The story of Jennifer Lopez (New York, 53 years old) and Ben Affleck (Berkeley, California, 50 years old) is still being written after more than 20 years. When it seemed that one of the most famous couples in Hollywood had already made the most of their reconciliation and subsequent wedding, the singer surprises again by recounting the details of their beginnings in 2002 and their breakup just two years later, when they seemed to be at their best. moment.

The couple went from taking over all the covers of international magazines with their relationship to doing it because of their separation. Two decades later, Lopez opens her heart and confesses that her courtship did not begin with a crush at first sight: “What happened is that, while we were working together, we became very good friends,” she explained in her first interview for a radio station radio within the Apple Music platform. They met while filming the movie Gigli (2002), but at the time, she was married to choreographer Chris Judd, although the chemistry in front of and behind the scenes was undeniable. “We realized that we were crazy about each other. So, I was getting out of a relationship. But it’s like you know, it’s like, ‘This is the person I want to be with.’ And it grew over time.”

Bennifer, as they were baptized then, was the couple of the moment. And from one day to the next, it was all over. “It was very painful after we separated. Once we called off the wedding, 20 years ago, it was the biggest, most nerve-wracking moment of my life. Honestly, I felt that I was going to die“says the actress. In fact, she recounts that for a while she stopped interpreting the songs from her repertoire based on her relationship with Affleck because they reminded her of him, because she found it “painful.” “There was a part of me that I had to put away in order to survive. It was a survival technique, for sure,” she recalls.

The pain didn’t go away anytime soon: “It sent me into a spiral for the next 18 years where I just couldn’t do anything right. Now, 20 years later, it has a happy ending.” 18 years in which, despite all that pain he talks about, Lopez participated in more than a dozen series and movies, released records, gave hundreds of concerts (including during the Super Bowl halftime) and found love together the singer Marc Anthony (with whom she married and had two children) and the athlete Alex Rodriguez, with whom she got engaged.

Many years, relationships and marriages later, Lopez and Affleck met again to rewrite a love story that had already begun. A second chance that, according to what its protagonists have been in charge of airing with hype and cymbal on social networks, looks a lot like a fairy tale. The couple confirmed their reconciliation in April 2021, when the singer broke up with former baseball player Alex Rodriguez, and Affleck did the same with actress Ana de Armas. A year later, JLo and the Batman star got engaged and just a month later they were married in a Las Vegas wedding. Another month later they held a ceremony with friends and family that lasted three days.

Last Friday, Lopez announced the release of her new album This is Me…Now, which, as she has said, will be an updated version of her 2002 release titled This is Me…Then, and will focus on true love: “The whole message of the album is that this love exists. If you have lost hope and have given up… Don’t do it. True love exists and some things last forever and that’s real.” Everything in their sweetened relationship seems like a dream and, now, the Let’s Get Loud interpreter is going to be in charge of adding sound to these experiences: “I capture this moment, in which I met again with the love of my life and we decided that we would be together forever”.

JLo wants to convey a message to the world about how she has felt in this whole process: “That requires a lot of vulnerability. But that can’t stop me, and some parts scare me. And I think they scare Ben too. He’s like, ‘Oh, do you really want to say these things?’ and I’m like, ‘I don’t know how else to do it, baby.’ After all, they will both be singing those songs because, as Lopez proudly admits in the talk, “he knows all the lyrics” to all of his songs.