Johnny Depp is one of the most recognized actors, as well as the most versatile in the world. Johnny has gone through comedy, action, horror, suspense and many other genres, but always leaving that incredible touch that characterizes him so much.

Unfortunately, he has not been having a very good time in recent years, this is due to the domestic violence case filed by his wife. Despite proving on every level that she was the culprit, this greatly affected him by taking him out of many amazing roles he had.

Despite these problems, he has had great years on the big screen and has left us movies worthy of framing.

Johnny Depp movies to confirm that he is one of the most talented actors

 1. ‘Young Scissorhands’ (1990)

This movie begins as a story that a grandmother tells her granddaughter , this story is about a boy who is created by a mad scientist. The boy is created with scissor hands and a sinister look , but he ends up falling in love with the person who takes him in . He will soon find himself in trouble because of the scissors he has, which is why he will have to fight to prove that he is not bad.

2. ‘Discovering Neverland’ (2004)

Tape that shares the leading role Johnny Depp with Kate Winslet . This film tells us about the life of the author of ‘Peter Pan’ James Barrie . The events take place in 1904, in the city of London, we will see how Barrie comes up with the main idea of ​​’Peter Pan’ until the moment he frees her and how this completely changes her life.

3. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl’ (2003)

The beginning of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga, a saga for which Depp is best remembered, thanks to his incredible portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow . In this tape that takes place during the 18th century, our Jack Sparrow fights to recover his ship , the Black Pearl , from the hands of Captain Barbosa. Along the way he meets Elizabeth Swan and Will Turner , whom he somehow hooks into helping him on his journey.

4. ‘Hearts in Conflict’ (1993)

Joon is a girl who loses her mind due to the death of her parents, but her brother takes care of her. However, a foolish poker bet leaves Sam (Johnny Depp) living with the brothers . Sam is a specialist in pantomime, for this reason he and Joon fall madly in love in a short time .

5.’Edwood’ (1994)

A strange young low-budget movie director decides to be the best director in the world. However, his zero academic training and his strange tricks can make this wish not come true.

6. ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ (2005)

In this story we will focus on Charlie Highmore , a humble boy with a big heart who manages to get one of the long-awaited golden tickets to enter the chocolate factory and see all the secrets it hides. We’ll see Charlie , Willie Wonka and the other Golden Ticket-winning children in a competition to see who can make it to the end of the course , only to win the right to succeed the famous chocolatier and run the factory.

7. ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Death Chest’ (2006)

The continuation of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga had to be found here, as well as the return of Jack Sparrow. In this Elizabeth and Will decide to get married , but after releasing Sparrow they are charged with contempt of authority. To free themselves from this they must conspire with Jack to find his precious compass , which is in the possession of Davy Jones . This captain who is a dead octopus leads the Flying Dutchman and will not let them take the compass or find the chest next to his heart.

8.’Sweeney Todd’ (2008)

One of the films that brought Johnny Depp the most joy, despite being a musical thriller. This film is based on the well-known Broadway musical and shows us the story of a barber who works in one of the streets of London . This character in many cases ends up cutting the throat of his clients with his razor .

9. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ (2010)

Alicia is a 19-year-old girl who is witnessing her proposal, although she does not want to, but a white rabbit magically appears and is chased by her. Alice ends up arriving in Wonderland after chasing the rabbit, in this place she meets several characters that she does not remember, who ask her for help to defeat the Red Queen who governs the kingdom in a bad way. Alicia will agree to help along with the other characters and the White Queen start a rebellion in the kingdom to return to the right path.

10. ‘The Tourist’ (2010)

Frank is a young American who decides to go on vacation in Italy , but in this place he finds a new love on the part of Elise . They will do everything possible to maintain a relationship; However, they will soon find themselves in serious trouble and in grave danger .

11. ‘Criminal Pact’ (2015)

Story based on the FBI agent, John Connolly , who asks for the support of one of the most dangerous Irish mobsters of the 1970s. This alliance will not last long because soon Whitey Bulger , the Irish mobster, betrays him and begins to put together one of the most incredible fronts of the mafia that is stationed in the United States.

12. ‘Dark Shadows’ (2012)

In the middle of the 18th century , Barnabas , an inveterate womanizer, breaks the heart of Angelique Bouchard who ends up being a powerful witch . This leads to her placing a curse on him turning him into an immortal vampire and buries him. However, a couple of centuries in the future he wakes up and finds himself in a world to which he does not belong.

13. ‘The Legend of the Headless Horseman’ (1999)

At the end of the 18th century, Constable Ichabod Crane is called to solve some issues in the town of Sleepy Hollow , thanks to his studies in medicine; However, when he arrives, he is surprised that the events that called him to the town are related to the curse of a horseman who is looking for his head , which is called by a witch who wants to destroy the people of the town.

14. ‘The Lone Ranger’ (2013)

Movie based on the series of the same hero. In this adaptation we will see a group of Rangers that is cornered by some thugs who kill them; however, one of them survives and is rescued by Toro (Johnny Depp). The rescued together with Toro will go in search of those who killed their companions to take revenge.

15. ‘The secret window’ (2004)

Johnny Depp stars as a famous writer who is prisoner of a terrible moment of drought of ideas , all this while he is in the process of separating from his wife . To make matters worse, a stranger accuses him of having stolen the ideas and writings that he used in one of his famous books.

16.’Chocolate’ (2000)

The story takes place in a French town called Lansquenet , a place where things happen calmly and without change. However, the arrival of a woman with her daughter begins to change things thanks to the chocolate shop that they set up in the town. They make delicious sweets, but they also have the faculty or power to know which sweet a person needs depending on the circumstance.

17. Once Upon a time in Mexic

In this story Johnny Depp is a CIA agent named Sands , who is sent to Mexico to maintain political stability . However, upon arrival he is surprised that a drug lord, Barillo, will carry out a coup to stay in power. Sands together with the mariachi (Antonio Banderas) and his companions must stop Barillo’s onslaught and save the country from chaos .

18. ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ (2017)

A movie with a simple but interesting story. In this we will see how during a trip in one of the most luxurious trains a murder happens . Inside the train is the detective Hercules Poirot , he will be in charge of looking for the murderer who is inside the train before reaching the destination.