You will find the ruins in the upper half of the Centra region. It looks like a geometric figure, like a diamond. He enters, only if you want of course, to get the Guardian of the Odin Force, known worldwide as... “the Righteous Saber”. Unlike the others, this GF will not join you, but instead he will appear randomly in the fights to finish off your opponents with a “slash”. But don’t get your hopes up because in the toughest fights he won’t come out.

To be able to find it before you will have to do a kind of test, like a minigame. But one more thing. They will give you a time limit to find and beat him: 20 minutes.

When entering the ruins, follow the only possible path. The first extraction point you’ll see (in the square at the beginning) contains the Drain magic. Go up the stairs and enter the building; You will have to climb some steps to reach a kind of elevator that will take you to a higher level. Once at the top, if you want and if you have plenty of time, go up the stairs on the right to find an extraction point with Aero magic. Then go up the stairs on the left to reach a room with a switch.

Guardian of the Odin Force

  • Life: 7900
  • Magics that can be extracted: Stop, Death, Double, Triple

To get GF Odin, use Squall’s limit attack and the most powerful GFs. Magic can also be useful. Keep in mind that you have a limited time to beat him, but don’t worry because if you are on time, Odin will hardly attack you. If you see it possible, extract Triple magic for future opponents.

But not only will you get Odin in these ruins, but you can also get GF Tomberi.

To make it come out, you must first defeat no more and no less than 20 small Tomberis. You will be able to fight them in the circular plaza at the entrance to the ruins.

You will easily recognize them, since they are small green bugs with bright eyes that will not attack you at first. Take the opportunity to defeat them with Squall and Zell’s limit attacks (if you have him in your group) since they are the most powerful; then equip someone in the group with support commands (resurrect, recover, items…). The tomberi do not attack often, they will simply move closer until they are level with you to deliver a deadly stab. So when you see it getting too close, you better run away (L1+L2).

Each Tomberi has approximately 20,000 hit points, so you will have to take it with patience. When you have defeated all 20 tomberis, the king will emerge.

Warden of the Tomberi Force

  • Life: 70000

To easily defeat him, and get him to join your team, you must use Squall and Zell’s specials (if you have the latter at a considerable level and make good links to him, he will undoubtedly be the one that takes the most life from him). You can also use GFs to make combat more bearable.

 Note: we remind you that the life of many enemies varies according to the level of the characters (in this case Squall must be at level 40 approximately).

b) In the Kayukbahr desert

You will find it in the Centra region, you simply have to look for an area with yellow earth. This desert extends to the sea in such a way that you can see on the left of the map a small island that is also part of the desert. You can only reach it with the Lagunamov.

Once there, look closely and you will see a kind of cactus that appears and disappears in the sand. When you see him appear, go to him.

Cactilion Force Guardian

  • Life: 100000
  • Vulnerable: Water
  • Magics that can be extracted: Fusion, Gravity and Tornado.

This fight will be a bit heavy. You will have to endure and without a doubt resurrect your companions on more than one occasion; so make sure you bring a good amount of Lazarus magic. His most powerful attack is Thousands of Thorns, although it will only affect one of the group. To take a good amount of life points use the GF Leviathan and the other guardians (except Diablo). Squall’s limit attack can also help a lot.

After defeating him, you can add him to your GF’s list, becoming one of the most effective, as well as being one of the funniest.

You can entertain yourself in this desert trying to defeat the cacti (tiny cacti) which will allow you to obtain… 20 AP for your GF!.

c) To get Helltrain

Next we will explain why it has served you to collect so many Molbol tentacles and buy so many Panaceas. The explanation is very simple. With the help of GF Alejandro’s Improve Concoctions Ability (it will appear to you when you have trained him in the Medical Knowledge ability), you will be able to convert 60 normal Panaceas into 6 Panaceas +. These panaceas, with the help of 6 Molbol tentacles, 6 Iron Pipes and Solomon’s bracelet, will help you summon this curious and fun GF. Wait until you see him to understand what I’m saying.