Comedies, whether they are movies or, as in this case, series, have a great advantage over other genres : any time is usually a good time to enjoy one of them. It can be the icing on the cake or the culmination of a day to frame or serve as a shock to try to overcome a day to forget. This is the power of the best comedies in the history of cinema and, in this case, of the best comedy series that help us forget all our problems. Here we focus on those released in 2022, whether they are among the best comedy series on Netflix or are inserted in the catalogs of Disney +, HBO Max and company.

Just as no two laughs are the same, another matter to consider is the different kind of humor that comedy offers . For example, there are some of them that use the classic slapstick without shame , as is the case of ‘The man against the bee’ , the new from Rowan Atkinson (Mr. Bean), a master in the art of making us smile. ‘Murderville’ could be a somewhat similar case, but the improvisation factor in charge of its guest starThey make each chapter an event. If we cling to this genre, they are two of the best Netflix series in 2022. And, without a doubt, laugh-out-loud sisters in their own right from a group of movies that are part of the best comedies on Amazon Prime Video to laugh at.

We also have the case of those comedies that are not pure and that flirt with drama , a clear example that opposite poles attract, especially if they play with the “rural” factor or with the return home after the erratic behavior of its protagonist , a mixture of nostalgia, acceptance and improvement that always works very well (there we have the case of ‘Heridas abiertas’). ‘What a fabric, Sam’, a series somewhat far from what Disney+ has us used to and ‘Somebody Somewhere’ , the series with the most heart on HBO Max, are part of the best of this subgenre of dramatic comedy. And we also don’t forget the best Spanish comedy series, which there are too.

Lastly, what does the world of editorial eroticism in 1970s California have in common with the debauchery of pirate life offered by ‘Our flag means death’ ? In the purely formal, nothing, but the addictive ‘Minx’ (a soft series , nothing to do with non-porn movies with real sex or the like) and the proposal of David Jenkins and an (even more) disheveled Taika Waititi aboard the ‘Vengeance’ are two essential series that are worth it. Along with them, we can also add ‘The Trials’ , the HBO Max series that never stops surprising us. Nathan Fielder’s approach is sobrilliant, crazy and Martian -in line with the best works of the great Charlie Kaufman- which, indeed, will not leave you indifferent.

In this varied ranking, we have selected the 14 best current comedy series with which to laugh. And all of them, in their first season, so you can do a marathon with clean laughter and catch up in a few hours.

James Gunn devised this spin-off in which he recovers Peacemaker from ‘The Suicide Squad , the director’s debut in the DCU in which he is now his home. ‘The Peacemaker’ shows the path of redemption by its protagonist (a John Cena having a great time) after the events that occurred in Jotunheim. Its irreverence, acidity, and absurd humor have made it one of the best laugh series on HBO Max, which is no small thing.

Well yes: one of the Marvel series on Disney+ is one of the best comedy series of 2022 . And it is thanks to her protagonist, Tatiana Maslany, and her great sense of humor when addressing the day-to-day problems of an accidental superheroine and super lawyer by profession. Beyond her surprising cameos or her connections to the UCM, ‘She-Hulk’ offers us comedy from a female perspective about life on Tinder, regulatory bodies and insecurities, among other things. And there is also sex! In Marvel!

One of the best Spanish series on Netflix in 2022, ‘Las de la ultima fila’ offers us a great balance between comedy and drama. The first fictional series created by Daniel Sanchez Arevalo follows five women in their thirties and friends since school who organize a week-long getaway together every year . This year will be different, since one of them has just been diagnosed with cancer and the friends will put all their lives in perspective.

‘Our flag means death’

‘Our flag means death’ is the new and crazy proposal from David Jenkins and Taika Waititi, who here works as executive producer, director and co-star, a filmmaker who never leaves you indifferent -if you want the latest example, here you can read the review of ‘ Thor: Love and Thunder’, the latest Marvel movie starring the god of thunder.

In ‘Our flag means death’, an aristocrat goes through an existential crisis and decides to leave his wife and children to fulfill his dream: to go to sea to become a pirate .

The series, one of the most pleasant surprises in recent years, mixes romanticism with absurd humor and the need to pursue dreams to feel fulfilled. Are you really still wondering why you have to watch ‘Our Flag Means Death’?

Genius or crazy? Maybe a little of both. Of course, ‘The rehearsals’ is, by its proposal, the docu-reality series/experiment with a more groundbreaking and hypnotic premise so far this year.

