How we like a good session of horror movies and series , whether on the occasion of Halloween or not. Now, we’re always looking for the best horror movies, but… why don’t we try another format? What if, this Halloween, the plan is to binge-watch some of today’s best horror shows and get scared episode after episode? After the success of series like ‘The Haunting of Hill House’ and ‘Marianne’, we have gotten the itch to try serial terrors that will have us hooked (and scared) for hours.. It’s time to open your mind (and your eyes) to new adventures, and we do it through the HBO Max catalog (renamed HBO Spain), where we have been able to find some of the best horror series of recent times, including some 2022 series, the kind that give you a hard time… but at ease.

Among them is ’30 coins’, one of the best Spanish horror series. Created by the incombustible Alex de la Iglesia, HBO’s fiction mixes religious, mystical and supernatural terror with rural Spain, with a pilot that could be considered one of the best of its year in terror. With its collection of traumatized characters and its cocktail of paranormal elements –from book satanism to voodoo, from the most perfidious atavism to psychological terror in the code of ‘Red Rose’–, the series offers a refreshing collection of powerful images and scenic wits. . And beware: season 2 of ’30 coins’ is already among the most anticipated series of 2023.

There is also room among the HBO Max horror series for several of Stephen King’s best adaptations , including ‘The Visitor’, with a magnificent Ben Medelshon, and ‘Chapelwaite’, a prequel to ‘The Mystery of Salem’s Lot’ based on A tale from the master of Maine horror. The writer has provided material for some of the best recent horror movies, but as we see, he has also done the same for television and streaming .

On the other hand, one of the most recent to arrive has been ‘ From’, described as a mix between King’s own imagination and the intrigues of series like ‘Lost’ . The truth is that the premise has a lot to do with the writer: A group of people is trapped in a town without being able to get out. Something similar to what we saw in King’s ‘The Dome’. Between ‘The Wire’, ‘The Sopranos’ and several of the best series in history, the HBO catalog is full of intrigue, suspense, mystery and, as we are seeing, horror series. From horror anthology series like ‘Into the Dark’ to TV classics like ‘True Blood’, one of the best vampire series, these are our picks as Halloween approaches.

‘From’ tries to unravel a nightmarish mystery in the typical small town in the center of America, where nothing ever happens… Until it does . And what happens is, once you enter it, you can’t get out. And to top it off, the surrounding forest is full of monstrous creatures that come out at night…

The series premiered on the humble EPIX platform in the US, but its great success, with comparisons with ‘Lost’ and with the style of Stephen King , has caused it to cross borders and reach Spain at the hands of HBO Max.

The new series by Alex de la Iglesia tells the tragedy of Father Vergara ( Eduard Fernandez ), an exorcist, boxer and ex-convict exiled in a parish in a remote town in Spain. He wants to forget and be forgotten, but his enemies will find him very soon… When Vergara is linked to a series of paranormal phenomena that occurred in the town, Paco ( Miguel Angel Silvestre ), the naive mayor, and Elena ( Megan Montaner ), a restless veterinarian, they will try to reveal the secrets of their past and the meaning of the ancient currency that Vergara keeps hidden. We could count it as one of the best films by Alex de la Iglesia.

The vampires of ‘The Mystery of Salem’s Lot’, the miniseries directed by Tobe Hopper in the 80s that in Spain was condensed into a film under the misleading title ‘Phantasma II’, have their origin story in this prequel series, based on the Stephen King short story ‘Jerusalem’s Lot’. Adrien Brody, always underrated, stars in .

Based on the novel by Matt Ruff and produced by Jordan Peele , this story that invokes HP Lovecraft’s most controversial ghosts gave us plenty of scares, but also adventures and social criticism. Atticus Black ( Jonathan Majors ) begins a road trip in the 1950s with his friend Letitia ( Jurnee Smollett-Bell ) and his uncle George ( Courtney B. Vance ) in search of his missing father. ( Michael Kenneth Williams). The journey will become a fight for survival, facing the racism of white America as well as a series of monsters that could have come out of a Lovecraft book… The ending explained of Lovecraft Country’ clarifies everything we did not know , although, unfortunately, there will be no second season.

Natasha doesn’t want a baby. but the baby loves her. And she will do everything possible (and impossible) to stay by her side. Even if that implies a trail of blood and deaths in its path From her.

‘The baby’ is a fun and macabre comedy of black humor that catches you from minute 1 and that hides more than it seems behind its carefree facade.

Mythical zombie and survival series from the director of ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, Frank Darabont , and the producer of ‘Terminator’ and ‘Alien’. The series began with these good references, which has become a true phenomenon after eleven seasons on the air and numerous spin-offs on the air and in preparation. The universe ‘The Walking Dead’ is unstoppable. Based on Robert Kirkman ‘s comics , it plunges us into a world invaded by zombies but where, however, the most dangerous are human beings.

Based on the Stephen King novel, this series begins with an unanswered mystery: can a person be in two different places at the same time? This is what happened to Terry Mayland ( Jason Bateman ), a local football coach who becomes involved in the murder of an 11-year-old boy. The entire crime scene is full of his blood and his fingerprints, irrefutable evidence of his guilt , and yet there is other equally compelling evidence that places him in another city hundreds of kilometers from there. The explanation of this mystery will unfold little by little over ten episodes with the help of the tormented policeman Ralph ( Ben Mendelshon ) and the strange investigator Holly ( Cynthia Erivo), that they will discover something for which perhaps they were not prepared. The end (and post-credit scene) of ‘The Visitor’ left us speechless.

‘Into the Dark’ is an anthology series in the purest ‘American Horror Story’ style. This time, each episode focuses on a holiday in which a terrifying story takes place. As an anthology series, different actors and characters appear in each episode of the series. In it, quite familiar faces are mixed with others that are rather new to most. Among the most famous are Tom Bateman (‘Jekyll and Hyde’) in the first episode or Dermot Mulroney (‘My best friend’s wedding’, pictured) in the second. Matt Lauria (‘Friday Night Lights’) will appear in the fifth episode. One of the best series on HBO Max.

The series took us to a world in which vampires had come out of the shadows after creating fake blood that allowed them to live without murder. While they achieved social achievements for their stigmatized lineage, many decided to skip the artificial serum and continue sinking their teeth. With Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer as the leading duo, their adventure lasted 80 chapters. It is a television version of ‘ The Southern Vampire Mysteries ‘, the book series by Charlaine Harris . Vampires in the movies (and also in ‘streaming’) have given us a lot of joy.

Horror series of six one-hour episodes that take place in six Asian countries: Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand . Each episode is a contemporary adaptation of the most deeply rooted myths of each country, of folklore transformed into terror.

A seemingly innocent game becomes complicated when the five girls who participated in it begin to die in the order that the game had predicted. The survivors will try to discover the reason for their destiny and if the terrible force that pursues them is part of the group.

A plane lands in New York City with all the passengers dead. First to answer the call is Dr. Ephraim Goodweather , who leads the CDC’s Canary team. Abraham Setrakian, a Harlem moneylender runs to the airport, convinced that what at first appears to be a mysterious viral outbreak could be the start of something infinitely more sinister.