Post-apocalyptic series have become quite common releases in recent years. The world situation generates certain fears and anxieties that end up crystallizing in stories in which the world ends, and the survivors have the ballot to decide what they are going to do next . You can have the comedy of The Last Man on Earth or the existential drama of The Leftovers , or you can opt for stories that put more emphasis on the science fiction side.

In the coming days, two of those post-apocalyptic series will return, which are also aimed at a younger audience: the Brazilian 3% premieres its second season on Netflix today, while the fifth season of The 100 will arrive on Syfy next Thursday . Both start in different ways for the end of the world to come, ways that can be summed up in these six scenarios.

1. Nuclear holocaust

When The 100 starts, almost a century has passed since a nuclear war made the Earth uninhabitable due to radiation. A few thousand people manage to escape to a large orbital station where they survive in the hope of one day returning to the surface.

The threat of radiation has remained constant in the series since its first episode, refocusing its fourth season on a new nuclear apocalypse, but what most interests those responsible is how far their characters would be willing to go to survive . It is an issue that leads them to cross many lines that seemed immovable.

2. Zombie Apocalypse

The great classic when it comes to creating the end of the world is the zombie apocalypse. The great success of The Walking Dead (with its spin-off , Fear the Walking Dead , broadcasting its fourth season on AMC) has led to the emergence of all kinds of approaches to these undead, from those that bet more on terror to those who even try to make social dramas with zombies in the background. Or the ones that are motivated only by action and the craziest possible situations, like Z Nation .

The zombie apocalypse has an evolution in the invasion of the world by vampires from Van Helsing , a very free adaptation of that character created by Bram Stoker for Dracula , and which can be seen on Netflix. In these cases, however, what ends up mattering more is how the behavior of the surviving humans can be an even more dangerous threat.

Criticism: ‘Fear The Walking Dead’ returns with renewed strength in its 4th season The first episode is dedicated almost exclusively to the crossover with ‘The Walking Dead’ starring Morgan

3. An economic dystopia

The 3% post-apocalypse does not come from a natural disaster or war; It comes because of an economic collapse that really brings the end of the world as we know it. If those who live in the poorest areas want to go to the most advanced, they have to pass some tests that the Twelve Districts of Panem already want.

The economic crisis of 2008 inspired other titles that took the social inequalities accentuated by that crash to the extreme , as happened in Incorporated , but that Syfy series did not fully present a post-apocalyptic world as the Brazilian Netflix series does.

4. A deadly virus


An image from ‘The rain’. 

The great classic when the world is ending is the deadly virus. An incurable disease that doctors have never seen (or a very powerful flu) wipes out a large part of the population in a heartbeat, and the situation in which the survivors are left is not exactly the best. There are many current examples of these post-apocalypses, from the military action of The Last Ship to the time travel of Twelve Monkeys .

And then there is the twist proposed by The rain , the Danish Netflix series, in which the virus is spread by rain. In a country like Denmark, that is, of course, a much bigger problem than it might seem.

5. An environmental crisis


Climate change is a source of inspiration that should not be underestimated either. That the Earth sees all its natural resources exhausted and that a very serious environmental crisis is generated is a good way that the survival of Humanity is threatened and that a way has to be found to send it to look for life, literally, in outer space. Or traveling back in time.

Lost in space departs from an uninhabitable planet due to the impact of a meteorite, which forces a select few to embark on a colonizing ship bound for another planet. For its part, Terra Nova sent its protagonists back to the time of the dinosaurs to try to save the human race there.