With a cap, yellow T-shirt and flared jeans: this is how Rauw Alejandro surprised the customers of a store in Puerto Rico a few days ago, who he invited to buy anything they wanted. The situation has caused a lot of interactivity with his fans and a great uproar on social networks.

The gesture has gone viral in a Twitter video, in which the urban artist and Rosalía ‘s partner can be seen getting on one of the store shelves and saying: “They have everything paid for.”

Rauw’s phrase has caused such a stupor that he has even had to repeat it, since everyone was in ‘shock’ with the appearance of the popular artist: “Those who are here are lucky, I invite them. Whatever they want to buy , they have paid I invite you.”

The artist’s invitation was taken as a celebratory gesture, after the Puerto Rican’s announcement that he was going to start his world tour Saturno World Tour soon, in which he will present his new album ‘ Saturno‘ in concert.

Little is known about it, except that it will start in February in the Dominican Republic and that it will reach several Spanish cities next summer, between August and September.

In fact, Spain will be the place where he kicks off his European tour, since he will then continue this world tour through the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Romania.

El precedent del actor ‘La Roca’

Recently, the actor Dwayne Johnson aka ‘The Rock’ (The Rock) had a similar gesture: he went to a 7-Eleven supermarket located in Honolulu (Hawaii) and, after confessing that he used to go there to steal Sneakers chocolates when he was a teenager, he bought several units of the same and offered to pay for the purchases of those present.

Despite his popularity, The Rock has not hesitated to share with his fans embarrassing episodes from his past like that. He himself admits in an Instagram post that he feels tormented by these youthful acts: “I have finally freed myself from the damned chocolate demon that has been gnawing at me for decades. […] After all these years, I finally returned home [Honolulu ] to correct this error.”