Do you have and it gives you the feeling that you are not getting too much use out of it? Esquire to the rescue. The platform has one of the best film catalogues, with current movies and also modern classics that it is constantly expanding. In recent weeks it has added a few titles of those that can make your day… or sink it completely, there are also excellent dramas. We have selected these films because they were so well received by critics (there are some exceptions, to give a bit of variety and color), because they were not such overwhelming successes that it is impossible for you not to have seen them (there is a blockbuster to begin with). , or simply for the pleasure of recommending. We order them by the degree of topicality and by the desire we have to see or re-see them.

23 – New Movies on : Argentina, 1985

Very exciting political thriller about the true story of the trial of lawyers Julio Strassera and Luis Moreno Ocampo against the military dictatorship in the year that gives the film its title. It is classic, even Hollywood, in its formal proposal, but what beats in the background resonates so well with the current debates on historical memory that it becomes a perfect work to understand the fractures and seams of societies, in this Argentina case. Ricardo Darin brings that extra cinematographic humanism that circulates through his veins, with a commitment to the narrated story that is worthy of receiving many awards.

22 – New movies on : I’m going to have fun

What a good vintage vibe. If you are looking for a movie to watch with kids, and you already have that many, double enjoyment is guaranteed. David Serrano, the king of vitalist musicals, uses the best-known songs by Hombres G to tell a love story in two timelines, at the end of the 80s and today. The youthful part works because of the spark of the actors and because of the great work of visual reconstruction of the spirit of that time, while the adult part manages to finish off the emotions at stake very well.

21 – New Movies on : 42 seconds

With a good dose of sports epic and, above all, emotional, the directors Alex Murrull and Dani de la Orden put together an interesting portrait of how the Spanish water polo team led by Manel Estiarte and Pedro Garcia Aguado went from being a mediocre team to glory Olympic film in Barcelona 92. It is not a round film and perhaps several opportunities to have taken the story to a limit that transcends that feat are lost, but at all times it maintains the set and the sequences in the water are more than solvent.

20 – New Movies on : The Lost City

It is to start the list with an old-fashioned blockbuster, then come the really good ones. The Lost City is not a film that receives awards or praise from critics, but it does have that classic cinema ability to transport you to a charming adventure that plays at a mixture of parodying and paying homage to that classic Hollywood genre. He does it with Sandra Bullock in front, which is always a guarantee of charisma and grace, and with Channing Tatum turning the cliche of the leading man on its head. The plot has a point that is as ridiculous as it is honest: it is the story of an adventure novel writer who is kidnapped by an evil millionaire (Daniel Radcliffe) to help him find a treasure, and who goes to her rescue is the cannon model. who poses for the covers of his bestsellers.

19 – New Movies on : Licorice Pizza

A new Paul Thomas Anderson film is always quite an event. From Boogie Nights to Wells of Ambition , and not forgetting the masterful The Master , the filmmaker (call him PTA) has earned quite a reputation as a surefire filmmaker. Licorice Pizza is a film set in the 1970s in the San Fernando Valley: the story follows a high school student who struggles to balance his student life with his facet as a promising youth actor. It is surely the director’s most charming film, with a combination of nostalgia and freshness that for many should have had more recognition in the past Oscars, because it was nominated for Best Picture, Best Screenplay and Best Director but did not win any.

18 – New Movies on : Portrait of a Woman on Fire

It is so strong. It is probably the film in recent cinema history that best portrays what the title says, the flames that love and physical attraction provoke, and we assure you that this is already saying a lot. Heat the protagonists over a beautiful slow fire to finish making them burn in an unforgettable way. It is set in France in 1770 and is the story of a painter who is commissioned to portray the daughter of a countess, just out of a nuns’ institution to get married, but she must do it secretly so she doesn’t notice.

17 – New Movies on : The House of Gucci

Although she was left without an Oscar nomination, Lady Gaga brazenly gobbles up Adam Driver, Al Pacino and a Jared Leto on the brink of ridicule in this biopic of Patrizia Reggiani, the woman who murdered Maurizio Gucci. A deluxe soap opera with classic narrative and a display of settings (and costumes, of course) that, although it is not the favorite film of thin-snouted critics, it does work wonderfully as an exquisite exaggerated and baroque guilty pleasure.

