As music evolves, so do the different types of genres that we use to classify what we listen to. While in the 1960s rock, pop and folk dominated, over time more and more genres have been created. In the 70s punk, new wave and disco music emerged. Hip-hop and rap, post-punk and electronica appeared in the 80s. The biggest contribution of the ’90s was grunge and dance, but as the ’00s rolled around, all the main genres started to split into sub-genres. We now have thousands of different music genres, including some slightly different ones that will have you scratching your head.

Today we want to focus on these weird and wonderful music genres. It’s about music that doesn’t really fit anywhere else, but still manages to have a large enough following to be classified as a genre. So if you want to know more about some weird genres you’ve never heard of, read on and prepare to be amazed.

8. Cocktail Nation

Artists: Mr. Coconut and His Ensemble, Tipsy, Mr. Bungle

The Cocktail Nation was a scene related to the fledgling alternative rock movement that emerged in the early 1990s in the United States, when some associated artists became interested in easy listening music of the 1950s and 1960s, particularly the vocal lounge style. , but also incorporating elements of the surreal and comical atmosphere of space-age pop and the fake sound palette of exotica.

7. Sasscore

Artistas: Black Eyes, Blood Brothers, The Sawtooth Grin

Sasscore is a style of hardcore punk that grew out of post-hardcore in the late ’90s and early ’00s along with the growing screamo scene. The genre was seen as a reaction to the perceived machismo in hardcore of the time, positioning itself as a sound opposed to it. The genre was characterized above all by its flamboyant styles, particularly its light, cheeky vocal style. There is a big tendency to focus on the erotic and sexual imagery of the bands.

6. Yass

Artistas: Immortal Onion, Maestro Tritons, Love

Yass is a term coined in the early 1990s by Polish avant-garde jazz musicians Tymon Tymanski, Mazzoll, and Tomasz Gwincinski to describe improvised, often unrhythmic, music of various genres. El Yass understands the stylistics and elements of genres ranging from folk to punk rock. The Yass scene arose in the Tricity, a collection of the three neighboring cities of Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot.

5. Slimepunk

Artistas: Nasty Nasty, Proko, Bleep Bloop

Slimepunk is a quirky form of EDM that appeared in the mid-2010s. This style is characterized by heavy synth tracks with a distinctive distorted, gritty, and slimy sound design, usually layered over inspired and sometimes taken over production. straight out of genres like Halftime, Trap, Brostep, and other forms of 2010s EDM.

4. Pirate Metal

Artistas: Running Wild, Lagerstein, Alestorm

Pirate metal sounds incredible and conjures up images of big, boisterous, bearded men singing about eye patches and buried treasure. And to be fair, if that’s what you’re thinking, you’re right. This musical genre is made up of sailor songs interpreted as metal songs. The lyrics are riddled with pirate mythology and the songs, despite being metallic in nature, often incorporate folk instruments. Pirate metal draws inspiration from other musical genres, such as thrash metal and speed metal, to create a unique sound that has to be heard to be believed.

3. Lolicore

Artists: Goreshit, HSIU, Riajuu

Lolicore is a genre characterized by highly distorted or high-pitched anime vocal samples and complex cut-up breakbeats with extreme tempos. The usual intensity of breakcore coupled with the use of manipulated samples provides unique tonal contrast and a non-stop barrage of noise. Lolicore also takes elements from nerdcore techno, noise, and other hardcore EDM genres, usually speedcore.

2. Witch House

Artistas: White Ring, Picture Plane, Salem

This is perhaps the best known on this list: it emerged in the late 2000s and is characterized by the various shrill sounds that are used. As is apparent from its name, the genre is inspired by witchcraft and other horror-related myths. The sounds used in these songs are choppy, sometimes industrial, and the music often combines various genres such as shoegaze, gothic, drone, etc.

1. Lowercase

Artists: Steve Roden, Kim Cascone, Tetsu Inoue

Lowercase is an extreme form of minimalist music that is built around typically unheard ambient sounds. Artists record and remix sounds of crumpled paper, broken light bulbs, and carburetors, among other objects, as if evoking ASMR. Artist Steve Roden created the genre in 2001 when he released the Forms of Paper album , and according to himself, the lowercase “has a certain sense of calm and humility; it doesn’t demand attention, it must be discovered…it’s the opposite of capital letters: noisy things that attract attention”.