First it was said that it was a fool. Then came the images of some friendly beaks between Alba Carillo and Jorge Pérez, during the Christmas dinner of the producer of ‘El Programa de Ana Rosa’. Who says kisses, the videos showed snogging and that there was more than a flirtation between the two of them , even though the former contestant on the ‘reality’ show Survivors is married. “He got out of hand,” acknowledged the ex-model. Mediaset has seen a golden opportunity and has launched its two collaborators into the arena of the television circus.

His performance on the sets is not disappointed. “I don’t sleep. Luckily the man hasn’t passed me by,” Lorena Vázquez joked about the matter, which she describes as the “bomb” of the week in the panorama of the heart . “The questions are: Was there something else after they got involved in the disco? Did they spend the night together?” The ‘Mamarazzis’ have been questioned. In episode 13 of the weekly video podcast, which has not brought bad luck, but rather a lot of self- confidence, they have answered their own questions.

“Every week I found them leaving Mediaset together. I already said it: These two fuck. It came off that something was going on there,” Laura Fa said without blinking . “There is a brutal chemistry between them,” added Vázquez, who corroborates that they gave free rein to that “unresolved sexual attraction” at the El Principito nightclub in Madrid.

However, they had ” the great foolishness” of flirting at a party with dozens of journalists from the heart, recalled Vázquez, who has also elaborated: “They criticized the fact that they were recorded, but they were in the ideal environment. What paparazzi would not have done the same when seeing the bombing that that supposed?

No sooner said than done. They caught them (they didn’t hide either) and recorded them. But the images that have gone around the ring do not show the entire sequence of events. In fact, those that have come out “are not to dramatize so much,” Fa emphasized about the kisses. Now, “it is evident that something else has happened because otherwise you would not mount this circus. Jorge cries because he knows that Alba is going to tell everything sooner rather than later”, the journalist indicated.

“The suddenness of the tone”

Before the collaborator sings, our ‘Mamarazzis’ do it. “They were together at many times and there were more than kisses,” says Vázquez. The source is good, neither more nor less than a member of Ana Rosa Quintana’s production company. “There were risqué scenes at that party,” he specified.

“If nothing happened before the party, it’s a miracle,” Fa joked. “The civil guard roll throws me back that you don’t see,” Fa continued jokingly. “Well, my mother would have liked this profile for me,” said Vázquez. It should be remembered that Pérez was part of the Benemérita and rose to fame when a photo of him, dressed in uniform, went viral on social networks.

Jokes aside, the ‘Mamarazzis’ did not want to jump to the topic without first claiming the figure of Pérez’s wife. “She is the victim of this whole affair,” they said. Regarding the role of Carrillo, they have also been blunt: “Alba is a single person and she can do whatever she wants.”

“Iker Casillas is a very selfish person”

Pump of the week aside, Wednesday is the day to review the ‘cuore’ magazines. In addition, some brought pleasant news. This is the case of ‘Lecturas’, which reports that Sara Carbonero has overcome the complicated operation to which she was subjected urgently. “It is not clear if it is related to the ovarian cancer she suffered,” Vázquez and Fa have pointed out, who have focused on the role of her ex-husband and father of their two children, Iker Casillas, who has not moved from Qatar.

“It seems to me like a very selfish person as a man, a father and a person that Casillas has stayed as a commentator at the World Cup,” Fa has externalized. In this sense, sources close to the ex-partner’s environment explain that her two children have stayed with Sara’s sister throughout this week. “I don’t care what agreement they have between them. In an operation like the one she has gone through, it is not worth going to Qatar,” the journalist reiterated. “I am surprised that a father is not with his children in a situation like this, but we do not know what pact they reached,” Vázquez pointed out.

Bertín Osborne shows off muscles in ‘Hello!

The magazine ‘Hello!’ has become this week the extinct ‘ Super Pop‘. Only instead of showing a handsome man, Bertín Osborne appears thin and muscular. “We don’t know the actual state of his body. If you cross your arms and push them forward, you look more muscular,” Fa has teased. Things as they are: in that report there is a dose of Photoshop because the singer is about to turn 68, not 38.