The cold days of autumn and next winter have now arrived. Reading some novels accompanied by a good cup of tea can be the perfect atmosphere to find the right warmth. Of course, not everyone can find this perfect harmony in everyday life, but you can take advantage of it on the weekend. 

In general, the cup of tea is the life companion of many book lovers, especially when reading novels and books of any type. Reading is good for you, various research and studies confirm this, especially if reading becomes relaxation, escape, tranquillity, well-being.

For our part, we point out some great novels, real classics, which can be perfectly combined with tea. It is understood that all readings can be equally good.

5 novels to read with a cup of tea

White Nights by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Short novel by the famous Russian writer, White Nights is a pictorial image, a picture with cold and suggestive tones. The dreamer described by Dostoevsky could embody all of us: visionary, he aspires to complete isolation and removal from the most tangible reality. One night, the eternal dreamer meets Nasten’ka, who shines with love for her grandmother’s tenant, who had promised her a speedy return to her a year earlier. Petersburg is the backdrop for a short novel, divided into four parts, about abandonment and illusion.

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

The wind blowing hard against the shutters, a lost love and a damned soul. Wuthering Heights is bleak, often disharmonious and raw. Emily Bronte is certainly not the spokesperson for classic novels in which sentimentality is the master. Heatcliff is no fault of a gentleman and Catherine a firm woman. Yet the facts of Wuthering Heights are striking for the transport with which the Yorkshire author describes them. Love transforms, mutates and from a noble sentiment drags hate and revenge with it.

10 Little Indians by Agatha Christie

It needs no introduction. The British writer, mother of the twentieth century’s most famous mustachioed investigator, was extremely prolific. Her works have made her immortal and And Then There Were None , title in the original language, is one of them. Perfect externalization of the enigma of the locked room, in 10 little Indians a heterogeneous group of people is invited to Nigger Island by the ambiguous Mr. Owen, owner of the estate in the center of the island. As soon as we arrive, something is wrong. An old nursery rhyme hanging on the wall and an accusing voice recorded on a gramophone are the harbingers of death.

Ray Bradbury’s Halloween Tree

Eight masked kids looking for Pipkin, their missing friend, and a big tree that suddenly appears on Halloween night. These are the premises for the 1972 children’s novel, which only partially forgets Bradbury’s line. With the intention of tracing their missing friend, the group, escorted by the enigmatic figure of Sudario, goes on a journey to discover the origins linked to the pagan festival of October 31st. The journey between space and time resurrects past traditions and old folklores.

We’ve always lived in Shirley Jackson’s castle

Stephen King’s Firestarter opens with a dedication to Jackson . American writer and journalist, loved by Pennywise’s father, in We have always lived in the castle she offers her readers a claustrophobic and disturbing novel. “The Castle” is the idyllic prison in which Mary Katherine, her sister Constance and their invalid uncle live. To break the order, cousin Charles takes care of revealing long-buried wrongs.

The narrative is linear, the facts presented as they happened. It is up to the reader to investigate the souls of the characters and find where evil really lurks.