Johanna Lindsey is one of the names of romantic literature. Known throughout the world, she is the author of more than 50 romantic books that have been sold in bookstores on several continents.

Who was Johanna Lindsey?

Unfortunately, we have to speak in the past tense because writer Johanna Lindsey passed away on October 27, 2019 at the age of sixty-seven in Nashua, New Hampshire. But who was this famous romantic novel author?

Johanna Lindsey ‘s real name was Helen Johanna Howard. When she married, her last name became Lindsey, hence her stage name. She was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1952 and was a world famous writer of romance novels. In fact, she made it to the top of The New York Times Most Famous Books list with every single one of her books, which is quite an achievement.

With an American father and a German mother, his childhood was spent going to and from both countries.

It is striking that he married in 1970, at the age of 18, because he was still in high school when he did. However, the marriage went well and she had three children. But her life as a housewife did not satisfy her, so she began to write so as not to get bored of her and that was when she, in 1977, published her first novel, Captive Bride . . Such was her success that she did not stop writing until 2019, when she retired (also due to lung cancer, which was what ended her life).

As for his books, they were all romantic and historical, based on period documentation, which made them “politically correct” in terms of protocol, atmosphere, etc. He not only wrote about the regency, he also wrote about medieval England, the wild west… He even took the license to write some novels with fantasy or paranormal touches (such as Ly-San-Ter).

What books does Johanna Lindsey have?

What books does Johanna Lindsey have?

Based on the record that Wikipedia itself has, Johanna Lindsey wrote a total of 56 books, the last one in 2018. These are divided into several sagas, although she also has independent novels. We leave you below the titles of the writer’s books.

Standalone novels

  • 1977: Captive bride (The captive bride)
  • 1978: A pirate’s love (the love of the pirate)
  • 1981: Paradise wild (Wild Paradise)
  • 1983: So speaks the heart (This is how the heart speaks)
  • 1984: A gentle feuding (A sweet enmity)
  • 1985: Tender is the storm (Tender was the storm)
  • 1986: When love awaits (When love waits)
  • 1987: Secret fire (Secret fire = Wild fire)
  • 1988: Silver angel (Silver Angel)
  • 1991: Prisoner of my desire (Slave of desire)
  • 1995: Until forever (Until eternity)
  • 2000: Home for the Holidays (A home for Christmas = Forbidden love)
  • 2003: A man to call my own (A man for me)
  • 2006: Marriage most scandalous (A scandalous proposal)
  • 2011: When Passion Rules (The rules of passion)
  • 2016: Make Me Love You (Make me love you)
  • 1986 : Indomit Heart (Indomitable Heart)

Hairwheel Family Saga (Saga Familia Hairwheel)

  • 1980: Fires of winter (Winter fires)
  • 1987: Heart’s aflame (Hearts on fire)
  • 1994: Surrender my love (Give up my love)

Southern Series (Southern Series)

  • 1982: Glorious Angel (Angel of glory)
  • 1983: Heart of Thunder (Heart of storm)

Wyoming Series (Serie Wyoming)

  • 1984: Brave the wild wind (Brave wild wind)
  • 1989: Savage Thunder (Savage Tempest)
  • 1992: Angel (Angel)

Malory Dynasty Saga (Malory Dynasty Saga)

  • 1985: Love only once (Love only once)
  • 1988: Tender rebel (Tender and rebel)
  • 1990: Gentle rogue (Kind and tyrant)
  • 1994: The magic of You (the magic of your being)
  • 1996: Say you love me (Tell me you love me = The captive of love)
  • 1998: The present (The marquis and the gypsy)
  • 2004: A loving scoundrel (Myadorable bribona)
  • 2006: Captive of my desires (Captive of my desires)
  • 2008: No Choice But Seduction (The seduction traps)
  • 2010: That Perfect Someone (Perfect Enemies)
  • 2015: Stormy Persuasion (Persuasion)
  • 2017: Beutifull Tempest (Two in the storm)

Straton Family Saga

  • 1986: A heart so wild (indomitable heart)
  • 1997: All I need is You (The way of love)

Shefford’s Knights o Medieval Series (Serie Medieval)

  • 1989: Defy not the heart (Do not betray my heart)
  • 1999: Joining (The fury of love)

Johanna Lindsey Books: Locke Family or Reid Family Saga (Reid Family Saga)

  • 2000: The heir (The heir)
  • 2005: The devil who tamed her (Check the heart)
  • 2009: A rogue of my own (Una dama inocente)
  • 2012: Let Love Find You (Let love find you)

Johanna Lindsey’s best books

Johanna Lindsey's best books

Johanna Lindsey wrote 56 books throughout her life (and surely more would remain in a drawer or in her own head). All of them, or almost, have been launched in Spain. so it is very easy to find the complete sagas, or the independent novels, since, on occasion, new editions of them are made.

Choosing a few of those 56 books is quite complicated, but from the long list that we have left you before, we can pick out some that will catch your attention:

The captive bride

As we have said, this was her debut as a writer in 1977, and it wasn’t so bad if there wasn’t a year since she didn’t release a novel. In fact, the way of narrating in the novel, so simple, so captivating, makes you unable to stop reading.

I will love you until dawn (Marry me by sunset)

The previous sentence comes up with this book. And it is that I will love you until dawn is actually the last book that Johanna Lidnsey published, specifically in 2018.

It also serves as a comparison for his pen, since the evolution of how he wrote is noticeable between the first and the last. As for the story, he belongs to a group, that of the Callahan-Warren, so, being the last one, he may be a bit shocking if you haven’t read the previous ones.