It’s the biggest hit to date for the DC Universe platform and it’s going to be at it again soon. The Titanes series will premiere its second season in the United States this September, where it is broadcast on Netflix, it does not have a release date , but it is expected to see the light of day in a few months. In the meantime, we can enjoy their trailers and some clues that they have given us.

1. The transformation of Dick Grayson

If Titans began by showing us Dick Greyson (Brenton Thwaites) as Robin, during the second season we will see how he adopts a new superhero identity. Now it will be Nightwing, his own version of Batman, while the role of Robin will have a second incarnation through Jason Todd (Curran Walters).

2. A start to the season that was an end

As those responsible for the series revealed, the episode that we will see as the start of season 2 was initially intended as the end of the first season, but they decided to move it. Thus, this chapter will directly follow the apocalyptic events of the previous one: “Rachel’s father, Trigon (Seamus Dever), has successfully led Dick into darkness and will try to lead others to his side, embracing his own darkness. of the. With everyone under Trigon’s control, Rachel and Gan will find themselves fighting a seemingly losing battle against his powers,” announces the episode’s official synopsis.

3. Batman arrives… or just Bruce?

Iain Glen appears in the trailer for season 2 of ‘Titans’. 

Being a series set in the Batman universe, although they promised us that Titans would be focused on something else, there was always the question of whether they would finally play the Batman card. And we will see him, but it seems not in action. Iain Glen, known for his role as Jorah Mormont in Game of Thrones , will be Bruce Wayne, although everything indicates that his version of his character will already be retired from fighting crime on the streets. Or will he give it to him to don the suit at some point?

4. New Deathstroke in the DC universe

If Manu Bennett was in charge of giving life to the mythical villain Deathstroke in the Arrowverso , in Titanes another actor is chosen to do the same, Esai Morales ( New York Police Officers , Ozark ). The official character description says: “Slade Wilson is known to be DC’s deadliest assassin. While serving his country, Slade became an elite soldier before government tests enhanced his physiology to near-superhuman levels, setting him on a path of darkness and vengeance. To his family, Slade is father and husband, but to the rest of the world he is the feared and infamous Deathstroke; who sells his services to the highest bidder as a ruthless killer who never gives up and never loses.”

5. More signings

Deathstroke does not come alone, as he is accompanied by his son Jericho and a member of the Teen Titans in the comics. He will be played by Chella Man, who, like his character, is hearing impaired and will also be the second trans performer to become a superhero after Nicole Maines in Supergirl . Drew Van Acker ( Pretty Little Liars ) is another of the signings, giving life to Garth, better known as Aqualad; and Natalie Gumede ( Doctor Who ) will play Mercy Graves, Lex Luthor’s right-hand man and bodyguard.

On the other hand, at the end of the previous season we saw the silhouette of Superboy and his dog escaping from the Cadmus laboratory and now we will put a face on him: he will be played by Australian actor Joshua Orpin. He is about a distraught teenager who will find a family among the titans. The latest addition is Genevieve Angelson ( Good Girls Revolt ), who will play Dr. Eve Watson.