Today we want to introduce you, although it may already sound familiar to you, JustWatch, a free and very useful application that will allow you to know the content of all the platforms at a simple glance and many other functions.

Currently there is such a large number of streaming and content platforms, both series and movies or documentaries, that on many occasions it is really overwhelming.

Of course, more streaming services means more options. However, this also means that content can bounce from one platform to another. Providers are constantly collecting and discarding titles. As content libraries change from month to month, titles may regularly appear on different platforms.

For example, suppose a Netflix user who has never seen The Walking Dead suddenly wants to catch up on all the seasons. It would be a financial disaster if he had to pay an amount per HD episode on Amazon, Vudu or Google Play to catch up when it turns out that the platform he already subscribes to allows him access to some of the seasons.

This is where JustWatch comes into play and it is very useful for solving these problems. This free streaming guide helps you quickly and easily locate movie and TV titles available on different platforms.

What is JustWatch and how does this application work?

JustWatch is a free application available in 80 countries. The app connects to 500 legal streaming services from around the world to help you find shows to watch. It has a list of more than 90,000 movies and series, with trailers, synopses, cast lists and ratings, as well as where to watch them.

This Berlin-based company bills itself as “the streaming search engine.” Just by using its search engine, you will be able to find where each specific season is located, as well as its prices.

In short, what JustWatch does is collect the content offered by the different platforms, so you don’t have to access each one individually to find what you’re looking for. It also provides direct links to movie and TV titles, so you can quickly start watching them on your preferred platform.

For example, if you type The Avengers, JustWatch will show you a list with links to all the platforms where you can watch, rent, or buy this movie. You can filter for the best price (including if it is available for free) and availability in SD, HD or 4K resolution.

In addition, an overview of the film is provided . This includes a synopsis, the names of the director and cast, the film’s genre, age rating, length, and IMDB rating (including a link to the IMDB website). In addition, a selection of YouTube videos is offered, including a trailer for the film.

As for the series, the same information is offered, along with a summary of seasons and episodes. You also have the option to add movies and follow TV shows through JustWatch’s Watchlist feature.

Of course, the service is free, and if you decide to register, it offers, among other things, recommendations according to what you see on each platform so that you can discover similar content to your tastes. Note that if you are interested, you can access JustWatch in several ways:

  • Smartphone: There is an app available for Android and iOS devices.
  • Smart TV: An app is available for Android TV, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV devices.
  • PC: Simply open the JustWatch website in your browser.
  • Xbox: JustWatch is available as an app for current Xbox consoles.

This is how you can keep track of your favorite series and movies

One of the favorite features of many JustWatch users is the Favorites List, which keeps track of your favorite shows and movies, as well as the ones you want to watch in the future.

When you search for a show on JustWatch, you can add it to your list by tapping Track Show. Next, select whether you’ve watched all episodes, none, or somewhere in between. You can also vote whether or not you liked a show or movie, to help JustWatch give you personalized recommendations.

By choosing this option, you tell JustWatch that you want to be aware of upcoming episodes or seasons. You will no longer have to be aware of when the next season comes out. JustWatch will notify you when the next season or episode of a show on your list is available.

You can also add movies to your list and see where they are available for streaming, as well as the prices to rent or buy them. If the movie is only available to watch in theaters, JustWatch can let you know when it’s available to stream.

Knowing all this, it only remains to say that JustWatch is really simple to use but very useful. It brings together a ton of different content libraries, with filters and a constantly updated catalog that reflects Netflix’s ever-changing libraries, for example. You don’t even need to create an account to use it.