Nicolas Cage is one of the most peculiar actors in Hollywood and this week he was updated again thanks to the release of the trailer for ‘Renfield’, undoubtedly one of the most anticipated films of 2023. In addition, it just so happens that today He is celebrating his 59th birthday, so I wanted to take advantage of the occasion to pay him a small tribute by selecting 4 of the best Nicolas Cage movies to stream and celebrate this important date for the actor.

In the event that you don’t feel like seeing anything with Cage in your cast, I propose as alternatives this selection of 4 of the best science fiction movies of the last few years available on streaming, this other of powerful erotic movies on platforms, the thriller movie sensational movies that you can watch on streaming or this list of some of the best fantasy movies of the 21st century that you have on platforms.

Finally, I would like to point out that some absences from Cage’s filmography have been due to the fact that I only wanted to include one title per platform -that’s why ‘Al limite’ has been left out- or because they were not available on streaming. Hence, it has not included titles like ‘Adaptation. The orchid thief’, my personal favorite of all his filmography, ‘Face to Face’, ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ or the very vindicable ‘Signs of the future’. Without further ado, let’s go with the chosen ones:

‘The weather man’ (‘The Weather Man’, 2005)

A unique tragicomedy that has unfairly fallen into oblivion. In its own way, it could be said that it is an exploration of mediocrity and how you deal with it in the certainty that you are not someone special. All this while bringing to light certain miseries of that American dream to which so many aspire but then few really achieve.

‘The Lord of War’ (‘Lord of War’, 2005)

Andrew Niccol will always be remembered for making the excellent ‘Gattaca’ and it’s fair to say that he never reached that level again. For my part, I think that the time he came closest to achieving it was with this peculiar thriller with touches of comedy that remarkably addresses such a tricky subject as the world of arms trafficking. All this with a certain critical spirit that invites reflection, although there it is true that it can err on the side of being a little superficial.      

‘Rumble Law’ (‘Rumble Fish’, 1983)

Cage made one of his first appearances on the big screen with a supporting role in this film made by his uncle Francis Ford Coppola. In his own way, a generational portrait, but setting aside hope for the future for a more bleak approach. All of this with precise staging work that even gives the film an almost poetic touch within its overflowing bitterness.

‘The Rock’ (‘The Rock’, 1996)

A true classic of the 90’s action movies that even today remains the best movie of the entire Michael Bay filmography . It also served to boost Cage’s career as an unlikely action hero, very convincing here as a sidekick to a charismatic Sean Connery. Perfect example of a hyper entertaining movie no matter how many times you see it.