One of the qualities of the Netflix catalog is its wide range of romantic movies , something that at the same time becomes a weakness for us because it is quite a feat to choose which one to watch, that’s why we made you a list with the best 20 tapes of love  available on the streaming platform , perfect for having a date at home… and something else. Netflix and Chill !The best romantic movies on Netflix

The 20 best romantic movies on Netflix


To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Lara Jean is a girl whose life at school takes a turn when the letters she wrote to the boys she once fell in love with are sent in a mysterious way. Don’t forget that the sequel is now available .

Matter of time

Wow, this is one of our favorite movies. It stars Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Gleeson . Tim discovers at the age of 21 that the men in his family have the ability to travel through time, specifically to the past. One day he will meet Mary and both will fall in love, however, Tim has to go back in time the night he met her to help a friend in an emergency and that will change his future with the girl of his dreams, now You will have to search for her again and win her back.

How to lose a man in 10 days

This 2003 film is almost a classic. Kate Hudson plays a journalist who must write an article for the magazine where she works, about the mistakes that women make in their love relationships, so she sets out to conquer a boy and lose him in 10 days, the chosen one will be Benjamin Barry ( Matthew McConaughey ), a man who, in turn, must seduce a woman in 10 days to demonstrate in his work that he understands the opposite sex.


In addition to being a romantic comedy , The Rest qualifies perfectly as a Christmas movie , a season in which our protagonists Amanda (Cameron Diaz ) and Iris (Kate Winslet) decide to exchange houses (one lives in southern California and the other in a small town in England) to get away from men during these nostalgic dates. However, in their new destinations they could find love unexpectedly, but how to manage a long-distance relationship?

I want to steal the bride

Patrick Dempsey plays Tom, a man who is apparently not interested in love, however, he will soon discover that he actually loves his best friend, it may be too late because she is about to marry another man, will he succeed? Tom steal the bride?

The Kissing Booth

This one from one of Netflix’s most popular romantic trilogies . It all starts from a kiss, in fact, Elle’s first kiss, which marks the beginning of a forbidden romance with the prettiest boy in school, but this could mean the end of her relationship with her best friend.


Call Me by Your Name

Elio ( Timothée Chalamet ) is a 17-year-old boy who decides to spend the summer with his parents in northern Italy. Everything goes normally until his guest arrives, Oliver ( Armie Hammer ), his father’s assistant, who is a teacher. . At first they have no contact, but little by little they begin to go out to explore and have fun. As summer progresses, an attraction develops between them.

Pride and Prejudice

Inspired by Jane Austen ‘s classic romantic literature , which follows the Bennet sisters, whose mother is determined to find them a husband, however, Lizzie ( Keira Knightley ) dreams of a different life with greater perspective. She is soon settling in with a group of bachelors at the neighboring mansion for the summer, so that Lizzie will meet Mr. Darcy ( Matthew Macfadyen ), a handsome man, but whom she finds too proud and arrogant.

To United Kingdom

If it’s about impossible love , then don’t miss A United Kingdom,  a biographical film about Prince Seretse Khama, royal heir to Botswana ( David Oyelowo ), who, when marrying Ruth Williams ( Rosamund Pike ), a white woman, unleashes a international conflict since South African apartheid di not allow interracial marriages .

Loves, Entanglements and a Wedding

Couples who pretend to be dating and end up in love, does it ring a bell? This is what happens when Kat ( Debra Messing ), a single woman living in New York, must return to London for the wedding of her younger sister, who, by the way, is marrying an ex of Kat’s. Since she doesn’t want to deal with her family and her singleness, she hires a professional escort and introduces him as her boyfriend. Yes, the passion between the two will begin to awaken.


Saturday Night Fever

This of course is a must-see classic , plus the soundtrack is great. In it we see the story of Tony Manero, played by John Travolta , a New York boy who works in a paint store. On Saturdays he prepares to go to the disco and show off his best dance steps at a Brooklyn disco, where he meets Stephanie Mangano ( Karen Lynn Gorney ), who becomes his dance partner for a championship that will take place. Coming Soon. Will love come to them during rehearsal sessions?

Ghost, the shadow of love

Who hasn’t seen Ghost at least once in their life ? The romantic and sad love story between Sam ( Patrick Swayze ) and Molly ( Demi Moore ) that ends when he is murdered. She is also in danger, so he will return as a ghost to try to warn her.