series in recent years. It is signed by Nick Antosca and Lenore Zion, who are influenced by David Lynch’s ‘Mulholland Drive’ to create this fantastic tale about how hard it is to find success in Hollywood . This is how the protagonist (Rosa Salazar) lives it, an aspiring film director who is consumed by the darkest parts of her.

How to Get into a Garden (HBO Max)

With two great actors like David Thewlis (better known as Remus Lupin from the ‘Harry Potter’ saga) and Olivia Colman (Oscar winner for ‘The Favourite’), nothing can go wrong. And it doesn’t in this remarkable thriller series, which shows us how a seemingly normal married couple find their lives turned upside down when bodies are discovered buried in their garden .

Stand by me (Netflix)

Another Harlan Coben on Netflix? Of course. The author has offered some very juicy stories for the platform’s serials, and ‘Stay by my side’ is a new example of this. The story is a criminal puzzle that hides many secrets for its three main protagonists, who lead normal lives until the past knocks on their door when investigations of some suspicious disappearances intensify. The end of ‘Stay by my side’ is amazing.

Although it does not take full advantage of its potential, there is no doubt that ‘Invasion’ has a very disturbing atmosphere that leaves us intrigued in each episode . Created by Simon Kinberg and David Weil, it raises the possibility of an alien attack on Earth, which is discovered phenomenon by phenomenon through the perspectives of its many characters scattered around the world.

The Squid Game (Netflix)

One of Netflix’s great phenomena in 2021 is also one of its best suspense series. ‘The Squid Game’ is going to have you on the edge of your seat throughout its first season, waiting for the next move, the next revelation, the next surprise. The approach is as follows: a group of people with economic needs enter a game of life or death in six rounds from which millionaires could emerge . But is loot worth risking your life for?

Nine perfect strangers (Amazon Prime Video)

Nicole Kidman leads the cast of this series of ensemble stories that brings her back together with author Liane Moriarty (“Big Little Lies”) and showrunner David E. Kelley, who is adapting the story alongside John-Henry Butterworth. As the title suggests, nine perfect strangers attend a spiritual and physical transformation retreat at a place called Tranquillum House, led by a mysterious Russian woman named Masha (Kidman) who hides more secrets than she seems . One of the best recent series on Amazon Prime Video.

This series of Argentine production introduces us to Armando Badajoz ( Daniel Kuzniecka ), the conservative candidate for the presidency of the country, who has chosen Emilio Vázquez Pena ( Diego Peretti ), an evangelist pastor of the Church of Light, as vice president. In the act of closing the campaign, the first is assassinated and the mystery is served: why would they want to kill him? And who was really the target? A political drama with doses of social criticism and intriguing development. Netflix’s ‘The Kingdom’ should not escape you.

Midnight Mass (Netflix)

You always have to keep an eye on Mike Flanagan , creator of ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and director of films like ‘Gerald’s Game’. Perhaps his new series, ‘Midnight Mass’, was not to everyone’s taste, but it is certainly a disturbing and original proposal that is worth giving a chance. The story follows a community on the brink of extinction that welcomes the arrival of a charismatic and mysterious priest. As we expected no less, the end of ‘Midnight Mass’ left us speechless.

A year after the eruption of the Katla volcano, a series of mysterious prehistoric elements emerge from the melting ice, causing disappearances and also strange arrivals. ‘Katla’ is Netflix’s first Icelandic series , and the unsettling mechanisms of its suspense will surprise you: the unforeseen consequences of the phenomenon with which the story is unleashed lead to tremendously disturbing moments. For fans of ‘Dark’.

Lisey’s Story (Apple TV+)

Based on a novel by Stephen King (and adapted by himself), this series features Pablo Larraín in the director’s chair and Julianne Moore in front of the cast. But what will really catch you is the story: a widow becomes the target of a dangerous stalker, obsessed with the work of her deceased husband ( Clive Owen ), and at the same time begins to remember episodes of her marriage that I did not remember. What if her whole life is a lie? This Apple TV+ series builds episode by episode a mystery that we can’t wait to find out the answers to.

