July 14 is the national holiday of France , the day that the taking of the Bastille prison during the 1789 Revolution is commemorated. It is a day that, is marked by what the Tour cyclists want do to commemorate it, but it could be used to see some fictions produced in the neighboring country.

French cinema comes a little more regularly than its series do, but that is changing in recent months. Both pay channels and streaming platforms have released some titles that can also be good viewing options for the summer. And they show that there is life in French fiction beyond Les Revenants , the mystery series that made many viewers pay attention to the series from France.

‘Candice Renoir’


The protagonists of ‘Candice Renoir’. 

Candice Renoir returns to her job as a police detective after spending ten years on leave accompanying her already ex-husband around the world. Her return is a bit complicated because she has a rather peculiar personality, four children, she is a bit rusty when it comes to technology and, in addition, she exchanges Paris for Montpellier. And not all of her classmates welcome her with open arms.

It has had, so far, six seasons on France 2 and its protagonist is the veteran Cécile Bois ..

‘The Churchmen’

The lives and personal problems of five young people who enter a seminary in Paris are the framework on which this series is built, which has been quite controversial due to its treatment of some topics considered taboo in the Catholic Church. It also does so by offering all possible points of view, and without presenting them as if they were all or black or white.

‘The Churchmen’, a very different French series, arrives at Filmin The three seasons of the series will premiere between this Friday and July 7 fueradeseries.com

‘Office of Infiltrators’


Mathieu Kassovitz is the protagonist of ‘Office of Infiltrators’. 

Guillaume Debailley, alias Malotru, is an agent of the French General Directorate of External Security, a spy who works infiltrating the most dangerous groups for the country’s security. In addition to the international crises that he must try to solve, he has others in his work caused by the existing tensions between the agents, and by his own personal problems.



Poster of the last season of ‘Engrenages’. 

In the UK, where it has aired under the title Spiral , this series has been called the French The Wire . Its protagonists are a group of Paris police officers and prosecutors who, along with the criminals they are chasing, are caught in the cogs of the system, in the spiral of violence of which they are all part.



Image from an episode of ‘Missions’. 

Not everything will be police thrillers or mystery. This year, the OCS network has released a science fiction series, Missions , which narrates the first manned mission to Mars. In twenty-minute episodes, the first season recounts all the problems that astronauts encounter upon arrival on the red planet, including some traces of a strange nature on its surface.



An image from the first season of ‘Versailles’. 

Louis XIV, the Sun King, is a fascinating figure not only in French history, but in that of Europe, and this Canal+ series on TV explores his personality and the keys to his reign. All with touches of a soap opera, struggles for power and an impressive work of setting in the Versailles of the eighteenth century. The reviews have not been as kind as expected, but there is no criticizing the lack of ambition.

‘Call my agent’

Dix pour cent , which is the original title of this series, is set in a representation agency for actors in Paris, and shows everything that goes on behind the scenes of French cinema. Her creator, Fanny Herrero , has participated in many series before this one, but Call my agent has been her recognition as a screenwriter to follow closely.