Actress Drew Barrymore (Culver City, California, 47 years old) rose to fame as a child for playing Gertie, the little sister of the protagonist of Steven Spielberg’s iconic film ET, the extra-terrestrial (1982). She was only seven years old when she became known worldwide, although it was not the first time she had appeared on the screen. Many movies and series later, Barrymore talks again about his problems with alcohol in the latest issue of his magazine, Drew, which has been published since August 2021 and which includes articles on beauty, love, travel and food and where there is also room for their most intimate secrets.

In the essay Take Care of Yourself, published in the December issue, the actress and now also a television presenter explains that giving up alcohol “was one of the most liberating things” in her life. The protagonist of Santa Clarita Diet (2016) explains in the text how important self-care is: “Perhaps our definition of love changes throughout our lives. But I really believe that we often transmit love to the outside for fear of appearing selfish and focusing on ourselves. Some ideas with which he encourages his readers and followers to always put themselves first. “One of the bravest things you can do is kill those dragons and change a horrible cycle you’ve been trapped in. In my case, it was to stop drinking ”, she underlines in the publication.

This isn’t the first time Barrymore has opened up about his addiction issues. Since she was little, she lived a hard childhood: her career as an actress was linked to addiction to drugs and alcohol. In the past, she has recounted that at the age of seven she drank ice cream with a splash of Baileys liqueur; At nine, she shared drinks with the Hollywood stars of the time; at 10, she smoked her first joint and at 12 she was already using cocaine regularly. At 13, her mother admitted her against her will to a psychiatric facility after attempting suicide. A childhood and adolescence that would mark the rest of her life, but from which she has managed to get the positive side to learn from her mistakes.

In an interview for CBS in 2021, the businesswoman confessed her addiction to alcohol in the past: “I am going to say something for the first time: I have not drunk alcohol in two and a half years. I realized that it was not serving me or my life.” In addition, she added that she was improving every day: “I am working on a good path so that there is peace where there were demons before.” A year after speaking openly about the subject, she has once again highlighted in her magazine that quitting drinking allowed her to “finally be free from torture, guilt and dysfunction.”

This journey of self-care and awareness has once again opened up the possibility of finding a new love: “I can’t wait to meet that calm person with whom I can be happy. But I haven’t found her yet, I think she’s out there. At 47, the actress has been married three times — at just 25 she had already accumulated two divorces — and has two daughters, Olive, 10, and Frankie, 8, the result of her last relationship with the actor, too. Will Kopelman.

After all the bumps that life has put in front of him, he did not become a broken toy of the industry and learned to channel fame and success, to always guide his steps on the right path. Addictions and anecdotes with drugs and alcohol are already part of his past. Now, Drew Barrymore is living his prime with his family, his film and television career and his magazine.