With June we passed the exact equator of this year and now it’s time to look back, what is the year like? How are the movies and series of 2022 being? As far as movies go, we’re having a great year, even though the first half is the dullest of the year. There are still several summer blockbusters to be released, the films from the festivals, the Christmas campaign… Let’s see it and let’s see it with the films that you can already watch on streaming.

Project Adam and Apollo 10½: A Space Childhood have been a shock on Netflix since eighties-flavored science fiction movies and independent cinema respectively . In the world of superheroes, Marvel movies said goodbye to last year with Spider-Man: No Way Home and greeted 2022 with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, coming to Disney+ on June 22. A plunge into Marvel’s new expanded and now multiple universe. For their part, DC films have opted for installments disconnected from the Justice League universe with a delivery as spectacular and black as The Batman .

Meanwhile, the Top Gun sequel has broken all box office records (beating even Doctor Strange 2 in the US). But there’s still quite a while before Top Gun: Maverick hits a platform.

Actually, we already knew that all these movies were going to mark 2022. What we didn’t count on was surprises like Chip and Chop: The Rescue Guardians (on Disney+) and All at Once Everywhere rivaling Marvel as the best way to delve into the multiverse or that Steven Soderbergh demonstrated that he was still in top form with two films in a row such as No Sudden Movements , at the end of 2021, and now Kimi (on HBO Max).

These are the 5 streaming movies that have surprised us the most so far in 2022 , on Netflix, HBO Max, Disney+, Apple TV and Filmin.

Claw (Netflix)

It has just been released and already deserves to be here. A sports drama with the comedic look of the Big Kids actor produced by Adam Sandler himself along with Lebron James. Sandler himself stars with the Spanish basketball player Juancho Hernangomez; as not to motivate yourself at the gates of summer. He is a ‘Basketball Rocky’ about a down-on NBA scout who plays his last trick by betting on a foreign player with a dark past. Sandler always surprises when he proves for the tenth time that he is an excellent dramatic actor, but here he also introduces exquisite humor (far from the excesses of his most famous films) into the heart of a losers story. On set, Sandler had time to stop by a Spanish nudist beach and present “his worm of his” to the seagulls, but that’s another story. We look forward to the movie soon.

Kimi (HBO Max)

Steven Soderbergh said that he was going to retire and suddenly he brings us Kimi , the best of the five films he has made in the last three years. It ‘s a review of Hitchcock’s Rear Window and Coppola ‘s Conversation in the Time of Siri and Alexa ; in this case, of Kimi, a cone-shaped personal assistant who sometimes records what he shouldn’t, like the murder of an innocent woman. In a spacious loft in Seattle, Zoe Kravitz listens to and analyzes all these audio streams that an algorithm marks as errors, although this time they could lead her into a conspiracy plot. However, what is most surprising about Kimi is the way in which Kravitz plays a geek with agorophobia, even more upset after the pandemic, and how she makes her elusive and anxious walk around Seattle a movie in itself. One of the best of the year.

Fresh (Disney+)

Who wouldn’t be surprised to walk into Disney+ and find a B-series horror comedy about the perils of Tinder with cannibalism and a charming sociopath played by Sebastian Sas ? Fresh has laughs, screams and bait to be one of the best horror movies of 2022. The romance between Daisy Edgar-Jones and a new American psycho has managed to appeal face to face to the post-internet generation, but we are not going to make spoilers for its surprising script twists. We tell you about it in the explained ending of Fresh.

The Tragedy of Macbeth (Apple TV)

The year has started with Joel Coen’s first film directing solo. We didn’t know where it would go without his brother Ethan, but most of all we couldn’t expect that it would be as theatrical and baroque Shakespearean adaptation, and as good, in supernatural black and white as this one . And with a huge Denzel Washington in one of his best movies. It is also one of the best films by the Coen brothers, although this time only one of the two signed it.

Drive My Car (Filmin)

Before Drive My Car hit theaters and Filmin this year, it won Best Screenplay at Cannes, was nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture (it would go on to win the International Film Award) and was at the top of dozens of lists around the world. the world including that of Cahiers Du Cinema. It is the cinephile film of the first half of the year. The very free adaptation of a short story from one of Haruki Murakami’s best books, which in turn reverses Chekhov’s Uncle Vanya . A three-hour drama signed by the latest revelation in Japanese cinema, Ryusuke Hamaguchi, about the multilingual theatrical production of Chekhov’s play performed in Hiroshima by an actor and theater director who loses his wife after a complicated relationship.Between theatrical rehearsals, many trips in a Saab 900 Turbo and endless conversations -it is one of those films where the filmed word is everything-, Drive My Car makes art a vehicle to communicate the unspeakable . And that is a miracle that cinema rarely surprises us with.