The single Roar was just the antecedent of what we can expect from the singer Katy Perry, who surprised locals and strangers with the publication on the Internet of Prism, her new studio album, which will be physically available starting today.

This is the third album by the Californian, coming out after the successful One Of The Boys (2008) and Teenage Dream (2010). The latter gave him up to five number ones on the US singles chart, a feat previously achieved by the late Michael Jackson’s Bad album.

It is projected in her music

According to the singer, the title of Prism comes from the idea of ​​projecting in these songs all her facets as an artist, which she demonstrates in 13 cuts, and 16 in the deluxe edition, that make up this material.

“This album is raw and vulnerable. It signifies growth and maturity. The last album was very stiff and higher, and on the contrary, in Prism I am more present. I have learned a lot along the way.

“If I had made this record at 17, I don’t think I would be here now. I didn’t have the tools that I needed to do it and that I have developed over time. You have a plan and life comes along and tells you: ‘I have a better idea,’ the singer declared in an interview with Graham Norton a few days ago.

Among the novelties of Prism is the fact that the interpreter of I Kissed A Girl returned to work with Swedish producers, such as Klas Ahlund and, of course, Dr. Luke and Max Martín, creators of Teenage Dream.

Ripens to a more solid pop

According to critics, this album has been described as the transformation of the American interpreter, who offers a more solid pop and leaves behind the youthful image and lyrics, this after ending her marriage with the British comedian Russell Brand, who filed the divorce suit against her in 2011.

This production has also generated mixed comments. Some love the project, while others point out that it’s not exactly Perry’s newest work.

“More than being imbued with Eastern philosophy, if anything, it has a bit of curry. She seems to have been content to have grafted new age buzzwords like third eye, karma, mantra onto her lyrics,” the Guardian commented in a review.

The specialized magazine RollingStone points out that the album seems like a joke.

“Perry has always done a great job letting us know that she’s part of the pop stardom joke. Unfortunately, she does not always have the same sense of humor and sometimes she believes the introspection joke as a pop star, ”she explained said publication.

However, the British newspaper The Independent is more sympathetic when discussing the record, noting that “although much of modern dance-pop creation is about as predictable as you’d expect from the output of hit masters Max Martin and Dr. Lucas, Katy Perry deserves some credit for injecting a bit of originality into Prism.”

On the album, which goes on sale today around the world, the participation of musician and composer John Mayer is also heard, in the songs Prism and Spirituals.

Meanwhile, Katy Perry is dedicated to promoting Unconditionally, the second single from the Californian’s album, whose video has also sparked controversy, since two girls appear in the images and, apparently, one sings the song to another, who for what is seen suffers from insecurity.

Katy Perry X-ray

  • Name: Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson
  • Born: October 25, 1984, in Santa Barbara, California, United States
  • Genres: Pop, pop rock and teen pop
  • Instruments: Voice and guitar


  • Prism (2013)
  • Teenage Dream (2010)
  • One Of The Boys (2008)
  • Katy Hudson (as Katy Hudson) (2001)