‘Joker’ was undoubtedly one of the movies of 2019 along with ‘Parasites’ . His awards run was brutal (Joaquin Phoenix took it all), and both critics and audiences responded very positively. In fact, the film grossed over $1 billion at the international box office on a budget of just $60 million, which for a film of this genre, is practically unthinkable.

Warner already rubs his hands with a sequel, and all those who have participated in the first part want to repeat but the question is: how, when and if it is worth it?

At the moment we already know that filming will start in December. Cinematographer Lawrence Sher has revealed that it will start in five or six weeks . The movie will be filmed largely on soundstages in Los Angeles, as well as on location in New York, where the movie takes place.

‘Joker 2’ Release date

Although many placed the premiere at the end of 2023 at the earliest, Deadline confirmed that the sequel for October 4, 2024 . As with the first, released after passing through Venice (where the Volpi Cup was won), the first part is also released in the fall, and not only that: it was also released on October 4 . Five years later, we will know how Arthur Fleck has fared in his new life. So he has to wait more than a year. Patience.

‘Joker 2’ Sinopsis

If this second part comes to fruition, both Phoenix and Phillips have said that they would like to see where the character would go from the point where they left him. In the film’s epilogue, we see Arthur Fleck fleeing from Arkham, so it could be understood that in ‘Joker 2’ we would see the character released. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Phillips was already writing the script for the sequel a year ago.

The same director has stated that the Joker that the Arthur we see might not be Batman’s enemy Joker, but an inspiration for him, so we could also meet another new character who becomes the Batman’s nemesis. In fact, Todd Phillips talked about up to three movies:

I presented three films, Joker being the first with me, and then another two with two other different directors. But I don’t really want to name them, because then it will become news and I’ll drag these directors into it when I haven’t even told them anything. Only I told Warner Bros.

What has already been shared is the new and crazy title that this second part will have . This is how the director made it known with his publication on social networks. The sequel will be called ‘Joker: Folie a deux’ (madness of two) . The name is an allusion to psychotic disorder , in which insanity passes from one person to another.

THR has offered exclusive news about this second part: after seeing the commercial prospects for this sequel (the first was an absolute success), it seems that Warner is willing to bet on big changes. For this reason ‘Joker 2’ will change register and will be a musical . Now that is to take an unexpected turn, very much in line with the protagonist.

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‘Joker 2’ Department

Joaquin Phoenix has made it clear that he wouldn’t mind continuing to work on the character, as long as it’s with Todd Phillips. The protagonist will repeat with the filmmaker in this sequel. The second image that Philips has shared on his Instagram is of the actor reading with the text in his hands. Will he have a new partner or adventure partner?

The rest of the characters that we saw in the first one would be difficult to see again, except for Brett Cullen , who plays Thomas Wayne.

“I never would have dreamed that this would be my dream role. But now, honestly, I can’t stop thinking about him. I talked to Todd a lot about what else we could do with him, what else we could do with the Joker that might be interesting.”

Zazie Beetz , for her part, who played Arthur Fleck’s neighbor, has not hesitated to say that she would also like to return in a sequel.

“I would definitely come back! Honestly, I feel like Todd would be the perfect person to do it with gusto. I think if he feels that ‘Joker’ needs a sequel, I totally trust him. He’s very creative and smart.”

Regarding the new appearances, this Joker is also going to have a Harley Quinn. According to THR, Lady Gaga will be in charge of giving life to Harley Quinn . The choice of the singer is very accurate since the publication suggests that the sequel, according to the sources as we have mentioned, could be a musical. Along with her, the incorporation of Brendan Gleeson in ‘Joker 2’ has also been confirmed, in a mysterious role of which nothing is known at the moment.

The truth is that Gaga’s announcement as Harley Quinn divided the networks, more than because of the choice of the singer, due to the doubts of seeing someone other than Margot Robbie in the role. However, she has been the Australian actress, via MTV News, in charge of throwing flowers at her successor in her role:

It makes me very happy, because I said from the beginning that all I want is for Harley Quinn to be one of those characters that… just like Macbeth or Batman, always goes from great actor to great actor, and it’s kind of like that. like someone could do their Batman or someone could do their Macbeth, you know? It’s such an honor to have built a strong enough foundation that Harley can now be one of those characters that other actors try to play, and I think she’s going to do something amazing with that.

Among the new faces that join this new adventure of Phoenix giving life to Arthur Fleck, is the actor Harry Lawtey , known for his work in the series ‘Industry’. Details about his character are being kept under wraps for now, but Deadline’s sources say he’s “very important.”

‘Joker 2’ Director

Phillips stated that, if Warner wants, and Phoenix wants, he would be willing to return to the character of Arthur Fleck. They don’t lack ideas… And he’s already working on the script.

I would do anything with Joaquin, any day of the week. If Warners comes to us and says “You know what guys? Can you think of something…” Well, get the feeling that he and I could do some really cool stuff.

Officially, Philips is back in this new installment, and he has shared on his Instagram account: a photo with the cover of the script, written by him together with Scott Silver .

‘Joker 2’ Pictures

Todd Phillips revealed in December 2022 a first image of the filming of the sequel to ‘Joker’. In it, we see a malnourished Arthur Fleck in what appears to be Arkham Asylum.

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