It has been difficult. Choosing the ten worst fighting games among the number of titles so embarrassing that have come out of this genre is not an easy task. During the 1990s, in particular, many clones and imitators of Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, and Mortal Kombat came out. Many of them, true parodies without the intention of being.

If we ignore Street Fighter The Movie and Dragon Ball Evolution (they already appeared on other ‘Top 10 worst’ lists for other reasons) we still have many fighting games worthy of causing a Ring out for never having existed. Although we must admit that some are so delusional that just for the laughs they deserve their existence in the industry (not our money). Let’s get ready for the next ten rounds because every one of them is a fatality to behold.

10. Girl Fight

With a very simple and explicit name on the theme of the game, in Girl Fight we find a watered-down fighting title where eight supposedly hot women share firewood. Generic, simple and outdated for having come out last year, it is one of the most expendable games of 2013. Its low price and its direct marketing in digital format save it from being worse off.

9. Rise of the Robots

From here we travel to the past to never return and stay in the retro. Rise of the Robots was announced as a technical marvel that, although it stood out graphically, the game did not have any kind of hook. Never better said when dealing with a series of robots where the catalog of movements was less than the number of Tetris pieces. A bump victim of hype that only let us handle Cyborg to dedicate ourselves to kicking and kicking. Emilio the robot gives for more.

8. Timeslaughter

Timeslaughter presents a graphic section of the style “crappy drawings that one makes when bored and leaves the mind blank.” Even so, the game is full of violence and the scenes end up drenched in blood (although they look like rose petals). His characters range from a cheeky copy of Dhalsim from Street Fighter to an aggressive prostitute made up like a door. Her roundhouse kick is like looking at a 90 degree compass like the ones used in math class. The fact that its creators did not intend to launch a masterpiece nor does it seem that they took it very seriously justifies them not being in a worse position.

7. Fight for Life

Boredom made fighting game. If fighting to live is walking like Chiquito de la Calzada and having a more basic repertoire of blows than the lyrics of Massiel’s ‘Lalala’, it is preferable to be a vegetable. Although even the cabbage takes place before the end of a fight in Fight for Life, where the maximum emotion lies in the opponent’s threat of falling as can be seen in this video (minute 01:12 to save you from the torpor of this ‘fight’ ‘). Chill-out music would make more sense to liven up the duel.

6. Survival Arts

First crappy Mortal Kombat imitator. By digitizing real actors to create the sprites of the wrestlers, we have this tacky thing that stayed in arcade machines and didn’t make it to ‘comfortable grounds’. Survival Arts invites us to manage some of its ridiculous characters (Gunner has a disturbing air of Sportacus from Lazy Town) to defeat Dantel, a mix of Sandro Rey and Esperanza Gracia. The defeat of this very bad bad guy ended in an evaporation? (better to see it) of different faces of dictators. Speechless.

5. Kasumi Ninja

Another game that wanted to imitate Mortal Kombat in style and visual aspect. This is Kasumi Ninja, another scarecrow of the genre worth forgetting if it weren’t for Angus McGreggor’s Scottish character. This very stereotypical fighter surprised with his special move, a ball of fire that came out of the parts of him when he lifted his skirt. Take off Ryu’s hadouken, Angus is our idol. The narrator’s voice is also worth noting, very appropriate for a violent game (no).

4. Bikini Karate Babes (I and II)

With a cover more like a newspaper contact ad, Bikini Karate Babes is a fighting game that transcends genre fusion. It mixes dance, fashion, blows, gymnastics, interpretation and mischief. Come on, it’s the repanocha. All the fighters get involved in bikinis while they dance, undress or dedicate a twerking to us. We already know the inspiration of Miley Cyrus, it would be perfect in this game. The youngsters, envious of Angus of Kasumi Ninja, also shoot fire from their noble parts. Others have other types of special powers demeaning.

3. Ballz

This game deserves a WTF? quite big. So far we’ve seen pretty cheesy and tacky characters, but a fighting game starring balls sounds surreal. The different Ballz fighters are made up of balls that give them a certain human shape and are dedicated to constantly repeating the same little noises over and over again.

2. Shadow War of Succession

If you don’t go into seizures watching a video about this game, you’re lucky. Shadow War of Succession is everything not to do in this genre. Characters that have to stay still to attack, which produces nonsense on the screen of combat with mountebanks that do not stop screaming. Since there was no other way to attack than to mash buttons until close range hit, the pounding noise of the fighters’ voices was with us all the time. Insufferable.

1. Catfight

Parodied in an episode of The Simpsons, it tops our list as the worst fighting game…Catfight!. Yes, these ten cats are dangerous, they are chonis and extremely tacky. More than an attempt at female Mortal Kombat, the game seems like a tribute to Eva Nasarre’s gymnastics programs and her outfits.