Super Nintendo and Mega Drive (Genesis in some countries) were the consoles that ruled the world of videogames in the ’90s, for many the golden age of videogames in which they did authentic, original and revolutionary wonders with very little. Some of the best games in history remain in our memory, the kind that you can play over and over again without getting tired even though almost 30 years have passed. 

16. Streets of Rage 2The streets of your city have been invaded, once again, by Mr. X’s henchmen. What can you do? Go out with your friends to clean the streets. Considered the best side fighting game in history, it is tremendously addictive and ideal to spend hours and hours playing, and in company it is much more fun. Of course, be patient because it will not be easy at all.

15. MetroidConsidered one of the best 16-bit games, the most curious thing is that it didn’t quite like it in Japan but it was a great success in the United States and Europe. Its originality, character, graphics and high difficulty made us spend hours and hours playing with the bounty hunter Samus Aran.

14. Super Ghouls’n GhostsAnd speaking of difficult games. Ghouls’n Ghosts was the version of Ghost’n Goblins, a famous arcade game from the ’80s. Its simple mechanics but the variety of situations, weapons, enemies, and settings made it terribly addictive. Finishing the game was quite a challenge but once you defeated the final monster you were in for a nasty surprise. To really finish the game you had to beat it twice in a row. And if one was already difficult…

13. NBA JamPlaying basketball has never been so much fun. The premise was very easy, a two against two of the NBA teams, with real players and short times. The secret of his success: everything taken to exaggeration, the jumps, the plays, the triples, the dunks, the blocks , balls of fire when you scored three in a row. A game that even today is still just as addictive.

12. Star Wars TrilogyFor many the best games about the original Star Wars trilogy, there is one for each movie and each one better than the last. Never have pixels looked as good as in this recreation of the most emblematic moments of the saga. The right difficulty along with the original soundtrack ensured hours and hours of fun.

11. Gunstar HeroesInspired by the famous 8-bit game Contra SEGA, he created Gunstar Heroes, with the same crazy dynamic of shooting, picking up and combining weapons while you run non-stop. It was a huge success thanks to its casual aesthetic, colorful and fun settings, and a rhythm devilish that hardly left you time to think.

10. Donkey Kong CountryThe first Donkey Kong video game in 15 years was a real revolution in the 16-bit world. The company Rare rendered the backgrounds to create a greater sensation of depth, something never seen before. The result was a game that mixes platforms and speed that was addictive.

9. FlashbackAnother revolution in the world of video games. In this case Flashback was because of the story, much more adult, and how realistic the character’s movements were and because of his energy, if he fell from great heights he died instantly. 

8. Chrono TriggerFrom the union of Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy, Yuji Horii creator of Dragon Quest, and the famous artist Akira Toriyama emerged the best 16-bit role-playing game and one of the best ever created. 

7. FIFA Internatinal Soccer

The first version of one of the best-selling sagas in all of history and a true revolution in soccer games due to its aesthetics, playability, and fun. Who hasn’t run all over the field to prevent the referee from drawing a card?

6. Sonic 2There are many Sonic games, but without a doubt the 2nd part is the best of all. SEGA took everything that had succeeded in the 1st version of Sonic: speed, settings, game modes, music, and enhanced it. In addition to adding a new character, Tails, which allowed two people to play at the same time and expanded the universe from Sonic.

5. Super Mario KartBy now you will have verified that 16 bits was the birth or recognition of some of the best sagas of today. Mario Kart does not need any introduction and the best thing that can be said about this game is that if you play it today you will spend hours and hours like 27 years ago.

4. Final Fantasy VI

The combination of a great story, with good characters, a simple but very complete game system and some of the best 16-bit graphics created one of the best role-playing games ever made. 

3. Street Fighter II TurboThe console version of Street Fighter II was a salvation for many young people who spent dozens of coins every week playing the arcade machine.

2. Super Mario WorldWith more than 20 million cartridges sold, Super Mario World is within any ranking of the best games in history. It is the perfect platform game that never goes out of style, with dozens of different worlds, secret paths, screens with alternate endings , hidden areas and also presenting for the first time one of the most beloved characters: Yoshi.

1. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastTwo words define this game: perfect and precious. Link and Zelda’s story, the music, the dungeons, the characters you meet, the situations; everything is a pleasure for the senses. It’s really impressive how with so little, 16 bits, they managed to do so much.