Captain Marvel: who are the krees? | The Krees make up an empire of humanoid aliens, who hail from a remote and highly advanced galaxy. This extraterrestrial race, also known as ruul, is native to Hala, a ringed planet similar to Saturn, in the Large Magellanic Cloud, where everything is metal and plastic.

This fictional alien race, ruled by the Supreme Intelligence, has an appearance similar to that of humans, although a part of them have blue skin, due to the difference in gravity and chemical composition of the air between their home planet Hala and Earth. .

In addition, they have greater strength than humans, and although they require more nitrogen to breathe comfortably, they can adapt to different environmental characteristics. Of course, to breathe in the Earth’s atmosphere they need certain chemicals or artificial life support devices.

There are two different types of Krees: the blue-skinned and the pink-skinned. The blue krees are known as the “pure bred” and although they are a minority, they are more powerful. Because they look the same as the primal Kree, they are considered the best suited to rule.

Meanwhile, pink-skinned Krees look similar to Caucasian humans. They appeared as a result of some experiments that tried to boost their evolution and constitute 70% of the population. Also, they are the bulk of the Kree army.The Kree have a scientifically advanced military mentality (Photo: Marvel)

The Kree have a scientifically advanced military mentality.


Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, the Krees first appeared in “Fantastic Four” issue #64, published in August 1967. In this comic, an archaeologist becomes obsessed with tracking down an alien civilization that he arrived on Earth at the beginning of time until he discovers Sentinel 459 and an island that is actually a Kree space station.

When the ‘Fantastic Four’, who were just on vacation on this island, confront the sentinel, they understand that it is an automaton that informs the Kree Empire about the evolution of the inhumans, a genetic experiment that dates back thousands of years. behind.

In the next edition of “Fantastic Four”, after the defeat of the Kree envoy, the Supreme Intelligence invades the dreams of the quartet and warns them that they would soon be judged by Ronan the Accuser, one of the most powerful soldiers in the empire.

Ronan confronts the Fantastic Four, but fails in his mission and is forced to return to Hala after the explosion of his Universal Weapon, one of the most lethal weapons of the Kree elite soldiers.


The Supreme Intelligence (“Supreme Intelligence” in English) is an artificial intelligence that governs the fictional alien race known as the Kree. This character also called Supreme was created more than 1 million years ago on the planet Kree-Lar by this extraterrestrial race with the intention of creating a Cosmic Cube just like their Skrull enemies did. However, the Intelligence developed its own mind and refused to create the cube due to a similar invention destroying part of the Skrull Empire.

This entity has great influence in the Kree Empire, to the point of being an organized religion, and despite replacing the ruler has been deposed for periods of time.The Supreme Intelligence’s first appearance was in Fantastic Four.


The Krees had their first extraterrestrial contact with the Skrulls, a race of shapeshifting aliens, when their interstellar technology was stolen. When the Kree began to spread throughout the Large Magellanic Cloud, they attacked the neighboring empire and thus began a war that would last hundreds of thousands of years.

After 250 years, the Kree Science Council learned that the Skrulls had created an incredibly powerful weapon called the Cosmic Cube and designed a cybernetic supercomputer called the Supreme Intelligence to create the Cosmic Cube. However, the entity refused to do so due to the danger that this represented.


  • Captain Atlas (Att-Lass) – A member of the Starforce and an ally of Minerva.
  • Hala the Accuser: A member of the Kree Accuser Corps.
  • Korath the Pursuer (Korath-Thak): member of the Starforce and a cybergeneticist.
  • Lunatic Legion: Kree conspiracy group.
  • Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell) – The greatest Kree hero, who defected to Earth and later died of cancer.
  • Doctor Minerva (Minn-Erva): Starforce member.
  • M-Nell: Member of the Imperial Guard.
  • Noh-Varr – Kree soldier from a parallel reality, named Marvel Boy.
  • Ronan the Accuser: Former Supreme Public Accuser of the Kree Empire, leader of the Kree Accuser Corps.
  • Supreme Intelligence: Supreme ruler of the Krees.
  • Ultimus – Kree Eternal, also known as Demon Druid.
  • Wraith (Zak-Del) – A Kree rogue who harbors Exolon parasites in his body.
  • Yon-Rogg – A Kree colonel who is the father of Zey-Rogg and Una-Rogg.

Ronan the Accuser is a Kree.


  • The Kree often imprison their prisoners with magnetic restraints.
  • The energy shackles that hold prisoners and nullify their powers.
  • They have evolu-rays. This alien race has at their disposal a technology that allows them to launch an involutionary ray, which implies that those beings that are projected by said rays go back a million years in the evolutionary chain.
  • They have a technological device that, combined with the evolu-rays, reaches the primitive life form.
  • They make one-way transmissions from the Kree Galaxy.
  • They are the only race in the galaxy to have the Omni-Wave Projector technology, a device that can allow communication through hyperspace.
  • In addition, they have camouflage technology, which they call ‘aura of negativity’.