Santa Claus, or Santa Claus, is one of the most important figures of this time and, of course, of Christmas movies. When Christmas begins to approach, numerous red and white figurines begin to adorn the streets and houses of much of the world. The old man with the white beard, who lives with his elves in the cold of the North Pole, seems to hibernate for the remaining 11 months of the year, until he performs his important task on Christmas night. Through that mission, Santa Claus has become one of the great protagonists of almost all the best Christmas movies in history.

Santa’s unmistakable outfit can be seen among the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime Video, and while we’re at it, also among the Christmas movies on Disney+ and the Christmas movies on HBO Max . He is even responsible for the emergence of several of the new Christmas movies of this 2022. How could this important figure not have his own list? How could Santa Claus (your favorite character, we already know) not have such a privilege? Don’t worry, that won’t be a problem anymore.

We love Santa Claus as much as you do and, if you have made it to this list, we have the dose of cinema you need to fill the cold afternoons of the rest of the year. If you are not one of those who prefers the movies of the Three Kings (other great figures of this Christmas moment; they will even face each other in one of the tapes that we will show you below), you are in luck because, as far as cinema is concerned, Santa Claus takes the cake. His figure, much more international than our beloved Kings, has caused countless directors to talk for decades. Some have even told the stories of an evil Santa Claus, because yes, there are also Christmas horror movies to spend scary parties, or some Santa who has gone unnoticed in those kinds of Christmas movies but that you didn’t even know that they were.

From the most magical Santa Claus in animated films, to the most touching in flesh and blood (a nod to Tim Allen and his trilogy on Santa Claus); We take a look at the filmography of this entertaining reference and through all the adventures in which he has been involved . Delivering gifts around the world, in one night, is not an easy thing. On more than one occasion his mission has been compromised. As we will see, his adventures are more adventurous and family-oriented, but we would also like to see him one day starring in one of those Christmas love movies to spend some romantic holidays.

How did the good old Saint Nicholas come about? What mysterious Christmas force led you to become the greatest exponent of it? If you are passionate about everything that revolves around this figure, don’t hesitate, you deserve this list of movies about Santa Claus to watch at Christmas!

 ‘Klaus’ (Sergio Pablos, 2019)

One of the best Netflix original movies, Sergio Pablos transports us to the Arctic Circle. More specifically to a small island where its inhabitants do not seem to have a particularly pleasant coexistence.

Jesper, the worst student at the postal academy (voiced by Quim Gutierrez), is assigned to this place to carry out his work. Upon arrival, he will find support in Alva (Belen Cuesta) the teacher of the small town. She will soon also meet Klaus (Luis Tosar), a local carpenter who lives in a remote cabin full of handmade toys.

These colorful characters will star in a Christmas story, which received an Oscar and Goya nomination for best animated film.

‘Wow Santa Claus!’ (John Pasquin, 1994)

One of the best-known films of this genre, which later gave rise to two sequels.

Tim Allen’s classic Santa Claus/Father Christmas has almost never been missing on Spanish (and world) televisions. In it we see Scott (Allen) giving life to a divorced man, Charlie’s father, a young man angry with his mother and his stepfather, because they have confessed to him that Santa Claus does not exist.

While spending Christmas night with his father, they hear some noises on the roof. Scott confronts the intruder and kills him. However, they quickly realize that the individual is really Santa Claus. With Christmas worldwide in jeopardy, they will have to find a way to resolve the situation.

‘Chronicles of a Christmas’ (Clay Kaytis, 2018)

Kate and Teddy (Darby Camp and Judah Lewis), two brothers willing to capture Santa Claus on video, are the protagonists of this Christmas story.

On Christmas Eve they come up with a plan and end up hiding in Santa’s (Kurt Russell) sleigh, causing an accident that puts the fate of Christmas at risk. From then on, they will have to venture into a series of conflicts, accompanied by Santa Claus and his elves to make the most magical night of the year go ahead without harming anyone.

‘Polar Express’ (Robert Zemeckis, 2004)

As a result of a mythical American Christmas story, with which it shares its name, comes this animated film focused on Christmas.

