Immersed in Phase 4 of Marvel, there are many expansions that the superhero studio wants to introduce into its universe. First of all, the Disney signature has also been extended to the series on the Disney+ platform. On the other hand, and as we have seen in ‘Falcon and the Winter Soldier’, Kevin Feige and his team are preparing the replacement for the main characters of the Avengers. Finally, the incorporation of Florence Pugh in ‘Black Widow’ and the rumors about the role that Scott Lang’s daughter will play in ‘Ant-Man 3’ seem to lead us to a new generation of superheroes, the possible Young Avengers. Well, since the project was announced at Disney Investor Day in 2020, it seems that all this will come together in ‘Ironheart’, the Marvel series that could introduce Iron Man’s replacement.

This is all we know about ‘Ironheart’.

‘Ironheart’: series premiere date

‘Ironheart’ will have six episodes that will come directly to Disney +. When? There is no specific release date, we only know that it will be in the fall of 2023 , but the protagonist will debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the sequel to Black Panther, scheduled for November 11, 2022.

Who is ‘Ironheart’, the heiress of Iron Man?

The Ironheart character had a recent first appearance in the Marvel comics by Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato , in ‘Invincible Iron Man #7’. We also owe Bendis the ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’, so the quality and youthful orientation of the character is more than guaranteed. Additionally, Ironheart’s link to Tony Stark/Iron Man makes her a potent heir to the character.

Riri Williams -such is her name- is a young engineering prodigy who designed her own version of the Iron Man suit from stolen parts . She lives in Chicago, where she moved with her family after her father’s death, and works at MIT. It is there precisely where she built the famous armor to fight crime. Tony Stark learned of this progress and took her – oh, Peter, don’t be jealous – of her as her apprentice and young companion.

What interests us about the biography of Riri Williams comes later, after the events of ‘Civil War 2’, in which Tony Stark is left in a coma and Riri Williams takes his place. But instead of her he calls himself Ironheart.

‘Ironheart’: synopsis from the series

It’s too soon for anything resembling an official synopsis, but we may get to see Ironheart’s origin story , how she went on to build the most advanced armor since Iron Man and become a superhero, and how she went up against her first villains. This time, however, Riri Williams will have to do it without the support of Tony Stark .

Or at least this is what would happen if the series takes place after the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and in the main universe of the MCU. The news of a first appearance of the character in ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ seems to point to that, but there are also rumors that the sequel to Black Panther could go to the past. So who knows.

It may be that, through flashbacks or if the series starts further back in the time of the MCU, we can meet Iron Man again. For now, however, with Robert Downey Jr. repeating over and over again that he will not return to the character, it does not seem what is going to happen But then again, who knows.

‘Ironheart’: cast from the series

At the moment the only person who has been confirmed in the cast of ‘Ironheart’ is the actress Dominique Thorne , who will play Riri Williams/Ironheart. She will be the first leading character for the young actress after having played various roles in ‘The Beale Street Blues’ and ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’.

Given that the actress will first have her debut in ‘Black Panther 2’, it is possible that some other Wakandan character will go through the series , but from here everything is speculative.

‘Han Solo: A Star Wars Story’ lead actor Alden Ehrenreich has also been confirmed to join the show. Ehrenreich joins previously announced cast members Dominique Thorne, Anthony Ramos, Lyric Ross, and Manny Montana .

‘Ironheart’: director and screenwriter of the series

Nothing is known about the director or directors in charge of the ‘Ironheart’ series, but about its showrunner . Screenwriter, poet and educator Chinaka Hodge will lead the story of ‘Ironheart’ after having participated in the writing of ‘Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker’ (the series)

Dominique Thorne’s series is still in the pre-production process, and there’s a long way to go before filming even begins, so you have to wait to see any images of the series. However, we will update the article as new information arrives.

What we have been able to see is Riri (Dominique Thorne) in the trailer for ‘Black Panther 2’ , we even got to intuit how her new robotic suit begins to be manufactured with the help of Shuri and Wakandian technology.