Bad Bunny won the Composer of the Year award from ASCAP in its Latin Awards edition. The fact, of course, generated controversy from music purists and Bad Bunny haters, who hurled insults at the singer, as well as strong criticism even months after the news was announced. Now, the Rabbit has released what is possibly one of the best responses to critics in history:

“My God, ma’am, there are more important things than sitting down to criticize a singer’s achievements,” says Bad Bunny in his recent release, appropriately titled “Songwriter of the Year.” What more important things? We can ask: “Encourage young people to be voters, and get the hell out of whoever screwed us up before.”

This 2020 has been marked by a Coronavirus pandemic , and different crises around the world. The United States is experiencing a wave of racism and separation under the government of Donald Trump, it is trying to hurt the elections, and there are deaths at the hands of white supremacists. Likewise, a conversation about racism and gender violence surrounds the entire world. But of all this, what most outraged some was that Bad Bunny won the songwriter of the year award. This is what the artist is denouncing in his song.

“A mamabicho president who doesn’t do a dick. Black Lives Matter, may Kobe rest in peace. 2020 and racism is worse than COVID.”

With this work, Bunny is returning to the roots of urban genres, to denunciations, to raise his voice against the problems that exist around him. There are more important things, she points out, like “fighting for the rights of immigrants,” rather than spending hours a day sending a message to a popular music singer. 

For several months, Bunny had been away from social networks in the midst of his musical career for a period, and it was rumored that it had been due to depression. Although the reason was not revealed, it is believed that the constant hate messages she received from her caused him to move away. And at this time he decided to record this song, which is undoubtedly one of his best works, and which demonstrates his ability to mention different social situations. bad-bunny-concert.jpg“We only have to teach, and learn, live and grow”, he mentions at the end of the song and perhaps this is an important point to highlight.

In recent months, social networks have become battlefields for users and their different ideologies. Hate exists not only in messages to Bunny , but in general towards people who have ideas or discourses different from those that each one follows. The normalization of these attacks and this separation is maintained, causing constant separation and contempt without proper conversation. 

For this reason, the way in which Bunny is addressing these criticisms in “Songwriter of the Year” is so interesting and he doesn’t defend himself in a superficial way, but speaking with the truth. If there is the time and energy to criticize a singer, wouldn’t it be better to spend it on more important things? 

On the other hand, in the musical aspect, the track is also one of the heaviest that has been released by Bunny , in addition to the fact that it does not use its traditional auto-tune, addressing a more underground feel and appropriate for the message. In fact, at a certain point he remembers Eminem in his most violent tracks. 

The outro, narrated entirely a cappella, is the perfect conclusion, addressing not a grudge against criticism, but a focus on those around him. 

We want to hear more from this Bad Bunny.