Many of us love to watch movies where technology plays an important role. Within this great compendium of works that fit the premise, there are some that, wanting to go further, end up becoming a meme. Today’s report is about those movies that made blunders that are impossible to forget.

How many times have we gone to the cinema eager to see a movie and a technological aberration or aberrations have squealed so much that you couldn’t help but laugh out loud. This moment is a classic from the 80s and 90s, when the future was supposed to be very bizarre.

And while we have nothing against wrong predictions, what drives us crazy is when in a movie – not futuristic or science fiction – they do something that is impossible. Sending an email through a printer or hacking into the White House with an iPod full of duct tape.

For all those who enjoy these gazapos, as for those who can’t stand them, today we leave you the seven movies where you can enjoy / suffer at the consumer’s pleasure. Worst of all, many of these are big-budget, well-acted productions.

But before getting into the matter, we leave you with two reports that we have released to date that may interest you: 6 books with which we dream that a series will be made after the adaptation of The Rings of Power, 7 films that you surely remember of the protagonist, but not of the story…

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Crazy night

Phil and Claire Foster are a seemingly happy married couple who see their best friends break up after a life very similar to theirs. In an attempt to escape his dull and routine life, Phil takes Claire to dinner at an expensive restaurant in Manhattan, where, however, he has not made a reservation.

When the Tripplehorns are called to take their table and don’t show up, Phil and Claire impersonate them; Thus begins a night of misfortune as a result of having adopted a false identity. The film is weak, enough. But that’s not important.

The key to this movie is that Steve Carrel, in the middle of a car chase, pulls out a Kindle (yes, Amazon’s eBook reader) and plugs a USB stick into it. Not a microUSB, no, a USB-A. This is impossible because of the fact that the Kindles have never had a USB port.

We understand that this error is due to the fact that they needed an excuse to insert a product placement and they did not realize that the Kindle does not have this port . But that the director did not care enough.

Risky lies

Harry Tasker leads a double life: he speaks six languages, masters all forms of counterintelligence, and works as an international agent for Omega, a top-secret government agency tasked with stamping out nuclear terrorism.

For reasons of national security, he hides his true profession from his wife Helen and makes her believe that he is a gray computer salesman. Harry, who has the resources and courage to save the country from him, fears that he won’t be able to save his marriage.

But when Helen discovers her husband’s true profession, excited by the news, she decides to help him put an end to a fundamentalist commando that is planning a bloody attack. It’s the classic 90’s movie where there are spies, bad guys, terrorists and lots of crazy technology.

So much so that a Mac running Windows 3.1 appears. Such was the pain on the screen that at the time it was the talk of techie groups. Luckily for James Cameron, the director, there was no Twitter then.

The nucleus

After a series of strange events throughout the planet, it is discovered that, for unknown reasons, the heart of planet Earth has stopped its rotating movement, which will cause a tremendous natural disaster in a few months, eliminating life as we know it. .

To find a solution to this catastrophe, the government and the military ask for help from the geophysicist who discovered what was happening, Dr. Josh Keyes, and from a group of the best world scientists.

They must travel to the center of the Earth in an underground vehicle commanded by Commander Robert Iverson and Major Rebecca “Beck” Childs. His dangerous mission will be to detonate a nuclear device that tries to reactivate the nucleus, and thus save the entire world from certain destruction.

In this movie a hacker uses a gum wrapper to make a sound code that hacks a cell phone and allows it to make free international calls for life . It’s stupid? Very much.

Operation Swordfish

Stanley Jobson, a computer expert who has just been released from prison, is requested by the terrorist Gabriel Shear to help him decode a complicated security code for a secret account.

Only a few hackers in the world are capable of doing such work, and he is one of them. Good old Hugh Jackman appeared in a movie alongside Halle Berry and John Travolta in one of his first big-name roles.

But where are we going? The film has a huge rabbit and we are going to tell it. With a gun to his face, Hugh Jackman has to hack into the United States Ministry of Defense in 60 seconds . For that, he gets into a completely inventive and meaningless interface and starts writing meaningless IPs.

Luckily the movie is pretty decent, so apart from that embarrassing goof, the rest is well worth it. The sexual tension between Hugh and Halle is one of those that will always be remembered in the cinema.

Mission Impossible

Ethan Hunt is a super-spy capable of carrying out the most dangerous mission with maximum efficiency and elegance (although we can doubt that elegance, because he had little ways of getting into places).

He is part of a competent team led by agent Jim Phelps, who has reunited his men to participate in a very difficult mission: prevent the sale of a stolen disk that contains vitally important secret information.

The problem with this film -which is wonderful in almost the 110 minutes it lasts- comes when the main character starts sending emails with biblical quotes. So far so good, the problem is that the emails are not well placed. Do you remember a “Max@Job 3:14”? Ethan, man, that email is not valid.

But well, this is just a detail that should not blur a very powerful film. Even the best work has technological aberrations, we can forgive him for the geek.


When Jack Stanfield, a bank information security specialist, returns home from a day’s work to be with his wife Beth and their children, he often breathes a sigh of relief.

He takes comfort in being away from the ubiquitous cameras, identity checks, constant maintenance and updating of complex electronic firewalls and other defensive measures that have become standard practice in this age of doing everything. via network.

But what Jack cannot suspect is that, when he returns home, his every move is furtively observed and that soon his life and that of his family will become a nightmare. The film, which bases a large part of the script on technology, commits a crime against the world of music and hackers.

In the film, Harrison Ford, a cybersecurity expert, manages to steal 10,000 email accounts and all their data using an original iPod, which just has a bunch of wires taped around it.

Independence Day

On the eve of the 4th of July, gigantic spaceships appear in the sky. The initial astonishment turns into terror when they see how they attack the planet, launching destructive rays against the largest cities in the world.

The only hope of salvation is in the hands of some survivors, who unite planning a massive attack against the aliens, before it is too late.

Will Smith’s great movie, the crowning achievement of his career as an action movie actor. And the fault that the film is here today is not his.

Jeff Goldblum, another of the big names in the film, manages to break into the alien mothership’s computer system using a Macintosh PowerBook connected via the parallel printer port , and introduces a virus. Yes, through the printer port.