Freddie Mercury, a music myth who was born in remote Zanzibar and who would become the lead singer of Queen in 1969, managed to make his music last over time, despite the fact that HIV took his life in 1991. His legacy behind the myth has become the soundtrack of our lives, also of the new generations thanks to the international success of the film Bohemian Rhapsody. That biopic, very questionable from a conservative point of view, served in its day to revisit the career of Freddie and the group that marked an era of music, with its lights and shadows. From its beginnings with some very interesting records at a melodic level but not so media, going through the worldwide boom of A Night At The Opera.

That album includes the song Bohemian Rhapsody , the bombastic sound experiment that led Queen to conquer global audiences and also pass the critical filter to be considered a cult group. Is that the band’s best song? For many the answer will be affirmative because it combines the bombshell of creativity with the melodic game, the expansion of rock through the orchestra and the explosion as vocalist of Freddie Mercury. But we are going to put that great song in direct competition with other eternal songs like I Want To Break Free, The Show Must Go On or Somebody To Love so that you are the one who gauges which one has more musical value, which one says more about its time or, let us the cursilada, which one reaches your heart the most.

Some of the other songs that make up this top 15 deluxe may not be as overwhelmingly popular. That, because of the name, they do not ring a bell, but as soon as you hear the first note, the numerous series and movies in which you have revived it come to mind. In any case, we want to pay tribute to one of the best groups in history with its ten classics, because after all, who wants to live forever? If, in addition to music, your body asks you for a bit of a biography, we recommend that you accompany listening to this list with a report on not-so-known curiosities about Freddie Mercury. Or also that you explore his facet as a visual icon through these 15 moments in his life that have left an indelible mark both in the world of music and in the world of men’s fashion. And if you don’t want to get completely nostalgic, also take a look at what Queen is like today with Adam Lambert at the helm. And now yes, relax and enjoy these ten immortal songs.

Practically magic brought to the stage. A perfect polyphony that rocked Wembley in 1986 to its foundations, a unique moment.

Allegation of diversity and break with everything previously established. This theme, which was illustrated on video with a parody of wealthy British society, caused a few controversies where Mercury, Brian May, John Deacon and Roger Taylor had a great time.

A premonition when Mercury knew that the end was near. All of Mercury’s vocal power at the service of the show despite knowing that the days were numbered in this single released on Innuendo in 1991, seven months before Mercury’s death.

We have a hard time trying to avoid posting images of those magical couple of August days at Wembley in 1986, but it’s unavoidable. The Mercury River in all its splendor, along with another musical genius, David Bowie, literally lifting 70,000 people to heaven.

A permanent search for the good times led Queen and Mercury to be unstoppable with lyrics full of optimism, always well seconded by their bandmates.

‘Another One Bites the Dust’

Sand to export is what Mercury recommends in this song. A true declaration of intent where he makes it very clear that nothing and no one would stand in his way. Unfortunately the disease wanted to oppose the greatest frontman of British music (with permission from Mick Jagger).

Life is always easier when you find a way to say between soft bars that what is needed is love and someone to give it to. Perhaps Mercury wanted to share it with all of us in this way.

Queen turned stadiums into rock temples that would also use their lyrics again for decades to celebrate any kind of sporting success. An immortal song on its own.

‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’

With clear rock and roll rhythms and an aesthetic closer to the fifties than to the eighties, Queen presented this single in 1979, which was the second (and last) song by the band to be number one in the United States.

‘Who Wants to Live Forever’

It only took a little over four minutes to turn a new song into a legend. We go back to Wembley, we go back to 1986 and we let ourselves go again and follow the same path. Simply unforgettable.

If you don’t get excited about this song, you might have to make yourself watch it. Freddy composed it in the mid-70s for Mary Austin, the love of his life. Mercury’s voice is truly wonderful on this song.

Written by Brian May for The Works album , it’s a whiplash that begins with a magnificent guitar riff. It has always been interpreted as an allusion to nuclear war.

From the album A Day at the Races , also written by Brian May, something that shows in that powerful guitar so characteristic of his. The meaning of the lyrics remains a mystery.

A song that talks about butts. Fat asses, to be more specific. And yes, it’s one of those great songs that makes you want to sing. We leave the asses to your choice.

Written by Roger Taylor, it makes a nostalgic defense of the radio format. Yes, it was released in 1984. Imagine it being released now, when music radio isn’t even a shadow of what it was back then.