Did you like The OA and want to find similar series?

It goes without saying that The OA is a series that keeps you glued to the screen, that’s why we want you to relive the union. And what other way to comply than by giving you a recommendation with the best series similar to The OA ? We want it to look as perfect as possible.First of all, if you want to know everything about this wonderful series, we recommend you go through the post about it. And finally, here you have a TOP 12 of the best series similar to The OA:

1. The Gift

Even though several of you see the decision to introduce The Gift among the best series similar to The OA a mistake, but for the blog it is more than reasoned.

2. American Gods

In an article about the best series similar to The OA , American Gods should always be included .

Based on the award-winning fantasy novel of the same name by author Neil Gaiman, this series tells the story of a mysterious ex-convict named Shadow Moon. This man is released from prison a few days before serving a three-year sentence for robbing a bank.

3. Charmed

charmed. Many of you may see the decision to mix Charmed among the best series similar to The OA somewhat unusual, but for SA it is totally discussed.

Set in the fictional college town of Hilltowne, Charmed follows the lives of three sisters, Macy, Mel, and Maggie Vera, who, after the tragic death of their mother, discover that they are three of the most powerful witches of all time.

4. Emerald City

In our post about the best series like The OA, Emerald City was not going to be missing .

‘Emerald City’ is the new and dark reinvention of the work signed by New Yorker L.Frank Baum: ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’. It revolves around the 14 original books that chronicle the adventures of young Dorothy in the Lands of Oz and coincides with the 75th anniversary eve of the iconic fantasy film produced by Metro-Godlwyn-Mayer.

5. Ragnarok

Some of you may find the decision to add Ragnarok with the best series similar to The OA a mistake, but for the blog it is more than discussed.

A small town in Norway experiences warm winters with devastating storms. The battle of the end of the world seems inevitable, unless someone acts in time.

6. The Leftovers

In this post about series like The OA, The Leftovers should always be included .

When 2% of the world’s population literally and abruptly disappears, without explanation, leaving only their clothes where their bodies evaporated, the rest of the Earth’s population begins to try to understand what has happened.

7. Siren

Among our recommendations for the best series similar to The OA, Siren could not be missing .

This series takes us to the heart of Bristol Cove, a seaside town known for the legend that it was once home to mermaids. When the arrival of a mysterious young woman proves the myth to be true, the battle between men and the sea takes a dangerous turn as these predatory creatures return to reclaim their rights. 

8. Black Moon

Even if you find the choice to add Luna Nera among the best series like The OA a mistake, but for SA it is discussed.

In 17th century Italy, a young woman discovers her destiny with a family of witches while her boyfriend’s father tries to hunt him down for practicing black magic.

9. The legend of Terramar

the-legend-of-terramar.jpg In this post about the best series like The OA there should be a series as good as The Legend of Earthsea .

A reckless young man is destined to become the greatest wizard the mystical land of Earthsea has ever known. When young wizard Ged discovers that he possesses infinite magical powers, he embarks on a quest to master the arcane arts. On his long journey he will fight dragons, fall in love, cross the threshold of death and unleash his power to attempt a Kingdom again.

10. Neverland

You may see the choice of putting Neverland among the best series similar to The OA nonsense, but for the blog it is totally discussed.

Prequel to James Barrie’s classic “Peter Pan”. In London, Peter is a London orphan who survives by stealing purses. His mentor, the cunning James Hook, tries to gather all the thieves to get a magical treasure that can transport them to the land of “Neverland”, a world of jungles and mysteries, where the dangerous pirate captain Elizabeth Bonny and the sacred chief of the Indians are at war over a legendary secret. Peter and Hook are faced with a dilemma: stay in the real world or save this wonderful country.

11. Resurrection

Although several of you see the initiative to put Resurrection among the best series similar to The OA a mistake, but for SA it is totally justified.

Jacob Langston, an eight-year-old American boy, wakes up with amnesia in a rice paddy in rural China. He is extradited to the United States, where he is met by immigration agent Marty Bellamy. When he indicates to Bellamy that he wants to return to his family in Arcadia, Missouri, Bellamy decides to drive him to Arcadia. 

12. Always a witch

always-a-witch.jpg In the list of best series like The OA there should be Always a witch .

Always a witch is a Colombian series that focuses on the story of Carmen, a young Colombian slave and witch from the 18th century. The young woman travels back in time to the current city of Cartagena in order to help her beloved. Carmen tries her best to adapt to life in the modern world, but she can’t give up being a witch easily.