The beautiful thing about cinema is that it is timeless. This art has been delighting generations for more than a century and there are some that have made parents and children fall in love. Today we are going to review the film sagas that have marked us the most in recent decades.

If you like movies today, it’s almost certainly because your parents made you love it when you were little. This love for the seventh art is something that is transmitted between generations based on movies and movies in front of the television and, more occasionally, the big screen in the movie theater.

Some of us grew up watching in a loop: The Godfather movies (despite the fact that they are not very suitable for children), others had their dose of laser swords and fantastic worlds, and there were those who feared the arrival of a murderous cyborg that would destroy the savior. of the world. They come in all colors.

The question is that there are movies that have passed from father to son for different reasons . Many times because they are timeless works. But there is also the option that, for decades, they have been releasing new films in the saga, first hooking the parents and then the children.

Today we are going to focus on the films that, although they conquered our parents back in the 70s and 80s, many years later they have continued to be valid in the collective imagination.

If not, why would we think of Indiana Jones every time we see Harrison Ford on the screen? We are not that old.

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Without further ado, let’s go with the movies we have chosen to make a list that is, we already tell you, totally subjective. If you have your own selection, let us know, we are here to share points of view.

Jurassic Park

Billionaire John Hammond makes his dream of cloning Jurassic dinosaurs come true and creates a theme park on a remote island with them. Before opening it to the public, he invites a couple of eminent scientists and a mathematician to check the feasibility of the project.

But the park’s security measures do not provide for the survival instinct of mother nature or human greed… with this synopsis the first film began in 1993 and, since then, sequels have been arriving in the form of trilogies (Jurassic Park and Jurassic World).

One of the most acclaimed works of Steven Spielberg , the most important living director without a doubt (not the best, that’s a matter of taste and we don’t want to open the melon), who worked -once again- with John Williams to make a saga of films that border on visual and sound perfection.

Many of us discovered the magic of cinema then , when we were very young, but our parents, who were with us at the cinema, left with their mouths just as open after the credits rolled on the big screen. It’s worth every second.

Star Wars

Princess Leia, leader of the rebel movement that wishes to restore the Republic in the galaxy in the ominous times of the Empire, is captured by the Imperial Forces, led by the relentless Darth Vader, the Emperor’s most faithful servant.

The intrepid and young Luke Skywalker, helped by Han Solo, captain of the spaceship “The Millennium Falcon”, and the androids, R2D2 and C3PO, will be in charge of fighting against the enemy and trying to rescue the princess to re-establish the justice within the galaxy.

With this synopsis began in 1977 a saga of films that , without any doubt, is the most important in the cinematographic world . At least from an economic point of view: no series has generated more money than the three Star Wars trilogies. And we’re only talking about theaters, if we get into series and merchandising…

The entire saga is on Disney+ and it is worth spending a few days on it (it is what it has, there are 9 movies). Our parents fell in love with them in the 80s. We in the 2000s. And our children will during this decade . It is the law of life.

Indiana Jones

Year 1936. Indiana Jones is an archeology professor willing to run dangerous adventures in order to get valuable historical relics. A bit like the English for centuries, but without asking for permission or forgiveness.

After an unsuccessful mission in South America, the US government entrusts him with the search for the Ark of the Covenant, where the Tables of the Law that God gave to Moses are kept. According to legend, whoever owns them will have absolute power, which is why the Nazis are also looking for it.

Once again we have Steven Spielberg directing a series of films that are wonderful (all except the last one, it’s better to pretend it doesn’t exist). For this adventure he hired the charismatic Harrison Ford, who had already proven to be a first-rate actor in Star Wars, where he played Han Solo.

By the way, as a curiosity, Steven Spielberg wanted to get hold of the rights of James Bond and, when he didn’t get it, he decided to do his interpretation of Agent 007 but in an archaeological version and for the whole family. Comp adventure movie we cannot say a better one.

Return to the future

Teenager Marty McFly is a friend of Doc, a scientist everyone thinks is crazy. When Doc creates a time travel machine, a random mistake sends Marty back to 1955, the year his future parents hadn’t met yet.

After preventing their first meeting, you must get them to meet and get married; otherwise, its existence would not be possible. In 1985 this movie swept theaters. And in 2022 it also continues to succeed.

At last we have a saga that is not directed by Steven Spielberg, but we already assure you that Robert Zemeckis was not useless. And less with a camera in hand. The Back to the Future saga is one of those gems that endure timelessly no matter how many decades pass (on my way to four and counting).

It is a masterpiece of youth cinema whose charm does not disappear with the passage of time. Funny, original and very entertaining. Our parents left the cinema freaking out. We left the room freaking out after putting the VHS in the video.

The Ghostbusters

Doctors Venkman, Stantz and Spengler, experts in parapsychology, are not granted a research grant they had requested. Finding themselves out of work, they decide to found the company “The Ghostbusters”, dedicated to cleaning New York of ectoplasms.

The sudden increase of spectral apparitions in the city will be the harbinger of the arrival of a dangerous and powerful demon. How the plot is resolved for these four to save New York City is worth your time.

Here we have the great Harold Ramis as a screenwriter and actor in the film that catapulted him to meteoric fame. And is not for less. The director is Ivan Reitman, another celluloid giant who left us at the beginning of the year.

Over the years they have been releasing films within the Ghostbusters saga and this has allowed entire generations to feel like theirs. If you haven’t seen any, think no more: run to the TV and press play.


Los Angeles, year 2029. Machines rule the world. The rebels who fight against them are led by John Connor, a man who was born in the eighties.

To put an end to the rebellion, the machines decide to send a robot -Terminator- to the past whose mission will be to eliminate Sarah Connor, John’s mother, and thus prevent his birth. The ’80s were the golden age of action movies, and the Terminator trilogy is a vivid example.

James Cameron would not be who he is today if he had not directed a trilogy that is the mecca of science fiction cinema and the hard and realistic action of the 80s. And, of course, none of this would have been possible without Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Limited actor who has always delighted his record.

Over the years we have seen new installments of Terminator arrive on the big screen… but, to be honest, the quality has been declining inexorably over these three decades. Despite this, parents and children adore this original trilogy.

Cinema is love. Love to tell stories. Love for creating a new universe and bringing wonderful characters to life. Love for bringing people together in front of a screen.