When I sit in front of the screen to watch a Netflix original movie, I always do it very carefully and trying not to get too involved. I got more than one disappointment. In the case of Love and Monsters  I spent the time in a fun way, without pretensions but feeling that the film was fulfilling its mission. I wasn’t surprised but I wouldn’t tell them if I didn’t see it either; I recommend you enjoy it with your family and friends with a bowl of popcorn in between.

Love and Monsters (Love & Monsters) It has a duration of 109 minutes and this plays in its favor

The story is as follows: Joel, the film’s protagonist, tells us that an asteroid called Agatha 626 was headed towards Earth when the decision was made to launch missiles in order to destroy it, and they succeeded; but the chemical compounds from which the explosives were made returned to the planet in the form of rain, transforming different animals into giants that began to feed on human beings.

And that’s how 95% of the population disappeared in one year, ending life as we know it. So, the survivors decided to take refuge in bunkers, or where they could, so that the monsters would not find them, although this was not always the case.

The film begins seven years after this drastic change , when Joel, a nice twenty-something with a somewhat adolescent mentality, lets us see what his life is like in the bunker where he lives with his friends.

We meet a lonely boy who is loved by everyone, the chef of the group, who has never formed a couple in all these years because he always remembers his teenage love, Aimee.

But between one hideout and another, people could communicate and one day Joel finds Aimee, who arrives to give him the location of where he is before the transmission is interrupted.

And the young man, who was never able to surface because he was denied with weapons (of any kind) decided to undertake a journey of one hundred and thirty-five kilometers to return to his love of seven years ago.On this trip he meets a dog, who evidently lost its owner, and a man and a young woman who are traveling in search of a safer place, who teach him some tricks so that he can survive before continuing, each one, his way.

He also meets MAV1S, a robot that, to the boy’s astonishment, still has some battery left. (And this is the cute part of the movie, the interplay between Joel and MAV1S reminded me a lot of Wall-E.)

Needless to say, Joel finds Aimee… and to find out more they’re going to have to see the film.

Love & the Monsters stars: Dylan O’Brien (“Teen Wolf,” “Amazing Stories”) as Joel Dawson, Jessica Henwick (“Game of Thrones,” “On the Rocks”) as Aimee, Michael Rooker (“Guardians of the Galaxy”, “The Dark Tower”) as Clyde Duttin, Ariana Greenblatt (“The One and Only Ivan”, “Avengers: Infinity War”) as Little Minnow, Dan Ewing (“Occupation: Rainfall”, “Chasing Comets” ) as Cap, Tre Hale (“Lethal Weapon,” “Blood on Her Badge”) as Rocko and Ellen Hollman (“Spartacus: Blood and Sand,” “Into the Badlands”) as Dana, among others.

The writers are: Brian Duffield (“Spontaneous”, “The Babysitter: Killer Queen”) and Matthew Robinson (“The Invention of Lying”, “Dora and the Lost City of Gold”).

And the director is the South African Michael Matthews (“Five Fingers of Marseilles”, “Kathaa ’72”).

Love and Monsters is nominated for an Oscar in the category “Best Visual Effects” and I must say that I am very surprised because, in my opinion, this is where the film fails.