Have you ever faced the most important day of your life and had that horrible feeling that it will go wrong because your nerves will give you away? Nathan Fielder can make that stage fright go away. In ‘The Rehearsals’, Fielder helps through exquisite planning to all kinds of people to prepare to face crucial moments in their own lives , testing each of the possibilities in simulations designed by himself.

A thoughtful series that blurs the fine line between reality and fiction thanks to its incessant surreal situations.

Ben Whishaw (‘Q’ in Daniel Craig’s Bond film saga) stars in the comedy series -to be fair, it also has a lot of drama– that tops our ranking.

‘This is going to hurt’ is one of the essential series of the year that, through the use of black humor and its breaking of the fourth wall, allows us to discover the exhausting routine of the rookie doctor Adam Key (Whishaw) in a large public hospital of London and, incidentally, denounce the reality of the mistreatment of public health. Forget charismatic doctors saving lives while breaking hearts. Here, thanks to the real experience of screenwriter Adam Key, you will find a real resident doctor: tired, jaded, overwhelmed by pressure and an excessive workload , which will affect his mental health in a worrying way.

Minx’, one of the undercover series of this season , could be the spiritual sister of ‘The Deuce’, the also HBO Max series starring James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal about the legalization and consolidation of the porn industry in the New York of the 70s. In this fun proposal we return to the 70s, but we go to the West Coast and we jump to Los Angeles to meet Joyce (Ophelia Lovibond), a young feminist who decides to join forces with a low-key publishing house. budget to create the first erotic magazine for women.

If this leaves you unsatisfied, you can always take a look at the best movies about porn cinema.

Teen comedy about alcoholism in which a promising young woman who has nearly destroyed her life because of drink must return to her controlling mother’s house to sober up, flee from bar temptations and avoid jail. Can she find redemption? ‘What a story, Sam’ is an emotional journey back to sobriety led by a fantastic Sofia Black-D’Elia, who turns this path of rehabilitation and descent into hell into a moving experience.

Its cast is not going to attract your attention and its plot -a woman in crisis who deals with loss struggles to fit in in her hometown, Manhattan (be careful, the one in Kansas)-, neither. But there is something in ‘Somebody Somewhere’ that makes it one of our favourites: the authenticity of what it tells , without looking for an imposed sensitivity, and the judicious use of time as a remedy to heal those most terrible wounds that life is capable of. life. A dramatic comedy in which topics such as depression and homophobia are touched on and in which the actress and comedian Bridget Everett shines with her own light. For all this, ‘Somebody Somewhere’ is one of the best HBO Max series in 2022.

In ‘Life and Beth’ , Amy Schumer acts as showrunner, writer and protagonist of this rural comedy in which she gives life to Beth, a cynical and successful woman who, it seems, has achieved all her goals in life: she has a good job as a She is a wine distributor, maintains a healthy romantic relationship and lives in a beautiful house in the heart of New York, but she knows that the pieces do not quite fit. A family tragedy will force him to travel to his town, where he will face his existential crisis thanks to his constant flashbacks of his adolescent self, which will allow him to remember some of the (un)wise decisions he made and that have led him to his current state. situation.

Although its title isn’t too subtle, ‘A Wolf Like Me’ is one of those strange mixes that don’t always work out. Fortunately, this is a good series whose six short episodes are made, precisely, short. Isla Fisher and Josh Gad star in this Aussie-inspired romantic comedy with elements of fantasy in which, by a twist of fate, “widower meets mystery woman.” And so far the trite story because, if something characterizes this series, it is the successive twists that allow it to flee from cliches and turn towards unexpected terrain.

Of course, the argument of ‘Murderville’ is not trivial. Will Arnett (the unforgettable Gob Bluth from ‘Arrested Development’) stars as Terry Seattle , an eccentric inspector who, in each of its 6 episodes, must solve a crime with the help of stars such as Sharon Stone, Conan O’ Brien or Kumail Nanjiani who will have to improvise because they know absolutely nothing about the plot nor do they have a single line of script. We bet a million canned laughs that ‘Murderville’ is the new Netflix comedy that will surprise you.

‘The man against the bee’

‘The man against the bee’ marks the return of Rowan Atkinson -the unforgettable Mr. Bean- to a television series. On this occasion, the British man plays a somewhat clumsy father who, after getting a job as a house sitter, will see how the presence of a bee unleashes an all-out fight with devastating consequences in the place where he has gotten his first job as a sitter . : a luxurious and exclusive mansion with incalculable works of art.