We all like to have a little rough time on the couch. Not bad in the bad sense of the word, you know what I mean. If not bad to suffer a certain nervousness and get into a situation when things start to go downhill and without brakes. Today we talk about these movies and series, those that have countdowns.

You have come to have a relatively bad time. Or, at least, that your heart beats a little faster than normal. Has anyone said a countdown where everything ends if the numbers reach zero? It may be, although now you will see that not all countdowns have such a clear marker that divides life or death.

Today it is time to review a genre that is not very common, but that undoubtedly has its audience. The countdowns in the movies and on television are a classic that, in recent years, have not had too many examples. Everyone remembers them, but there are not many works that deal with them.

And it is that it is not easy to build a script on a countdown without falling into repetition or plagiarizing what the masters of cinema have done before throughout decades of good and worse movies / series. That’s why today we wanted to spice things up a bit by adding some that you wouldn’t expect.

Movies from the 2000s, series that have been on the air for more than a decade, robberies that are impossible in a minute, ships that can explode if you’re not fast enough… you’ll love the list of movies and series because if you’re here you love accounts back.

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Without further delay we go with our selections. That, as we always say, they are not the best or the only ones, just the ones that we have thought of and that we believe will fit what you were looking for when you Googled: best movies and countdown series.


When the United States embassy in Tehran is occupied by followers of the Ayatollah Khomeini to request the extradition of the Shah of Persia, the CIA and the Canadian government organized an operation to rescue six American diplomats who had taken refuge in the house of the ambassador of Canada.

To this end, an expert in rescuing hostages was called in and the stage was set for the shooting of a science-fiction film, entitled Argo, in which a team of Hollywood talent scouts participated. The mission: go to Tehran and pass off the diplomats as a Canadian film crew to bring them back home.

One of Ben Affleck’s great films as director and protagonist. Starring John Goodman, Alan Arkin, and Bryan Cranston, this fact-based thriller will set your heart racing when time runs out and the mission doesn’t progress.

Undoubtedly a film worth seeing, a jewel that passed without much glory by the public and with much recognition among critics. And for something serious. It is available in Movistar Plus+ within its catalog.


After being kidnapped, Paul Conroy, a civilian contractor in Iraq, wakes up buried alive in an old wooden coffin, with no resources but a cell phone and a lighter.

The phone could be the only way to save him from this deadly nightmare , but the precarious coverage and low battery seem insurmountable obstacles in his fight against time: he only has 90 minutes to be rescued before he runs out of time. oxygen.

Rodrigo Cortes made a masterpiece that no one saw coming. And this success on the big screen is also thanks to Ryan Reynolds, who plays one of the great roles of his career with a flashlight, a smartphone (a Blackberry, more specifically) and a countdown.

The only bad thing about this movie is that it is not on any platform to watch it without paying for it separately. It is on Rakuten TV and it is necessary to rent it, costing a whopping 12.99 euros . It is true that in this situation it is difficult to justify the payment, which is not small.

The dark knight

The arrival of a new villain in the city will destroy all of Batman’s plans. It is about The Joker, a twisted and sadistic psychopath, with a morbid fascination for everything that surrounds the bat. He soon begins to spread fear and wreak havoc in Gotham , becoming The Dark Knight’s worst possible enemy.

So after defeating the Order of Shadows and thwarting mob boss Carmine Falcone in Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne dons the Batman suit again to fight crime in Gotham.

This movie is one of the great masterpieces in the history of action movies and superheroes. With Christian Bale, Heath Ledger, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Cillian Murphy we find a cast that is worthy of any cult movie.

In this movie there is a countdown that happens on two ships at the same time that can make your heart jump out of your mouth . So, abstain us if you are faint of heart. It is available on HBO Max.

24 hours

Jack Bauer works for the Los Angeles Anti-Terrorism Unit agency, and is constantly embarking on missions in which he confronts everything that threatens the security of his country. Ruthless in his work, Bauer has always done anything to achieve his objectives in the missions he is entrusted with.

His life takes an unexpected turn when his wife Teri and daughter Kim are kidnapped. Bauer is blackmailed into assassinating Senator David Palmer, the first African-American candidate for President of the United States, in exchange for the lives of his family.

And in this way, he finds himself involved in a mission against time in which he must save his wife and daughter, as well as guarantee the safety of the Senator and the United States. It lasted 9 seasons and is one of the great series of the past decade.

The series began broadcasting in 2001 and ended with a ninth season in 2014. Right now it is on Disney+ and it is one of those series that is very worthwhile on its own, but if you add the countdown of each chapter, one already falls in love with Kiefer Sutherland.

60 seconds

Randall “Memphis” Raines has long since put his criminal past behind him. But when he finds out that his brother is in danger, to save him he is forced to do what he does best: steal cars.

50 cars and a contract. A fan of motoring, Memphis is a legend in the car theft business. He does not resist any lock, no alarm. This will put you in a situation that will force you to adjust to a very dangerous… and lucrative countdown.

Superstars Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie take part in an unstoppable race at full speed in which your adrenaline will go from 0 to 100 in sixty seconds. If you like car movies, you can’t miss this movie full of action and extreme situations, with an amazing soundtrack.

Now we have it on Disney+ within its catalog. And if you want to rent it, it is available on Apple TV+, Rakuten TV, Google Play and other Microsoft and Amazon services. Nicolas Cage is always a hit.


While repairing a satellite outside their ship, two astronauts have a serious accident and are left floating in space. They are Dr. Ryan Stone, a brilliant engineer on her first space mission, and veteran astronaut Matt Kowalsky.

The external mission seemed routine, but a rain of space debris reaches them and disaster occurs: the satellite and part of the ship are destroyed, leaving Ryan and Matt completely alone, at which point they will try by all means to find a solution . solution to return to Earth.

Sandra Bullock, George Clooney and Ed Harris are in charge of keeping up a film that is an eternal countdown to survival. In this case, when time runs out, oxygen will run out and our protagonists will not be able to get out of this spatial mess alive.

It is available to watch on HBO Max and on Movistar Plus+. And to rent on Apple TV+ and Chili. This movie is worth seeing in 3D. So much so that the theaters were filled at its premiere wanting to spend some time in space.