Classics, lesser-known films, pretty songs and great stories… Here is the selection of films to watch as a family!

There’s the chocolate, the presents, the decorations…despite all these good things, the best part of Christmas is family movie nights . Make yourself comfortable, invite everyone, the youngest and the oldest , and let’s go for a selection of the best films that will make the whole family agree!

If you have a Netflix subscription, you can also find our selection of films to watch as a family on Netflix.

The most feminist: Calamity, a childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

Cocorico : here is a French and feminist animated film that deserves your full attention . The qualities are numerous in this western which turned out to be one of the most beautiful surprises of 2020 at the cinema.

1863, United States of America. In a convoy heading west with the hope of a better life, Martha Jane’s father is injured. It is she who must drive the family cart and look after the horses. Learning is tough and yet Martha Jane has never felt so free. And since it’s more practical for riding, she doesn’t hesitate to wear pants. This is too much audacity for Abraham, the leader of the convoy. Accused of theft, Martha is forced to flee. Dressed as a boy , in search of proof of her innocence, she discovers a world under construction where her unique personality will assert itself . An adventure full of dangers and rich in encounters which, step by step, will reveal the mythical Calamity Jane.

Between dazzling animation , an original and thrilling script, clever dialogues and above all, its catchy soundtrack, a role of a girl completely devoid of sexist cliche and truly feminist , Calamity is an ultra inspiring breath of fresh air . To put in all hands urgently!

The most dazzling: The Indian family

Yash and his wife raised their sons with love while instilling in them respect for family traditions. What their father says, Rahul and Rohan would not deviate from it under any pretext. But Rahul falls in love with Anjali, a girl from Delhi.

Indian cinema is full of dazzling wonders for the eyes, the ears and the heart  : The Indian family is one of its emblems.

Between sequences of great emotional intensity , moments of dancing and grandiose songs , all coated in a delicious kitsch -flavoured icing , this large family fresco of more than three hours is perfect for occupying an evening or a long Sunday of ‘winter !

 The most gothic and nostalgic: The Nightmare Before Christmas

A successful education is an education where children are shown Tim Burton. Why not take advantage of the holiday season to make them discover (or to rediscover yourself) one of the masterpieces stamped by the master of Gothic?

Jack Skellington, Pumpkin King and guide to Halloween-town, is bored : for centuries, he’s had enough of preparing the same Halloween party that comes back every year, and he dreams of a change. It was then that he had the idea of ​​taking over the Christmas party…

However, remember here that Tim Burton did not sign the realization ! The latter is indeed ensured by Henry Selick, while Burton is at the origin of the original story and the design ( extraordinary , let us say it again) of the characters . In other words, it’s not really his film, but The Nightmare Before Christmas without Tim Burton is a bit like Harry Potter without Daniel Radfcliffe: it’s weird.

Finally, unpopular opinion : The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of those rare films that are just as delicious in the French version . Luckily the songs survived the translation! ”  That’s Halloween, everyone looks bad…

The most mischievous: Catch me if you can

In the sixties, the young Frank Abagnale Jr. became a master in the art of swindling . A true chameleon , Frank takes on identities as diverse as those of airline pilot, doctor, university professor or even assistant to the district attorney . Carl Hanratty, a strict-looking FBI agent, makes hunting down Frank Abagnale Jr. his priority mission, but the latter remains elusive for a long time …

If there are people in your family who haven’t seen Catch Me If You Can yet , this absolutely needs to change before 2023! Admittedly, it is a Steven Spielberg  : in other words, there is practically no chance that the film will be bad. But if we chose this film among all the master’s masterpieces, it’s partly for its 5-star cast , since Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks play this game of cat and mouse (alongside by Christoher Walken, Amy Adams and Martin Sheen.

Brace yourselves, because the film is filled with 1000 twists and keep your eyes peeled, because Frank Abagnale Jr. is hiding where you least expect him!