Actor Craig McLachlan is expected to make a comeback more than three years after the allegations. Rocky’s horror show hit the headlines in 2014.

McLachlan will appear as Hank Williams in a one-man play. Nobody Feels Lonely For Me will be directed by Terry Serio in Adelaide later in the same  year.

McLachlan was cleared of seven counts of indecent assault and six counts of common law assault in December when he was speaking to Seven last night. Headlights News special from producer Mark Llewellyn. It was the first time he had publicly spoken at length about the saga.

In the news special, McLachlan was acussing the journalists of following a MeToo story following the Harvey Weinstein scandal in the United States. Seven were based on raw material from the 7:30 Interviews (incorrectly referred to as The 7:30 Report ), which featured actors detailing allegations from their time on the show: their faces were pixelated.

The emotionally charged and expanded special heard by McLachlan and his partner Vanessa Scammell as a united front, primarily about how the charges have destroyed McLachlan’s life professionally, personally, and spiritually. She was announcing that he had checked into a mental health facility, lived in a crudely decorated shipping container, and even he was attempting to do suicide.

Regarding the “weighty misjudgment,” he was noting, “fortunately, it didn’t turn out how it turned out.”He was later saying, “There are still things to live for…mainly this (Vanessa Scammell) and Nessie’s dad.”

McLachlan has repeatedly denied the allegations against him, but admits that the behind-the-scenes “antics” were both collaborative and consensual. Rocky Horror Show .

Not all of the charges were addressed in the interview, but he claims every onstage kiss was part of the show’s direction and volatility (this contradicts claims made by some cast members), and the special took a surreal turn when McLachlan : Assisted by Scammell, he even performed the song for Seven’s cameras.

“I was criminally charged with that kiss…which I performed over 130 times before that night,” he insisted.

“It is outrageous. Three years, a good life is over.”

There have also been claims that the saga imploded The Secrets of Doctor Blake and forced hundreds of people out of work (ABC had already canceled the show, but Seven rejected plans to continue the series, instead opting for a one-off TV movie with Nadine Garner. ). An investigation by television producers has also cleared him of any wrongdoing related to the show.

Over the weekend ABC-9 ran other environmental claims, including The Secrets of Doctor Blake.On social media last night, many saw the special on Twitter and called out McLachlan about “narcissistic behavior.” Some have opposed Seven for airing the special, while others have opposed ABC.

But there were also supporters, especially on McLachlan’s Facebook page, where he thanked his loyal supporters who number in the thousands around the world.

Despite their court clearance, McLachlan and Scammell said Justice Belinda Wallington had “deprived herself” of a victory in her verdict.

For the sake of balance, these comments noted that three of the four women were credible witnesses, while one was not so clear on her evidence and there were “reliability issues.” Noting that McLachlan was not an impressive witness, he asserted that his findings were applicable to the law at the time of the alleged allegations, adding that “it is possible that the outcome will be different depending on the applicable law.” He was cleared of all 13 charges.

Craig McLachlan has yet to open pending defamation proceedings against ABC, Fairfax (now owned by Nine) and a former co-star.