‘Strange couple’ (2006)

After being enemies for years (many years), Nelson and Bart become flesh and blood, especially at the insistence of the former. Another episode that shows us in detail the life of the bully, one of the most interesting characters in the children’s section of the series. Not to mention that Homer is hooked on the “Simpsonian” version of Harry Potter to everyone’s delight.

‘Apparently Endless Story’ (2006)

One of the best known in recent years. It tells a story, within a story, within a story… and so on throughout the episode, goat and all. It was one of the first “experimental” episodes of the series, which today are much more common but not as successful.

‘The aquatic wife’ (2007)

It is an episode full of “aquatic” references of all kinds: ‘Life Aquatic’, ‘The Perfect Storm’, ‘The Prince of the Tides‘, the Saint-Saëns Aquarium… It is not a particularly funny episode but yes it is one full of details and elaborated with great delicacy.

‘Growing up in Springfield’ (2007)

Parodying the well-known ‘Up series’ format, ‘Growing up in Springfield’ shows us the second part of a documentary that portrays the lives of the inhabitants of Springfield every eight years. Homer, tired of appearing like a loser, invents a life to show the director and thus fake his success. Obviously, his plan fails, but the story ends with a happy ending. In addition, we learned the origin of La loca de las gato, which was also a very interesting wink.

‘Husbands and scalpels’ ( 2007)

While a new comic book store goes on a tour of the world for the little ones in Springfield, Marge opens her own gym for normal women (a parody of the Curves chain) and strikes gold, which makes Homer self-conscious as he believes that his wife is going to leave him for a younger and more attractive man. As if that were not enough, Homer’s plastic surgery nightmare that mixes Frankenstein and King Kong gives it an even more particular touch.

‘The trap for Bart’ (2008)

One of the famous “parody-adaptations” of the series, in this case of Scorsese’s ‘The Departed’. Simple and fun, it is one of the classics of the new generation of episodes of the series.

‘At the Sundance Festival’ (2008)

Possibly one of the most remembered in recent years. Lisa records a documentary piece that ends up being selected for the Sundance festival, to which the whole family goes to discover, with horror, that her daughter has portrayed them as terrible people. The best thing about the episode is, without a doubt, one of the the hidden movies about Nelson and the multitude of pop references.

‘Maggie’s Gone’ (2009)

‘The Simpsons’ scored its own parody of ‘The Da Vinci Code‘ and it did so quite smoothly, when Maggie “disappears” after Marge lost her sight looking directly at an eclipse. Coincidentally, up to that point it was the third least watched episode in the history of the series.

‘Parties of a future past’ (2011)

One of the most acclaimed episodes of the series for its particular humor and very emotional scenes, since we see how the characters of the series would evolve from today to the future… just as we might expect.

‘Carl Saga’ (2013)

It is one of the mythical “travelers” episodes of the series. In it, the Simpsons travel to Iceland in search of Carl, who has apparently run off with a lottery prize. Along the way we discover the dishonorable origin of the Carlson family and how the Simpsons help clear his name. Even Sigur Rós appears in the episode.

‘Steal this episode’ (2014)

An episode that parodies and at the same time denounces illegal downloads, and that is undoubtedly one of the strongest in recent years. Particularly noteworthy is his criticism of the business of the show and the good use of its guest stars.

‘A block like me’ (2014)

Original due to its structure, format and technique, ‘A block like me’ is a really fun episode that delighted Lego fans. It was another episode of season 25 that for many critics was a sign that “The Simpsons” could be a good series again.