16 – New Movies on : Lady Macbeth

Florence Pugh emerged as the most interesting actress of her generation in this film inspired by the Russian novel Nikolai Leskov. It is a very academic proposal, classic in the most atmospheric sense, but filtered by a subtly current vision, especially through the gaze and silences of the protagonist. What is she about? It is the story of a lady from rural England in the 19th century who is trapped in a horrible marriage with an elderly gentleman and a suffocating family and who ignites the rebellion, especially internally, by starting an affair with a worker in the estate.

15 – New Movies on : No Time to Die

It was made to wait so long that, when it was finally released in theaters, the expectation was maximum. Because of Daniel Craig’s farewell, because of the clues he could provide regarding who the new James Bond will be, because of Ana de Armas’ plan-stealing ability… In the end it turns out to be another action bomb at the service of an actor who seems to who has been born for this character, with a good invoice, good music (Billie Eilish won the Oscar for the main song) but few surprises.

14 – New Movies on : Veneciafrenia

It is by no means the best film by Alex de la Iglesia, in fact it gives a certain sensation of being a compendium of scenes that we have already seen in other of his productions but with a very attractive setting, Venice. Cinephilia aside, it functions as light horror entertainment, with its carnivalesque gore points, in a slasher format that aims to criticize the overwhelming tourism model.

13 – New Movies on : Emma

Jane Austen adaptations always find their moment to be revisited, and this one starring Anya Taylor Joy is more than decent. You have the exquisite setting that your eyes ask for, the romantic/tortured chemistry that your heart asks for and the passionate and exciting plots that the original work ensures. Classy (high) and budget (high) escapism for a silly day plunge into the dramas of Regency England.

12 – New Movies on : The Florida Project

Perhaps the oldest on the list, but it is one of those American indie films that deserves to reach the platform’s mass audience. It tells the story of a single mother and a little girl who live permanently in a cheap Florida motel near Disneyland. All the contrasts of the American dream in a story full of children’s games, social realism, the best children’s role we can remember in decades and a Willem Dafoe demonstrating that he also embroiders good roles.

11 – New Movies on : Sound of Metal

This interesting tape sounded louder than expected in the edition of the Oscars that rewarded pandemic cinema. And it is that, luckily, Hollywood has had a sudden fever for treating hearing impairment. The best example remains this story about a drummer who begins to lose his hearing at an alarming rate. But if he fights not against his newly acquired disability but against himself and acceptance.

10 – New Movies on : The Tender Bar

It’s not George Clooney’s roundest film as a director, but it does have a very direct ability to generate good vibes in the viewer. And that, if you see it at the right time, can be gold. The adaptation of the memoirs of the writer JR Moehringer, focused on his childhood and adolescence among the patrons of his uncle’s bar, has another great attraction: a splendid Ben Affleck, in his best role in many years, with whom you want to stay. to live.

9 – New movies on : Z, the lost city

An adventure film that is both deeply classic and very challenging for viewers. Director James Gray takes a risk (and wins, or loses, there is a diversity of opinions) with a story told through an anti-climactic timeline, which flees from the conventions of show cinema to delve into the nature of explorers, as a humanist vision. , and also politics, of what it means to discover the hidden treasures of other civilizations. There is a lot of beauty and cinematographic pulse in the part of the Amazon, and also a lot of density not suitable for all audiences. If you have the ability to lose yourself in this proposal, you can find something wonderful.

8 – New Movies on : Being The Ricardos

The fifth Golden Globe for Nicole Kidman, no matter how discredited these awards are today, is a clear sign that this film is worth seeing, if only for the display of the actress. Here she brings out an unprecedented version of herself, comical and vindictive, to give life to another screen myth, Lucille Ball, the most popular of the 50s. An Aaron Sorkin, not as inspired as usual, builds an entertaining and fighting story about how ideologies, in this case the macho and the ultra-conservative, bog down the entertainment industry, all in parallel to the deconstruction of Lucille’s marriage with her personal and professional partner, Desi Arnaz. He is played by Javier Bardem, who is also very correct, although it doesn’t quite work when he goes through the character’s younger phase.

