It’s a shame that a series like Kiss me is ending, because it has had me hooked and it has made me have a great time.

From the beginning we have known this group of students and hockey players, we have laughed with them, they have also made us cry, and now we needed to know the story of Tucker, the calmest and sweetest of the four.

At the end of the previous book Tucker dropped a bombshell leaving us open-mouthed and waiting to see how his own story unfolded.

Tucker is in his last college year at Briar, when he finishes, his idea is to return to Texas and create his own business, however, a passionate night with Sabrina will change his whole life and make difficult decisions.

Sabrina James longs to enter Harvard to study law, she is doing her best and getting very good grades, especially because she wants to get out of a life that has her overwhelmed, she works in two places, studies whenever she can and She doesn’t have time or desire for relationships, she’s into one-night stands and if I’ve seen you I don’t remember, but when Tucker comes into her life, all her good intentions will be ruined, although she will be able to live a unique experience with a boy who is really worth it.


A night of passion that will change their lives and their destinies will be linked forever, although they will try to continue their day to day without too much approach, especially from Sabrina, however, little by little Tucker’s tenderness, affection and patience They will win his heart, will he be able to resist him?

Tucker is a sweetheart, we had already met him and we had verified that he was the calmest of the four friends, the one who was always there for everyone, he knows his possibilities and knows that he will not play in an important team like his friends, so the idea is to finish the degree and set up his own business. What Tucker does not count on is that meeting Sabrina and falling in love with her would change her life so much, but she is not into relationships and Tucker will have to arm himself with patience and step by step win her over.

Sabrina is a girl with a reputation for being cold and distant, but she already has enough problems in her life, her mother abandoned her and never heard from her again, she left her with her grandmother and her stepfather, a very unpleasant being, so she works hard to study and work so she can go to Harvard and one day work in a good law firm, leaving behind this life she is trapped in. But things don’t go the way she wants and she has to make plans with Tucker, a boy who gradually wins her tight heart and with whom she will have to make some difficult decisions.

Like the previous stories, I loved it, although I have to say that it is the one that I have found weakest, and not because it does not have an interesting plot, because it does, rather it has been because of the character of Sabrina, that half of the book It took a lot to empathize with her. It seemed to me that there were more and more explicit sex scenes, and that has made me lose interest a bit until about halfway through, although from then on the story gets very interesting.

As for secondary, I really liked seeing them all together, Garrett-Hannah, Logan-Grace and Dean-Allie, and I was even sad that they took different paths, although they continue to meet and continue to support each other. .


The author has said that she was preparing a spin-off of this series, hopefully it will not take long to publish it.

As in all the books in the series, it is narrated in the first person from the point of view of the two protagonists, alternating the chapters, so we know them both perfectly well. One thing that I did not like and that I already noticed In the previous book, the author never tires of using “mega” and “super” mega strong, mega handsome, super intelligent, super nice, etc., which ends up weighing you down a bit, but for the record, despite that , is a series that I highly recommend for lovers of the new adult genre.

In short, With you until the end is a nice final touch for this series that I have loved, narrated with simplicity and freshness, with some characters that are adorable, both the protagonists and the secondary ones, and to whom I have grown very fond, and a love story at first glance that will make two young people have to embark on a path together and mature overnight.