One of the genres in which Netflix has been gradually adding new titles is fantasy and, more specifically, epic fantasy animated series . Although The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is not animated, it does represent the platform’s effort to reach both the child/youth audience and the more adult audience with its offerings in this genre.

Between anime, more western-style cartoons, more comic series and other more serious ones (and even gore ), we can find a few titles more or less linked to the epic fantasy of a lifetime. These are only nine of all those series.


Matt Groening has already parodied science fiction with Futurama , and in (Dis)enchantment he does something similar with medieval-style fantasy through its protagonist, Bean, a princess who breaks out of all the archetypes of the genre for her character and who faces a second season in which he will have to find one of his lost friends and find out what his mother meant when she told him that he has a special destiny.

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power


This new version of the adventures of She-Ra, He-Man’s sister, shows her as a teenager who is discovering her powers and, above all, that what she was told about her identity and her destiny is false. Her protagonist’s journey in search of who she really is gives this series a touch that her initial adventures in the 80s didn’t have.

The Dragon Prince


Welcome to Xadia, the fantasy land where The Dragon Prince takes place . It is a land where magic exists, drawn from six natural elements, but the balance is broken when human wizards create a seventh, Dark Magic. The protagonists must find a way to restore peace and, at the same time, prevent that Dark Magic from attracting them.

Dragons: Towards new borders

The movie How to Train Your Dragon has not only had two sequels in the cinema, but has also been expanded into a couple of series on Netflix that lead the protagonists to live other adventures different from those that could be seen on the big screen. This Dragons: Towards new borders takes its characters to try to end the conflicts between Vikings and dragons forever.



Adapted from the popular video game of the same title, Castlevania takes us to a fictional 15th century where Dracula unleashes his hordes of vampires on Wallachia as revenge for the death of his wife, and the last of the Belmont vampire hunters must stop the end up dominating the world. The writer Warren Ellis is one of its leaders.


Guts is a mercenary without a family who, accompanied by an elf, makes a living hunting demons known as the Apostles. That is the premise of one of the best-known manga, which has had two serial adaptations and several for the cinema, and which takes place in a world with a certain resemblance to medieval Europe.

Rurouni Kenshin

Another great anime classic is Kenshin, the samurai warrior , as this series was called when it was originally broadcast in Spain. It tells the story of Kenshin, a samurai who decides to stop killing and, to do so, carries a backwards-edged katana and travels throughout Japan helping people in need. However, the legend of him as Battosai , the assassin, haunts him.

Samurai 7

Can an anime be made based on Akira Kurosawa’s The Seven Samurai ? If a western was made , why not? This Samurai 7, in fact, takes the plot to a medieval court future in which seven samurai are hired by two priestesses to protect the villagers from the attacks of other warriors desperate to steal food to survive when the wars in the mountains have ended. that they were fighting



With this one we cheat a bit because, although its protagonist enters an underground world of trolls and magic, he is an ordinary kid from a town today. However, he finds an amulet that makes him the protector of all those trolls that live under the streets of Arcadia. The series has had a sequel, 3 Below .