If you are looking for the best teams to manage in FIFA 20 career mode , we are going to list the ones that we believe offer a better gaming experience.

Even though Ultimate Team is the most famous mode in FIFA 20 , the career mode is also one of the most important. Thanks to the FIFA 20 career mode you can choose any club in the world and manage it, although it can give us more or less joy depending on the team we have previously selected, and we want to help you in this regard.

These would be the 10 best teams that you can manage in FIFA 20 career mode , and practically all your favorite clubs will be there.

FIFA 20 career mode: the 10 best teams you can manage in Career mode


The Dutch team of Ajax is once again at the forefront of continental football thanks to the good performance it did in the last Champions League, and it also seems that it can repeat it this year. It is a team with very young talents that could lead the champion teams in the coming years, and it is very interesting that you manage since it can offer you a good experience while competing at the top.


It is a fairly powerful team that plays attacking and you are going to have a lot of fun. It will also allow you to always have a lot of money in each transfer window so that you can have a champion team from the very beginning. It is also likely that it will be difficult for you to reach the maximum continental level, but the experience is really worth it due to its wide possibilities.

Atletico Madrid

A practically new team, where more than half of its starting players have just arrived. It is a tremendously interesting project that will keep you hooked, not only because of the large number of new players, but also because of the presence of Joao FĂ©lix, who promises to have one of the highest averages in the next FIFA games.


One of the best teams in the world and with the player with the highest rating in FIFA 20. It is clear that if you want to manage a team, win everything and have a good time, Barcelona is the best option. Perhaps if you don’t want to have it so easy you should try another club, but if you are looking for direct fun without many complications this would be the best proposal.

Borussia Dortmund

If you are tired of Bayer Munich always winning the German league, choosing Borussia Dortmund is a great option because you will be able to face them with great players. They are a very talented and very young team, and they have enough skill to do a great job in their league and also in European competitions.

Inter de Milan

It seems that Inter are once again great, and this year they are determined to win the Italian Serie A by standing up to Juventus themselves. He may not go very far in the European competition, but it seems that in his league this year he will be up there until the end.

Manchester City

This is the spendthrift team from across the continent, in case you want to make a dream team come true with the most expensive signings. You will always have a lot of money in all the transfer windows, and on top of that you will have the best players on the market, although that does not mean that you will win everything.


If you want to walk through a league, you can choose PSG since they will win the French league without too many complications, taking a lot of points to the second. It’s a good way to start gaining experience in a winning team, which won’t have it easy in European competitions despite having Neymar, one of the great players in the world.


Despite all the problems that Valencia is having at the beginning of the season, neither the Champions League nor the Santander league have started badly. It is a team that is improving year after year, and that has good numbers in each of its lines. If you don’t want to choose any of the big three in the Spanish league, Valencia is the other option.


As was the case with Valencia, Sevilla is the other option you have if you don’t want to select any of the three big teams in the Santander league. It has a set of very good players in each of its lines, and after dominating the Europa League for years, it wants to try to qualify for the Champions League to return to where it should have always been.

These are the best 10 teams you can manage in FIFA 20 career mode