A story of reunions and revenge is what awaits you with this new Netflix series. Here we tell you what it is about and who is who in the cast of The revenge of the Juanas .

It is very likely that someone in your family locates the story only by the title, since it turns out that the original is a successful Colombian telenovela that was launched in 1997 and since then has had remakes in different countries, including Mexico.

But before you say “Oh, Animal MX, I don’t even watch novels (aha)”, this is more of a thriller full of mysteries to solve.

What is The Revenge of the Juanas about ?

The story follows five women who don’t know each other, but unexpectedly discover that they share an identical birthmark.

Everything gets weirder when they comment that none of them know their father and, furthermore, they are all called Juana. The five of them team up to investigate if they really have the same father and find out why their mothers never told them anything .

By investigating, the five will put themselves in danger because they do not imagine the power and corruption behind all this.the-revenge-of-the-juanas.jpg

The big difference with the other versions

We already mentioned that Las Juanas , the original telenovela, was launched in 1997 in Colombia and was directed by Bernardo Romero Pereiro.

In Mexico, we already had two versions of this story. One made in 2004 by TV Azteca and another in 2018 made by Televisa.

The revenge of the Juanas is a reimagining of the original story, which is full of comedy. The script was in charge of Jimena Romero and Aljandro Reyes, the former is the daughter of the writer of the original telenovela.

Jimena Romero decided to give the story a radical change based on the thriller genre . Renata Notni, one of the protagonists, commented at a press conference “I think this is a completely different proposal, completely new and I think that what moves a lot (in the series) is the suspense.”

For her part, the actress Zuria Vega also pointed out that it is a contemporary version of the story, where issues –such as sexuality– are explored in a more current way.the-five-juanas-official-trailer.jpg

Who’s Who: Cast of The Revenge of the Juanas

As you can imagine, there are five protagonists in this story. And although each Juana has a very different personality from the others, together they work perfectly.

  • Zuria Vega as Juana Manuela “Manny”

zuria-vega.jpgOne of the Mexican actresses who stars in the series is Zuria Vega. She developed her career in the world of telenovelas with productions such as Alma de Hierro , Qué Pobres Tan Ricos or Simply María .

In the cinema, he participated in films such as I don’t know whether to cut my veins or leave them long , Elvira would give you my life but I’m using it and Blacker than the night .

In Lareta de las Juanas she plays Juana Manuela, although everyone calls her Manny. She is a dancer with a troubled past .

Even though she has her mom alive, the relationship between them is terrible. She is characterized by being brave and always fighting to get ahead.

  • Renata Notni as Juana Valentina

The career of this actress also developed in the world of soap operas, such as Mar de amor or Sueño de amor . She also participated in the Mexican series El Dragón .

His Juana is also called Valentina, a journalist who is always searching for the truth . Early in the series, she loses her mother.

  • Sofia Engberg as Juana Bautista

Sofía Engberg does not have a career as long as the other two and in fact this is her first big leading role .

She started acting with small roles in 2016. It was in 2019 when he participated in the series Preso No. 1 and El Club and this 2021 he also appeared in the series Todo va está bien in a very secondary role.

In La Vengeance de las Juanas, she gives life to Bautista, she is a woman who is guided by intuition , because in fact she has small visions and that is why she dedicates herself to divination.

  • Juana Arias as Juana Matilde

The actress is Colombian by birth and in fact she grew up under the fever of the original novel . Since then, she looked like one of the Juanas because she even shares a name with her sisters.

She has worked on the series Run Coyote Run , The Lord of the Skies , Narcos: Mexico and also The Girl Who Cleans , which was released this 2021 on HBO Max.

In Lareta de las Juanas, she plays Matilde, who was born in Colombia and flees to Mexico with a big secret. She seeks to be a singer and discover the whereabouts of her mother.

  • Oka Giner as Juana Caridad

The last of the sisters is played by Oka Giner, who became famous by participating in the Mexican series Gossip Girl: Acapulco in 2013.

She has also appeared in telenovelas and series such as Señorita Pólvora, The pilot and Madre solo hay dos .

She plays Caridad, a novice who grew up from childhood in a convent, but begins to doubt her true calling in life. Although she involves putting herself in danger, she does what she can to rescue women in danger.