How do the police take when they are the investigated and criminals? Well, not very well, but that is the hard task of the anti-corruption department that stars in this successful British series. ‘Line of duty’, created by Jed Mercurio , follows a group of police officers who investigate the internal crimes of the organization, although this creates many enmities and problems for them. Intense as her own, she continues to attract millions of viewers to television for one reason: she is fantastic.

Parot (Amazon Prime Video)

In 2013, the Parot Doctrine was repealed thanks to a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights, which said that this Spanish jurisprudence was illegal. The result was the release of numerous criminals who, according to the previous legislation, had already served their sentence. That included ETA terrorists, murderers and rapists. At that time nothing happened, but the series ‘Parot’ asks: what if people dissatisfied with this resolution had taken justice into their own hands? Adriana Ugarte leads the cast of this story of suspense and revenge.

Who killed Sarah? (Netflix)

Answering the question that the title asks is the objective of this series: who killed young Sara? And it is a question that obsesses her brother ( Manolo Cardona ), who was wrongly accused of being responsible for her death and who, now that he has been released from prison, will seek answers and revenge in equal parts. The series has two seasons full of twists and surprises.

Kate Winslet leads this HBO crime drama as Mare, a detective trying to solve crimes that terrorize her community while dealing with her own personal problems, of which there are many. ‘Mare of Easttown’ is a personal and collective portrait, an exemplary mystery series and a commendable character study. In addition, she will hook you with the many layers that her mystery hides. Who has murdered Erin? And what evil plot is hidden behind this crime? Without a doubt, one of the best series of 2021.

Harlan Coben ‘s homonymous novel comes to life in Spanish in this series by Oriol Paulo starring Mario Casas , and we’ve already warned you: the result will blow your mind. It is one of the most addictive and surprising miniseries that has been on Netflix, and its mysteries are well worth a good ‘binge-watching’. The story follows a man who rebuilds his life after spending a few years in prison for involuntary manslaughter, but we soon realize that his life today is full of unspeakable secrets. And the end of ‘The innocent’? To fall off the chair.

The true story of serial killer Charles Sobhraj is told in this international series with Tahar Rahim, Jenna Coleman and Billy Howle , and it’s a classic cat and mouse hunt. The protagonist is dedicated to drugging tourists to appropriate his possessions and even his identity, but his empire of terror in the shadows of Bangkok will begin to falter with the intervention of the least expected hero.

Perhaps this HBO series does not tell us anything new in the field of the crime and trial genre, but the presence of Hugh Grant , Nicole Kidman and Donald Sutherland , as well as Susanne Bier in the direction, make it a must. The story follows a wealthy family who, overnight, find themselves embroiled in a murder case that could reveal a truth beyond who the killer is. What a pity that the bittersweet ending of ‘The Undoing’ left us with a bad taste in our mouths.

You’ve had it in the Netflix catalog for a long time and it’s about time you give it a chance: ‘Ozark’ is one of those series that has gone relatively unnoticed and deserves that you finally hit play and discover why so many are have hooked on it. His story follows a family, led by Jason Bateman and Laura Linney , who behind their normal appearance hides a great involvement in shady deals related to drug trafficking.

Behind her eyes (Netflix)

Get ready for one of the craziest trips that Netflix offers us at the beginning of 2021, with a British series where nothing is what it seems. ‘ Behind Her Eyes ‘ follows a single mother who meets a handsome Scotsman in a bar, only to learn that he is married and her new boss. But this is only the beginning of an amalgamation of secrets involving his brooding wife and a past that could endanger them all. Watch out for the crazy ending!

The new Netflix sensation pays homage to Arsenio Lupin, the famous character created by Maurice Leblanc , through a white-collar thief who tries to discover the truth about his father’s death. Omar Sy plays a fan of Lupine who uses his stories to compose his plans, strategies and big hits. An exciting, charismatic and intriguing French series.

The Mess You Leave (Netflix)

You are going to devour this Spanish Netflix series in one day. ‘The disorder you leave’, created by Carlos Montero from his own novel, is a mystery thriller set in rural Galicia where a literature teacher ( Inma Cuesta ) will be involved in a dangerous plot that has a surprise prepared in every corner. Intense to say the least and with great performances by Bárbara Lennie and Arón Piper (‘Elite’), it’s that addictive and surprising series that you were looking for.