7 – New movies on : Only God forgives

It is the most polarized option: a part of the critics was primed with the Danish Nicolas Winding Refn, who touched the sky two years before with Drive, and read this second collaboration with Ryan Gosling as an unspeakable self-tribute. Others, however, find it a fascinating sensory experiment. Aesthetics are undoubtedly very predominant in this extreme plot about a fugitive who runs a boxing club in Thailand and who is commissioned by his mother, head of a large criminal organization, to avenge the murder of her brother. . The development is confusing but, if you get into its dodgy tone, it can take over you.

6 – New Movies on : Philomena

The great Judi Dench gives an enormous lesson in mastery of the character, of master construction, in this comedy that goes from light to deep with that bright and elegant touch of Stephen Frears, who does not make a bad movie even if he is forced to. It is a story based on true events about a woman who became pregnant at a very young age when she was in a boarding school for nuns and was forced to give her child up for adoption. 50 years later, she sets out to find him. The narrative is classic and without too much artifice, so it will be enjoyed especially by those who appreciate the nuances.

5 – New movies on : From your window to mine

Director Paula Ortiz, twice nominated for a Goya, made her debut with this drama about three women from different eras who explore heartbreak, frustration and injustice, united by their fondness for sewing looking out the window. As she later confirmed in The Bride, the director spins these stories with a beautiful, poetic, exciting visual proposal. Here she also has a raw Maribel Verdu.

4 – New Movies on : Comancheria

The four Oscar nominations in 2016, including Best Picture and Best Screenplay, endorse this film that reminds us why the western is one of our favorite genres. David Mackenzie directs this violent and at the same time subtle portrait of a Texas West in a modern time that nevertheless continues to be marked by the dynamics of feisty outlaws. A powerful anti-system reflection on the crises that impoverish us, starring a very convincing Chris Pine and a masterful Jeff Bridges as a gold secondary. It is the story of two brothers, one a divorced father and the other recently released from jail, who rob banks to ‘improve’ their lives. One of those movies that grab you by the lapels from the first minute and don’t let go until the end.

3 – New Movies on : Her

It is always a good time to see again this magnificent metaphor for the dehumanization of relationships, as kind and luminous aesthetically as it is heartbreaking on the inside. You’ll know what it’s about: in the not too distant future, a commissioned letter writer falls in love with a kind of virtual assistant who ends up becoming the woman of his life? It is essential to see it in its original version to enjoy Scarlett Johansson’s voice and her fascinating chemistry with Joaquin Phoenix. The actor composes a character so endearing and so vulnerable at the same time that he goes straight to the heart of the viewer.

2 – New Movies on : Begin Again

For many (that is, for me), the best romantic comedy of recent years. The charm of Keira Knightley and the rascality of Mark Ruffalo collide with a genuine, unforgettable, pure and honest magic in a New York that never sounded more beautiful. It’s a simple ode to personal rebirth through the story of a singer-songwriter dumped by her boyfriend when he hits stardom, and a producer fired from her company because he’s stuck in the past. Together they find a new path, musical and emotional, to the sound of a soundtrack that, if you don’t know it, will go straight to number one on your Spotify. If you’re having a down day, it’s the best antidote to lift your spirits.

1 – New Movies on : Youth

The insurmountable benchmark of La gran belleza, the previous Oscar-winning film by Paolo Sorrentino, perhaps overshadowed the wonder that is Youth. A less captivating proposal aesthetically (although the photography is also splendid), but one that captures a handful of universal truths even more effectively. The plot? Simple: a retired bandleader and a struggling filmmaker view the last leg of their lives from a luxury vacation retreat. A contemplation of the wisdom that comes with the years told in a light, sometimes comical way, present more in the nuances of the interpretation of two totems like Michael Caine and Harvey Keitel than a script with pretentious lines. A full-fledged delight to see with the brain in spa mode.