FIFA 22 is a sensation among players on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Stadia and Nintendo Switch , and much of this is due to Ultimate Team and all its new features.

One of the new categories in FIFA 22 is FUT Heroes, which are situated in an intermediate level between the standard cards (bronze, silver and gold) and the Icon cards , which refer to great football legends.

There are high-level footballers who, without becoming legends like Pelé or Maradona , are in the memory of all fans of this sport. And precisely these are the Heroes of FIFA Ultimate Team.

Do you have doubts about whether a certain player is among the FUT Heroes? Well, here is the complete list updated to October 2021 , with the nine recently added cards.

FIFA 22 FUT Heroes: list updated 

New FUT Heroes Cards


Mario Gomez (88, Bundesliga)

One of the best center forwards in recent years. The German footballer with Spanish grandparents was a star at Wolfsburg, Bayern Munich and Fiorentina .

His rating of 88 , his great height or his physicality are great virtues, so keep that in mind if you have a Bundesliga team in Ultimate Team.

Tim Cahill (85, Premier League)

One of the great legends of Australian football, who spent much of his career in the English Premier League .

Rugged defender with great goalscoring abilities, Tim Cahill is a legend among Everton fans and his rating of 85 proves it .

Diego Milito (88, Series A)

A winning horse in Italy and Argentina, Diego Milito is one of those strikers that are no longer in football. Real Zaragoza and Barça fans will know him for being the brother of Gaby Milito.

His brilliant career at Racing de Avellaneda, Genoa and Inter Milan are good signs of his goalscoring potential, so don’t miss out if you have a Serie A team in FUT.

Jorge Campos (87, Liga BBVA MX)

Latin American soccer fans have it on a pedestal. And it is that Jorge Campos is one of the best goalkeepers in the history of Mexico .

His valuation of 87 is a synonym of guarantees, as LA Galaxy or Puebla fans could enjoy. If you have a Mexican team in Ultimate Team, Jorge Campos is a must.

Robbie Keane (86, Premier League)

Ireland’s striker par excellence had a brilliant career in the English Premier League , and surely fans of Liverpool, Tottenham, Leeds or Aston Villa remember him a lot.

It has an 86 rating , and is perfect for shoring up your lead if you own a team from the English league in Ultimate Team.

Abedi Pele (89, Ligue 1)

Known for being one of the best African footballers in history, Abedi Pele is a legend among Marseille fans . And it is that he was part of the ” Dream Team ” that won the Champions League in 1993 .

If you have a team from Ligue 1 (France) in Ultimate Team, Abedi Pele is a great option to repeat the epic of that French team that raised the Orejona in the early 90s.

Fernando Morientes (89, Santander League)

”Of category eh, Moro”, and the fact is that Fernando Morientes is one of those strikers that we will never forget in La Liga . This is evidenced by his great career at Valencia, Real Madrid or Zaragoza .

Lovers of the Spanish league in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team should take Morientes into account, as he is a unique striker and a lethal member of your offensive plot.

Clint Dempsey (85, MLS)

Perhaps one of the great legends of American football, who demonstrated his great talent on English soil. Ask the Fulham fans .

Dempsey’s talent is beyond question, and look no further than his 85 rating . If you like US Major League Soccer , this hero is a must pick.

Sami Al-Jaber (86, MBS Pro League)

The great Saudi Arabian legend is a scoring threat in FIFA 22 FUT Heroes. And it is that she developed almost his entire career in Al-Hilal, from 1989 to 2007 .

Sami-Al Jaber is a celebrity for Saudi football, and he should definitely be on your team if you are looking for an exotic league to play Ultimate Team.