With a touch of fantasy, ‘Lovecraft Country’ takes us back to the 1950s where ‘Lovecraftian’ monsters are accompanied by racism and hatred of the African-American community. Based on the novel by Matt Ruff , it is an adventure series that plays that double threat to put the protagonists in a constant state of danger. Exciting and surprising.

Midas’ Favorites (Netflix)

This series created by Mateo Gil and Miguel Barros is made of pure tension and mystery. And it is that, who hides behind that blackmail that has the protagonist ( Luis Tosar ) on the verge of a nervous breakdown? Based on a story by Jack London , it tells how this successful businessman will have to decide between keeping his privileges or saving the lives of innocent people. Meanwhile, Madrid is mired in violent protests and the world seems like a very unwelcoming place.

It arrived discreetly, but became one of the revelation series in its first season with Jessica Biel . A murder for no apparent reason, a defendant who does not remember how and why she did what she did, and a journey for the characters -and the viewers- that masterfully explores the workings of the protagonist’s psyche. Now, the series opens its third season with Matt Bommer and Bill Pullman , who continue to expand the mysteries of its history.

Dani de la Torre and Alberto Marini (‘The Unknown’) have teamed up again to create one of the best series of 2020. In it, we witness the work of the Spanish anti-terrorist unit through a series of committed characters, who live numerous problems both in his professional life and in his private life. An exciting series, with moments so close to reality that they stop the heart.

What if the sun became a deadly weapon and wiped out humanity? That is what happens in this exciting French series, in which a group of survivors who were on a plane will follow the night and avoid being burned to death. Of course, the obstacles that they will encounter will be many, and they will force them to make difficult decisions.

Hunters (Amazon Prime Video)

In New York in the 1970s, a group of very different people came together to find those Nazis who settled on American soil after World War II and who hid their true identity so as not to have to face the consequences of their actions. Al Pacino leads this team of Nazi hunters in search of justice. And with many surprises.

An adaptation of Stephen King is always a good suspense insurance. And here more than ever. This HBO series puts us in front of an impossible case: a boy has been murdered and all the evidence points to the local football coach ( Jason Bateman ), but some recordings show that he was miles away that same day. Can the same person be in two places at the same time? It will be the task of Ben Mendelsohn and Cynthia Erivo to unravel the enigma.

Filmmaker Alex Garland crosses over to series in the best possible way. After the great ‘Ex Machina’ and ‘Annihilation’, he returns to explore the corners of the most suggestive science fiction with this story of suspicious suicides and technological secrets, which will be revealed chapter by chapter in ways that we would never have imagined.

Homecoming (Amazon Prime Video)

With its second season just released, ‘Homecoming’ is positioned as one of the most suggestive series of the moment. First it was with the secrets hidden by the character of Julia Roberts , a worker at a rehabilitation center for war veterans, and now Janelle Monaé takes over as a woman who wakes up on a boat without knowing who she is or how she got there. over there.

Candela Peña makes her television debut with this Movistar+ thriller in which she plays a judge who, as soon as she arrives on the Canary Island to which she has been ‘banished’, has to investigate the murder of a young local. Eight chapters with cinematographic quality and a touch of Nordic ‘noir’ for one of the best series on the platform, whose cast (mostly Canarian) is completed by Darío Grandinetti, Antonia San Juan or Kimberley Tell.

Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer embroider two of the most fascinating characters of recent years in this fiction, whose first season became a true revelation. If you want to play cat and mouse with them, the first two batches based on the novels by Luke Jenninegs are now available on HBO Spain.

The streets of Birmingham are dominated by the dictatorship of the Peaky Blinders, a mafia group that you would not like to have problems with. This series takes us to the usual dynamics of the mafia -at least, those we see on the big and small screen-, where power struggles, violence and the struggle for control of the most succulent businesses are the bread of each day.

With the unmistakable ways of David Fincher, this series is one of the most interesting that Netflix has given us in recent months, although it has not been the most commented on the networks. Serial killers return to the front lines, but not to catch them, but to understand them. Conversations with real characters move across the screen through tense and unsettling moments that won’t let you take your eyes off the screen.

