Watch the explanation of the end of season 5 of Supergirl! Is Brainiac-5 really dead?

The Supergirl season 5 finale set up a cliffhanger with the question of whether Brainiac-5 is really dead. The former member of the Legion of Super-Heroes and current Super Friends science expert has delivered the final blow in the battle against Leviathan. But he paid a high price that left him at death’s door.

The central conflict of Supergirl season 5 saw Supergirl and her allies working to unravel Leviathan’s machinations. An ancient organization run by a mysterious group of aliens. The latter manipulated humanity since the dawn of time. After Crisis On Infinite Earths, Lex Luthor also learned of the Leviathan’s existence. And he offered the super friends a truce so they could deal together with a common enemy that threatened humanity. They all rejected the idea of ​​working with Luthor, except for Brainiac-5.

He agreed to join only because an alternate universe version of himself said that all his friends would die if they didn’t work with Luthor. This created a wedge between Brainy and the rest of the Super Friends. Since Alex Danvers has stepped down as head of the DEO instead of working for Luthor. And that Brainy was promoted in his place. This also ended his romance with fellow superhero Nia Nul, also known as Dreamer.

What happens at the end of Supergirl season 5?

The Supergirl season 5 finale saw Brainiac-5 working alone while his friends dealt with the problem of the Leviathan fighting Supergirl. Armed with kryptonite provided to him by Lex Luthor. All of this as part of his efforts to make the Leviathan love itself so he can take them down from within. Luthor’s plan was to modify a computer program designed by a Toyman duplicate. It would turn someone into an immortal artificial intelligence. By reversing the code to render the all-powerful aliens that ruled Leviathan dead and vulnerable.There was an unfortunate problem that Luthor hadn’t anticipated. The Leviathans protected their base with a radioactive force field that would slowly poison anyone not wearing a special protection pin. This would eventually result in Brainiac-5’s death, if he is unable to escape the base on his own.

When Luthor refused to act against Leviathan until they finished destroying Supergirl and the rest of her friends. Brainiac-5 went into action behind Luthor’s back. He sneaked into the Leviathan’s base on his own account. And he braved the radioactive force field to implement his own plan. Instead of killing Leviathan, Brainiac-5 intended to trap the godlike aliens in a bottle. Using the same technology that his ancestors used to store entire planets for safe keeping. Unfortunately, Luthor had predicted that Brainiac-5’s inherent nobility would outweigh his sense of logic. And he was ready to jump in and steal the bottle containing the Leviathan for his own needs. Him leaving Brainy for dead on the floor of his base.

Explanation of the ending

If this cliffhanger marks the end of Supergirl season 5 on an exciting note, it seems highly unlikely that this will be the end of Braniac-5. One of the main storylines of the season centers on the recurring dreams of Dreamer, who sees Brainiac 5 grinning madly at him. She misinterpreted these dreams as part of her inability to get over her relationship with Brainy.

Until the Supergirl season 5 finale where she realized the dreams were trying to warn her of what she was going to do and that she was in danger. It would be futile and useless, from a writing standpoint, to set up this reveal if Dreamer shouldn’t save Brainiac-5 because of it. Also, with the name of Jesse Rath on the Supergirl season 6 cast list. It seems likely that he’ll be back for more than just a death scene.