A mysterious train arrives at the doors of our protagonist in the snowy night. The so-called ‘Polar Express’ heads towards the pole and its driver invites you to get on board. This magical animated journey, which has surprising and captivating images, will become a reality in a path of personal discovery and a way to find the magic of life in the small moments and in the simple ability to believe in it.

’48 Christmas Wishes’ (Marco Deufemia, Justin G. Dyck, 2017)

Christmas letters from an entire small town go missing and the dreams of all the local children are in jeopardy. Tasked with averting a Christmas disaster, two elves escape from the North Pole to retrieve all the missing mail.

Where will it be? What will happen if they fail to accomplish their mission? The film, released in 2017, is available in the Netflix movie catalog, and ready to brighten up a cold Christmas evening.

‘Arthur Christmas: Operation Gift’ (Sarah Smith, Barry Cook, 2011)

In 2011, this animation emerged in which we witnessed a critical point for the future of Christmas.

Santa Claus thinks that his reign is beginning to end and that his destiny invites him to retire, once and for all. His son Steven, known for his efficiency and his responsible but sad character, should be ready to take over immediately.

However, an unexpected problem arises during this Christmas. Of all the 600 million children that had to be visited that night, one is going to be left without his expected gift. What will Steven do to fix it?

‘Kings against Santa’ (Paco Caballero, 2022)

This hilarious Spanish comedy sees how the two great figures of Christmas face off once and for all. The Three Wise Men, tired of their “distant cousin” Santa Claus (or Santa Claus, whatever we want to call him) take more and more prominence from them on Christmas dates, decide to confront him.

What they do not expect is that this movement will awaken a common enemy, the Krampus, which until now remained inactive. Karra Elejalde, David Verdaguer and Matias Janick star in this film by Paco Caballero, which hits theaters today, November 18.

‘Christmas Stories’ (Bob Clark, 1983)

A child wants, at Christmas in the 40s, that Santa Claus give him a compressed air rifle. His parents, on the other hand, believe that this idea is crazy and should not be carried out.

With this premise as a starting point, a family comedy based on the stories of Jean Shepherd, a famous US humorist, emerges. This year, 2022, its sequel and the continuation of the events that take place in this film, ‘A New Christmas Story’, will be released. If you haven’t seen them, take advantage and find out the full story!

‘The boy who saved Christmas’ (Gil Kenan, 2021)

Nikolas, our young protagonist, finds himself involved in an incredible adventure through the northern snow, in search of his father. His mother is immersed in a mission to discover the civilization of the elves: Elfhem.

On the back of his Blitzen reindeer and accompanied by his mouse, he will embark on a magical destiny that will show him that nothing is impossible without the power of Christmas with you. A classic message within this characteristic genre of the time.

The film, original from the United Kingdom, is available on Netflix and has received numerous positive reviews, both for its aesthetic and plot level.

‘The Origin of the Guardians’ (Peter Ramsey, 2012)

‘The Rise of the Guardians’ focuses on a group of immortal superheroes who, after the threat of an evil spirit (called Shadow) with the intention of sowing fear in the hearts of all the children of the world, decide to unite to prevent such a catastrophe happens.

With the world at risk and Christmas just around the corner, the powerful will have to summon all their extraordinary abilities to annihilate Shadow and preserve the happiness of children.

‘The Claus Family 2’ (Ruben Vanderborre, 2022)

The boy who transforms into Santa Claus has an important mission once again. On this occasion, he will receive a letter with a mysterious question that will serve as the beginning of an unexpected adventure.

Together with his grandfather Noel, what seemed like a busy but “normal” Christmas, will take a 180 degree turn. This film from the Netherlands is now available on Netflix, just like its original film ‘The Claus Family’. If you missed the first one, have a mini-marathon!

‘Grinch’ (Ron Howard, 2000)

Santa Claus is nobody without his most staunch enemy: THE Grinch. This characteristic green monster, whose only objective is to end Christmas, has become almost as famous as the nice and good-natured old man with the white beard and red suit.

Jim Carrey got into the skin of the Christmas villain in the year 2000 and made one of the most famous portraits of the Grinch to date. With his expressive face and his unique way of speaking, he framed this film and got into the shoes of this lonely being who one Christmas decides to steal Santa’s gifts and end the dreams of all the children in the world.

Quite a delight for him and for the viewers, who are fully immersed in the antics of the comic Grinch.