Since the 1970s, veteran actor Robert De Niro has been a Hollywood fixture. Over the years, De Niro has racked up numerous awards and accolades, including two Oscars and a Golden Globe. And while his acting skills are undeniable, De Niro believes his success is largely down to luck. “In my case, it wasn’t about trust,” De Niro told the Toronto Sun. “I had confidence. There was also a bit of luck. Being in the right place at the right time to have an opportunity that will show what you can do – that will help. »

And just like De Niro, ace director Martin Scorsese is a true icon. With classics like ‘Godfella’, ‘Mean Streets’ and ‘Taxi Driver’ under his belt, it’s no surprise that he’s had plenty of success in Hollywood. And even though Scorsese has only won one Oscar and three Emmys, he couldn’t be less bothered. For him, staying true to art is more important. “Film is devalued, belittled, belittled on all sides, not necessarily on the business side but definitely on the art side,” Scorsese said in October 2022, per Huffpost. “Since the 1980s, the emphasis has been on numbers, which is a bit repugnant. »

So what do De Niro and Scorsese have in common besides their iconic status? Let’s just say it’s a friendship that has inspired many of us over the years.

Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese first worked together in the 70s

 In a February 2020 interview, Martin Scorsese revealed that he and Robert De Niro lost touch for many years after they first met as teenagers. Then in the 70s, the universe brought them back to each other. Scorsese, who at the time had made his first major release, opened with “Mean Streets” and De Niro just happened to fit in with everything the ace director was looking for. “Then I planned to do Mean Streets, and it had the people, and the tone, the flavor, and the temperature,” Scorsese told Deadline. “He knew exactly how to stand, what hat to wear. He knew everything, basically, and he had complete confidence in what he was doing. »

Since their first film together, De Niro and Scorsese have gone on to work on many more together, including 2019’s “The Irishman.” welcomed – which De Niro was most grateful for. “Making this movie was so special to all of us, no matter what happened,” he told People in 2020. “The good reception is the icing on the cake.” »

Robert De Niro can’t imagine life without his dear friend

 Between glitz and glamour, chaos and drama, finding a lasting friendship in Hollywood can be a daunting task. Robert De Niro knows this and couldn’t be more grateful to his friend, Martin Scorsese. “I consider myself very lucky to have such a long relationship with him,” De Niro told People in 2020. “I can’t imagine my life without it. And if you were wondering, Scorsese feels the same way about their legendary friendship. “I’m very happy to have found a collaborator like him,” the ace director told Deadline of De Niro. “We’ve been very lucky over the years and it turns out that people change in 20 or 30 years. Yeah. We changed and then we got back together and I would call that a very fortuitous situation. »

Outside of their inspiring friendship though, De Niro and Scorsese share a deep admiration for each other as creatives. While Scorsese thinks De Niro’s acting is “extraordinarily special, the ‘God Father’ actor thinks his friend is a great director. “Marty is very sensitive to people and actors. He takes what actors give him and uses it,” he said, according to People. “He’s aware and knowledgeable about things and likes to read stuff. Directors need to be well-rounded in many aspects of life. »