Buying a graphics card is something to consider. Which model is suitable? When do I want to change? What brand of graphics is better ? They are questions with answers that are not always clear. but we are going to give you a hand in one of them. 

As you know, there are two GPU manufacturers, AMD and NVIDIA . Each of them has their own unique technologies that they apply to their cards, and after reviewing the technologies of NVIDIA cards, it’s time to do the same with those of AMD.

At the level of perfectly recognizable technologies for the user, AMD is not as advanced as NVIDIA. It is not a question of capacity, but of the market position during these last years in which the “green” company has dominated the high-end and enthusiast range and, therefore, the technologies were intended for users with these types of cards.

AMD, for its part, has been comfortable in the mid-range for the past few years, but they have also developed technologies that have advanced the industry and, although they are not as visible as those of NVIDIA, they do improve what is important: the performance of the video game. Here are some of the most useful AMD-exclusive technologies for gamers.

Radeon ReLive

Just like NVIDIA has the GeForce Experience as its nerve center, AMD has its own system. The Radeon application allows us to make some general adjustments for the games and other improvements at the software level that we will talk about next, but perhaps the most interesting is Radeon ReLive.

New images of Doom 

This is the replica of NVIDIA’s ShadowPlay. With ReLive we can broadcast video, capture game gameplay and take screenshots to share them easily. It should be noted that it is a completely free application that is installed, if we want, when we install the drivers for our AMD graphics.


During these last years, AMD has been focused on the development of console chips. Interestingly, while the enthusiast range on PC has sidelined it (until the release of VEGA), the company has brought to life consoles like PS4 and Xbox One (and enhanced versions of them, PS4 Pro and Xbox One X). .


FreeSync is already an exclusive AMD technology, although we will need a compatible monitor. Basically, it is a technology that combines the power of the graphics with the ability of the monitor to create image synchronization and avoid tearing without consuming too many card resources. With this we will gain stability in games and, unlike G-SYNC monitors, AMD FreeSync- compatible panels are more affordable.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided, filtered the first images (6 images)


This entry on AMD technologies is not led by Lara Croft for free. The adventurer starred in one of the most impressive visual advances in recent years with the reborn of the saga in 2013. Although on PS3 and Xbox 360 this technology was not applied (basically, it was impossible for those machines), on PC we were able to enjoy the TressFX technology.

It is a physics and simulation technology that allows you to see the hair of compatible game characters in a hyper realistic way. Titles like Rise of the Tomb Raider or Deus Ex Mankind Divided are two of those compatible with this technology.

Virtual Super Resolution

This is another of the improvements that the user is able to notice with the naked eye. Both AMD VEGA and the RX580 are more than capable of running games at very high resolution. However, the most common panels are 1080p and even 1680×1050 in 16:10 format. This resolution moves easily across both cards and, in order not to waste its ”power”, AMD created Virtual Super Resolution.