Although the first chapter may be a bit slow, don’t be fooled: this is a highly exciting series about the murder of a young man in the middle of the snowy landscape of a New Jersey park. The interesting thing is that we know the murderer from the first minute, because that is not the objective of the series. The question is: will the murderer pay for his crime? Or will prejudice, racism and injustice be imposed again on American society?

Although what has stood out the most is its broad representation of women and its feminist discourse on and off screen, this wonderful series also has a history of murders and mysteries, which make it a well-armed thriller instead of a theoretical discourse. It is a series heir to the times we live in whose second season we can enjoy in Spain through HBO (every Monday, new episode).

Sherlock Holmes is, in his own right, the king of mystery. This acclaimed series takes us deep into the thought processes of this misunderstood genius from Baker Street, who solves crimes – and anything else – like an apple peeler. It is one of the best series to watch when you don’t have much time: it already has several seasons -and rising- but they barely contain three chapters. It won’t take you long to devour it!

Loved and hated since it premiered on Netflix earlier this year, this series is a great option for lovers of science fiction with a cyberpunk aesthetic and mysteries more typical of the police genre. The story explores the concept of immortality, and how it is distributed in a chaotic and deeply unequal world, where anyone is likely to be resurrected to fulfill particular interests.

Stranger Things (Netflix)

A revelation series that you can not miss: there are still two seasons -in principle- to be released, and the thing promises that they will once again be the center of attention series. And it’s not just about being up to date. This series keeps an exciting and fun science fiction story with a girl with supernatural powers and a group of boys who could have starred in ‘Count on me’. The third installment arrives on Netflix this Thursday 4.

Stopping the scandals that may explode in the media about important personalities in the United States is the job of the protagonist of this successful series. Many critics have pointed out that it is an incoherent and absurd series at times… but that, nevertheless, hooks you from minute one. And what more can we ask of a seriéfilo marathon?

The Handmaid’s Tale (HBO)

If we talk about tense series, this would take the cake (just like it took the Emmy for Best Drama Series). It’s time to see this great dystopia that explores surrogate motherhood in an environment of dictatorship of the economic elite, more than anything because the third season is already airing on HBO and time is running out.

I know who you are (Amazon Prime Video)

With five nominations for the Feroz Awards, this Spanish series has become one of the most interesting of the season. It tells the story of a lawyer who, after suffering a car accident, experiences an episode of amnesia. He doesn’t remember anything, not even that traces of blood from his missing niece, whom he will later be accused of murdering, are found in his wrecked car. Thus begins a tense judicial series that will try to get to the bottom of the thorny issue.

A true classic in the world of series, especially in the thriller genre, but no less recommendable for that. In fact, if you are one of those who have not yet immersed yourself in its mysteries, you still have time. In addition, like ‘Fargo’, it is endowed with self-contained seasons, which encourages -dangerously- living it intensely for a whole weekend.

The fourth season confirmed what, on the other hand, we already knew: this Netflix series is one of the biggest series revolutions in recent years. It’s exciting, realistic, violent, foul-mouthed, and most of all, brilliant. Its borders between fiction and reality are constantly blurred, thus telling us the true story of drug trafficking from Pablo Escobar to El Chapo.

Tense, sinister, disturbing, creepy… These are some of the adjectives that perfectly define this series, which, although it didn’t have much repercussion, is a very interesting M. Night Shyamalan brand proposal that will have you hooked from start to finish.

In the mood for something more ‘teenager’? The boys and girls of the town of Riverdale have what you need: high doses of high school drama combined with the mystery surrounding the murder of one of their students. The crime, which revolutionizes the small town, will be discovered while its characters deal with what adolescents experience most intensely: love… and the lack of it. Movistar+ has already broadcast both seasons.

Homeland (Netflix, Amazon Prime Video)

Another of the classic seriéfilos of recent years, which, despite its ups and downs, has been crowned as one of the most exciting and attached to the reality of our world. CIA agent Carrie Mathison will try to do her job well while her impulsive and intuitive character finds more than one problem for her.

How to Get Away with Murder (Netflix)

As exciting and addictive, there are few series that can overshadow this one. Its dynamic montage, its exciting story and the strength of its characters -especially that of Viola Davis- make it one of the most exciting shows of the moment. If you don’t get caught up in its webs in the first minutes, full of blood, violence and sex, it means that you don’t have blood in your veins.